HP Officejet 8040 Setup Printer Solutions

HP Officejet 8040 setup printer helps you to make your workflow easy and fast. It comes with a detachable 1TB hard disk storage. The data you wish to store and is printed is stored in this disk. With the Neat Organization system, you can send or upload your documents to the online cloud storage. With a yearly subscription, you can use Neat Organization System. You can update it if necessary. Share your documents or photos on-the-go using this option.

HP Officejet 8040 Setup Guide

Use the HP mobile printing solutions to print from your mobile phones or tablet. When you wish to print a photo without trimming the edges, use the Borderless printing option. Printing on both sides of the documents without flipping it reduces the time and paper cost on HP Officejet 8040 Printer Setup. Scan and copy your multiple page documents into a single page with the help of the efficient Automatic Document Feeder tray. Navigate to all the settings options easily with the help of a color touchscreen display.

How to download HP Officejet 8040 printer setup driver

    A Driver software is one of the essential parts of the printer. Without using a driver, you cannot print from the printer. You can install the driver using a software installation CD or download it from the website. Follow the on-screen prompts to download the driver.

  • Take a software installation CD from the printer’s shipment box. Place it on the computer’s disc drive.
  • Wait for a while for the system to read the list of contents in the disc. Choose the setup file from the system.
  • In case you have a Windows operating system, the HP Officejet 8040 setup file should be in .exe format.
  • If you have a Mac system, the setup file should be in .dmg format. Based on the OS version, select the setup file.
  • After clicking it, the installation process starts automatically. Agree to the terms and conditions displayed on the screen.
  • Choose the mode of connection as per the printer’s features. Select the Custom option to avoid the installation of unwanted applications.
  • Select the Finish option to complete the installation process. In case the installation fails, download the driver from our website.
  • Based on the version of the operating system and printer model number, choose the appropriate one.
  • In case the file size is large compared to the system’s memory, then the system starts to working slowly.
  • So, choose the driver based on the file size. For a Full Feature driver, you can get all the latest features in the printer.
  • For a basic printer driver, you can get only the basic functions of the HP Officejet 8040 printer setup. Now, choose according to your requirements.
  • Select the download option to automatically install the driver in the system. After a while, the printer starts to do the installation.
  • By following the on-screen prompts, complete the installation. Make an attempt to print, scan or copy based on HP Officejet 8040 setup printer’s features.

HP Officejet 8040 Wireless printer setup

HP Officejet 8040 setup supports wireless connection. When you connect the printer to a wireless network, it is necessary to type the credentials. When you make any mistaking while typing them may lead to a network connection. As they are case-sensitive. So, ensure that you type them carefully. Ensure that the network name is unique. This is done to avoid confusion with the surrounding networks. For a wireless network, you are not required to connect the system and printer using any cables. Under the network settings, select the HP Officejet Wireless Printer Setup Wizard option. Once you click it, you get a list of available networks in the surrounding. Choose the network name and select it. When the system urges, type the password. In case the network name is not enlisted, type it manually. After a while, the printer starts to establish a network connection. When the wireless icon light on the printer’s control panel is stable, then the connection is established.

HP Officejet 8040 Ink Cartridge Replacement

1. If the cartridge ink level is critically low or there is any issue with it, you need to replace the cartridge with a new one.

2. If your printer is not in on state, turn on the printer by pressing the power button.

3. Try to open the ink cartridge access door. You can view a Door Open message on the HP Officejet 8040 Setup printer’s control panel.

4. Examine whether the Change ink option displays on the bottom right corner of the touchscreen.

5. Press on top of the cartridge to remove it out from the slot.Take out the cartridges from their respective slot for >HP Officejet 8040 ink cartridge Replacement.

6. Take out the new cartridge from the HP Officejet 8040 Printer Setup package. Ensure that you touch only the plastic tape on the cartridge.

7. Peel off the orange tape from the cartridge. Move the cartridge at a slightly upward angle into the empty slot.

8. Install the cartridge until it fixes into place. Insert the tri-color and black cartridge into left and right slot respectively.

9. After the completing all steps for >HP Officejet 8040 ink cartridge Replacement, close the ink cartridge access door. If you view a door open message on the control panel, close the door properly.

10. Once closed, the message disappears. Tap OK for the HP Officejet 8040 Setup printer to align the ink cartridges. Once the alignment is completed, the printer prints an alignment page.

HP Officejet 8040 Troubleshooting

Printers experience network connection issues and print quality issues often. The network issue occurs when the printer is not able to communicate with the system. To solve the issue, we have provided the steps. When it comes to print quality, the main reason for the issue can be ink cartridges. So, replacing it is one of the solutions to solve it. Here are the solutions to solve both issues.

HP Officejet 8040 Network Connection Issue

      • Reboot the system, printer and the router to solve the error issues at the time of the HP Officejet 8040 printer setup. Unplug the power cable from the router. Switch off all devices. Connect it back to the router and switch it on.
      • Examine the network connection for the HP Officejet 8040 setup printer For a Wireless network , ensure that the wireless light is in on state and steady. For a Wired network, the orange activity light should be blink.
      • In case the signal strength is weak, keep the printer and system close to the router. Do not keep any metal objects near the router. Also, check whether the network status is connected.
      • For a Windows system, install and launch the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool to automatically detect and fix the connection issue. Uninstall and re-install the printer driver to resolve the issue.
      • When the driver does not communicate properly issue occurs. So, you can also try to update it to resolve the issue.If the issue still exists, reach to our technical team to fix it.

How to Fix HP Officejet 8040 Print Quality Issue

      • Usage of genuine and compatible ink cartridges are the best solution to fix the print quality issue. When you use incompatible cartridges, the printer may not detect them to start the print job.
      • When you insert torn or wrinkled paper into the input tray, the quality issue occurs. Check whether the appropriate paper type is used for the print job.
      • Try to change the print settings available in the application. Based on the document you print, choose Paper type, Print Quality, Paper Size and color. Once you are done, select OK to apply the settings.
      • Ink smears on the backside of the printouts is also a print quality issue. This issue can be rectified by cleaning the cartridge or replacing it with a new one.
      • Prior to replacing it, examine whether the issue can be rectified easily. If so, clean the cartridge using a clean and damp cloth. After cleaning, insert it back to the slot. Now, start a print job on HP Officejet 8040 setup printer.