Technical Guide for HP Deskjet 1515 Setup


  • The HP Deskjet 1515 Setup is an InkJet color printer that has a maximum monthly duty cycle of 1000 impressions with a recommended monthly volume of 300 – 400 pages.
  • It uses Thermal Inkjet technology and operates with two cartridges. It has a first b/w printout time of 17 seconds.
HP Deskjet 1515 Setup Guide
  • It delivers a maximum copying speed of 4.5 ppm (mono) and 3 ppm (color). It has a maximum copying resolution of 600 x 300 dpi for both color and b/w documents.
  • It offers a printing resolution of 600 X 600 dpi (mono) and 4800 X 1200 dpi (color). It delivers a maximum printing speed of 200 pm (mono) and 16 ppm (color).
  • It can handle upto A4/Legal size media. It supports A5, B5, A6 and DL envelope size media. The input tray capacity is 60 sheets and the output tray can hold upto 25 sheets.
  • It has a scanning resolution of 1200 X 1200 dpi and weighs 3.60 kg. It offers one hi-speed USB 2.0 for connectivity.
  • The HP Deskjet 1515 Setup has a compact design and can easily fit in a mid-size desk. It comes with Energy Star certification and conserves power usage.

How to Scan HP Deskjet 1515 Printer setup

STEP 1: To use the scan feature effectively, download and install the full feature driver from our website. In the installation process, select the recommended option that includes HP Scan.

STEP 2: Lift the scanner lid. Place the document under the scanner glass. Search Windows for ‘HP’, select Deskjet 1515 in the results to access HP Printer assistant, and then select Scan a document or Photo to open HP scan.

STEP 3: Select a shortcut that meets your requirements. Alter any available settings in the right pane. Select Scan.

STEP 4: If your printer comes with a scan button, you can also use it to scan the document.

STEP 5: To scan multiple documents or photo scanning, you need to select PDF document related shortcuts and select a resolution setting of 300 DPI or lower for HP Deskjet 1515 Setup.

STEP 6: Open HP scan and choose Save as PDF or Document to File shortcut. Once you scanned the first page/photo, place the next item on the glass and then press the plus button in the HP Scan preview window to scan the next item. Repeat this process until all pages or photos are scanned, and then select Save.

STEP 7: Ensure that PDF is chosen in the Save as type menu. Alter the file name and the folder you want to save the scan to, and then choose Save.

STEP 8: If you wish to change the default location for your scans, Open HP Printer Assistant, and then click Scan a Document or Photo to open HP Scan. Select one of the shortcuts, and then select Advanced Setting or More.

STEP 9: Choose Destination, select Browse next to Save Location or Save to Folder box, choose the folder in the Browser for folder window, and then select OK.

STEP 10: Select OK or the save icon in the shortcut to store the folder location. Repeat this process with scan shortcut to change its default save as location.

Refill Ink cartridges

  • Caution: Do not refill the cartridge manually. This might affect the performance of the HP Deskjet 1515 Setup.
  • First, Switch off the printer, if it is not already switched on. Place the plain white paper into the input tray. Draw out the cartridge access door. The carriage shifts to the center of the printer.
  • Wait for the printer to turn inactive and quiet before proceeding. Gently press down on the cartridge to release it, and then push the cartridge out of its slot.
  • Gather a 1 ml disposable syringe. There is usually a black spot in the white sticker covering the top-cover of the cartridge. You can take off the sticker to spot the hole. Inject the ink into the cartridge.
  • Make sure that the needle size is very small. If you draw ink into the syringe too fast, you will cause air-gaps. Air-gaps might block your ink cartridge.Therefore ensure that there are no air-bubbles, before you inject ink through the hole. Keep a piece of paper or cloth to wipe any stains that might occur during the process.
  • Ensure that you do not overfill the cartridge beyond its capacity. It is advised that you fill the cartridge only to near-capacity and not completely. Once the cartridge is filled, it should be allowed to set for a few hours. This lets the ink to settle within the cartridge.
  • Once the ink is settled, catch the cartridge by its sides with the nozzles toward the printer, and then place the cartridge into its slot. Ensure that the cartridge is inserted in the assigned slot.
  • The tri-color cartridge is usually placed on the left and the black cartridge goes in the slot on the right. Force the cartridge into its slot until it locks into position.
  • Repeat the process to remove the cartridge, if required. Close the Cartridge access door. Follow the on-screen instruction if any, wait for half a minute for the alignment page to automatically print.
  • Put the alignment page with the print side down. See the inscription next to the scanner glass for placing the alignment page. Lower the scanner lid. Press the copy button on the HP Deskjet 1515 Setup and the printer aligns the cartridges.

Driver Download

The printer driver is an essential component of the DeskJet 1515 installation process. Before connecting your printer to your computer via a USB cable, install the printer driver. You can install the driver from our website or install it form the CD delivered with the printer.


  • You can download the full feature printer driver for DeskJet 1515 from our website. Before your download begins, you will be asked if you want to open, run or save your file. Choose Save.
  • Once your download is complete, you can find the file in the Downloads bar of your browser or the Downloads folder of your computer. Run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions to finish installing the driver. You might be prompted to connect to the computer during the installation.


  • You can download the full feature printer driver for HP Deskjet 1515 Setup from our website. You will be required to select Open, Run or Save. Choose Save. When your download completes, you will spot the installer in the browser’s Download’s bar or your computer’s Download folder.
  • Run the installer. If you are required to add the printer to the printer queue, select DeskJet 1515, choose the Use or Print Using menu, choose the DeskJet 1515 in the pop-up menu and then select Add. Go back to the HP installer to complete the installation. Attempt to print.

If you have further queries, contact our technical support team through the toll-free number.


Paper Mismatch Error

While printing envelopes or various paper sizes, you might receive a ‘Paper Mismatch Error’. To resolve the issue examine the paper size settings.

STEP 1: For Windows, in the application you want to print from, select File, and then click Print. Ensure that DeskJet 1515 is in the Name or Printer’s drop-down list box, and then select Properties, Printer Properties or Preferences.

STEP 2: Select the Paper/Quality tab. Select Advanced, if necessary, and then click Paper Size. Choose the paper size that matches the size and kind of paper placed in the input tray and then select OK.

STEP 3: If there are no matching paper sizes, choose the size from the list that is closest to the size of the paper place in the tray. Select OK, and then try to print.

STEP 4: For Mac users, from the software you want to print, choose File, and then select Print. Choose your HP Deskjet 1515 Setup from the printer drop-down list.

STEP 5: Select Paper Size. Choose the paper size that meets the size and type of from the list that is closest to the size of the paper placed in the tray. Attempt to print.

If you have further queries, contact our technical support team through the toll-free number.

Scanner Not Working

STEP 1: Check the USB connection. Plug the USB cable directly to a different port on the computer. If problems continue, detach all other devices from any of the other USB ports and employ a different USB cable to link to the printer.

STEP 2: Open HP print and Scan. Select Start on the welcome screen. Choose your printer, and then select Next. The Finding and Fixing Problem screen appears.

STEP 3: Choose Fix Scanning. In the HP Print and Scan Doctor results, examine the list of actionable results. Examine the results. Follow the on-screen instructions to resolve the issue.

STEP 4: Uninstall the Printer Software. Detach the USB cable from the HP Deskjet 1515 Setup. Search Windows for Programs and Features, open it form the results.

STEP 5: In the list of installed programs, click on DeskJet 1515, choose Uninstall or Yes. Follow the on-screen instruction to finish the software removal. Restart the computer. Reinstall the printer software and try scanning again.

If you have further queries, contact our technical support team through the toll-free number.

Factory Reset

  • It is strongly advised not to reset the printer by yourself as this might affect your printer’s performance. If your Ink button flashes, press the power button first, followed by the cancel button.
  • Hold them together for a few seconds, and then then release the cancel button followed by the power button. Your paper Jam might flash. Press the cancel button till the paper jam stops flashing. Your cartridge indicator should now stop flashing and complete the HP Deskjet 1515 Setup.