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Get the best guide for Printer installation, driver download, software update, and network connectivity for your printer. Also, get extended procedure for troubleshooting the issues like printer, scanner, connection failure, offline error in printer, scanner connection error, problems due to ink cartridges, etc.

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HP Printers

HP Printer Setup

HP Printers are economical and durable along with high-quality ink. Embedded with modern Printer Setup technology, they satisfy the need for a home & office need.

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Epson Printers

epson printer setup

Customers prefer an Epson printer primarily for its low printing cost with high quality. It is majorly used in enterprises or business purposes as it is reasonably priced.

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Brother Printers

brother printer setup

Brother Printers are efficient, time-saving, highly productive and capable of securing the Printer Installation Guide. The output quality remains the same despite continuous workflow.

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Canon Printers

canon printer setup

Canon has Cloud ready printers with high security and innovative Printer Setup technology that let customers print lab-quality photos. They are environment-friendly as well.

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Toshiba Printers

Toshiba Printer Setup

Print effortlessly a wide range of Printer Setup documents with quality, clarity, and accuracy by using Toshiba printers. Few of these printers can produce outputs with the highest resolution.

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Ricoh Printers

Ricoh Printer setup

These printers satisfy the needs of a small office and people who are looking for a print-with-ease option can go through Printer Installation Guide. Ricoh has both Monochrome & Color All-in-One printers.

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Fuji Printers

FujiFilm Printer setup

FujiXerox has printers that can function at high-speed. These printers come with an exclusive warranty of 3 years and produce high-quality outputs with Printer Installation Guide.

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Oki Printers

Oki Printer

OKI has all types of printers such as Color, Monochrome, Color & Mono multifunction, Dot Matrix, Label and POS, which can be used in Businesses and Enterprises.

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Instant Wireless Printer Setup & Troubleshooting Guides for Canon Printers

One of the Top printers that don’t need any wires is Canon. Search the canon printer queries Better, Faster and Smarter here.

Compete Guide For HP Printer Setup

We provide you a step by step guide on ePrint setup and configuration of the printers. We also provide steps for connecting the printer to the Windows and Mac devices. Following are the list of queries and issues that can be resolved by our troubleshooting steps.

  • How to setup and configure the HP Printer
  • How to install the printer driver software
  • Ink Cartridge installation and refill
  • Load paper in the input tray
  • Wireless Setup
  • USB Setup
  • How to overcome network connection error
  • How to resolve USB connection error
  • How to rectify offline error in printers
  • How to overcome very low printing speed
  • How to resolve paper jam error
  • How to configure Google Cloud Print and AirPrint

2 Reasons To Choose Us Firstly

  • We provide guidelines for the printer setup, driver download & installation, and troubleshooting various problems.
  • We offer you an Printer Installation Guide manual that can be downloaded on this site. In the manual, you can learn from beginning to the end i.e., from setting up the printer till recycling of printer parts.
Printer Setup

This is How Our Guidance Goes Like

Printer Installation Guide

Download the Latest HP Printers Driver Software

Ever wondered what is the key source behind the bunch of neatly printed papers and beautiful scanned photographs on your table.

THE PRINTER SOFTWARE! They are the essence of any communication in this digital era. There are a lot of things to consider beyond price. Understanding this fact, our website promises to provide a free download of the HP printer software. Always choose the printer software that closely matches your printing requirements. Either choose to download the Printer Setup software from the installation CD or download the cheapest and compatible drivers from our website dashboard. Also, download the illustrative manual proven to provide all details about the software installation. The happiness of our client is the outcome of a resilient printer driver that makes the printing technology more reliable.

Get Access to Complete Printer Guidance

Epson ET 2750 Printer Setup

Are you purchasing an Epson ET 2750 printer for the first time? In that case, setting up the printer is an easy task. Refer to the steps provided below to begin the setup process.

  • Cut the tape on top of the printer’s carton to take the device out of it. Verify if the materials in the box are working properly.
  • The Printer Installation Guide resource materials in the box may vary based on the country/region. Eradicate all the packing materials surrounding the printer.
  • Open the scanner unit of your printer and make sure that you do not touch any ink tubes and white cables on the printer.
  • Pour ink into its slot using an authentic ink bottle. Do not overfill the ink cartridges.
  • Locate the power cable in the printer’s shipment box. Use the cable for the power connection.
  • Insert plain paper into the main tray and wait until the printer delivers an alignment page.
  • Find the software installation CD in the box. Load the CD into the disc drive. View the list of files after inserting. Select the printer setup file.
  • Go through the instructions to complete the process. Choose the mode of connection as Wired or Wireless based on the printer.
  • After the connection establishment, view the printer name on the list of available devices.

Quick Setup Guide for HP Officejet Pro 6968 Printer

Enjoy printing from an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch over a wireless network to your HP Officejet Pro 6968 printer. Check if the printer and Apple iOS device meet the necessary requirements to print with the AirPrint app from printer. Follow the step-by-step procedure given below to start printing from the app.

HP Officejet 6968 printer setup

  • Check if the HP 6968 printer and the Apple iOS device are on the same local network or if the printer supports Wi-Fi Direct or HP wireless direct.
  • When you try to print, if a No AirPrint printers found message displays, proceed to the next step to connect the printer.
  • To connect the Apple iOS device to the printer over a wireless network, proceed to the next step using printer guidelines.
  • Unplug the USB or Ethernet cable. For printers with the control panel displays, select the Printer Setup, Network/ Wireless menu and click the Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • For printers without control panel displays, press and hold the Wireless button for three seconds until the wireless light blinks.
  • After pressing the WPS button on your router, wait for sometime. Make sure the Officejet Pro printer is on.
  • If the printer is in sleep mode, power on the printer. Open the document, photo or webpage you want to print and select tap the Action icon to display the menu options.
  • Select the Print icon based on the type of file you want to print and on the Printer Options menu, click Select Printer.
  • Choose your printer model from the list. Modify the necessary settings. Few options such as paper size, might not be adjustable.
  • The Options menu might not display if the printer is in black ink mode only. Choose the number of copies to print.

Toshiba EStudio-2510 Printer Setup

Receive and Unbox the Toshiba EStudio-2510 printer. Remove the packing materials and open the printer cover and install ink cartridges. Load paper and connect to a network with internet access. Load paper and try printing using the Toshiba printer.

  1. Unbox the Toshiba printer and remove the unwanted packing materials.
  2. Open the printer cover and install the toner cartridges which is received along with Printer Installation Guide and then close the cover.
  3. Slide out the input tray and load a stack of paper and slide it in.
  4. Plug the printer power cable in an electrical socket and turn it on.
  5. Turn on the Windows computer or Mac and connect your printer and computer to a network that has a high-speed internet access.
  6. Use wired or wireless connection to connect to the network.Remove the protective covers from the USB port or Ethernet port and connect the cord firmly.
  7. Browse to the Toshiba printer’s official site and enter your Printer Setup model in the search box to search and download the latest version of driver software.
  8. Open the downloaded driver software and follow the on-screen instructions to install the driver software.
  9. Uninstall the previously installed software if any.
  10. Complete the installation successfully and try printing or scanning your document using the Toshiba printer.

Total Canon Pixma E3170 Printer Setup Guide

The Canon Pixma E3170 is a wireless All-in-One Printer and yields high quality Print, Scan and Copy. The printer can be used by means of wired or wireless connection.


  • In the Canon printer package, a driver Printer Installation Guide CD will be present.
  • Take the CD out of its package and insert in the CD drive in your computer.
  • The driver installation pop-up screen will appear on the screen.
  • Click Install and the setup file will be saved in .exe format. After the installation process completes, the Canon Pixma E3170 printer will be available for use.


  • Switch On the printer with its Power button.
  • Do not operate the Printer Setup until the alignment process ends.
  • Select the Direct menu on the printer and wait until the wireless icon flashes on the printer control panel.
  • Go to the Printer and Scanner menu on the computer and search for your printer device.
  • Double-click on your printer device and select Add. By this method, the printer can be connected wirelessly.
  • Insert papers into the input tray provided in the printer. In your computer, select a document or photo.
  • Click the Print option and print a sample page.

Expertised HP Printer Setup for the Following Devices


Get Printer Guidelines for Windows Device

We contribute for the printer on the set up, configuration, driver installation, and network connection of your HP printer.


Get Printer Guidelines for Mac Device

Connecting the printer to Mac device is a bit difficult. But it is made simple and easy with our Printer Installation Guide.


Get Printer Guidelines for Smartphone Device

Download the printer setup and print photos and documents directly from your mobile phone from our website.