• The average print quality produced by this printer is above average.
  • The HP Officejet Pro 6975 printer is compatible with Instant Ink Solutions.
  • This printer lets you connect to the network using different modes of connection.
  • It has an auto- duplexer that reduced you effort in flipping the pages when attempting to print on both sides of the documents.
  • The running cost of the printer is low and it is suitable for low volume printing mainly in small workgroups or office as it is compatible with HP Instant ink.
  • You can save maximum of 50 % of cost spent on papers than lasers.
  • Simply connect the smartphone or tablet directly to the printer without a network.
  • Managing the print tasks is simple and you can scan on the with using the All- in- One Printer Remote mobile application.
  • This printer produces remarkable color output. Using and maintaining this printer is easy.
  • You can avail variety of mobile printing options and seamless mobile setup from the HP Officejet 6975 printer.
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Driver Download

STEP 1:Driver download is the process that is to be done after assembling all hardware of the HP Officejet 6975 printer. Check the successive steps and know how to download and install the driver on your computer with ease.

STEP 2:Before you start to download the driver and software you have to check its compatibility. If the installed software or driver is incompatible with the operating system of the computer, it fails to serve the purpose.

STEP 3:If you install the driver that comes in the installation CD along with your package, just place it in the disc driver and do not proceed until it runs.

STEP 4:Follow the prompts in order to accomplish the installation process. Once the installation is over, you can start using your printer to perform any compatible print job.

STEP 5:If you want to get it from the website, launch the browser and directed to our website. We provide the on- screen instructions using which the installation can be successfully done.

STEP 6:At the time of driver installation on the computer, no USB cables should remain intact or the printer should not be present in the list of available results.

STEP 7:The download and installation process could take few minutes until that you are not supposed to turn off, shut down, or terminate the process.

STEP 8:It is advisable to have a power back in order to avoid interruption if any power failure occurs.

STEP 9:If the installation is interrupted you have none other choice than re- installing the printer driver and software.

STEP 10:For details, stay- in- touch with our professionals on the toll- free number displayed on the screen.

First time printer setup

  • Here are the set of instructions to be performed once the printer is delivered. Assemble all hardware and install the software using the successive instructions.
  • Take out the printer from the printer package and remove the plastic tapes that are wound around to prevent the printer from physical damage.
  • Open the exterior door of the printer and eliminate the tape and packing materials that present under the ink cartridge access door as well.
  • Remove the tape present inside the printer by opening the ink cartridge access door.
  • You also have a power cord and a USB cable in your printer package. Take the cord and connect its one end to the rear of the printer and another end to the input power supply. Subsequently, power on the printer.
  • Do the ink cartridge installation after the printer completes the startup process. By that time, you can see the movement of the carriage to the center of the printer. Let the printer to finish it and do not proceed till the warm up session ends.
  • Take out a new ink cartridge from the box and remove the plastic covering that present. Do not forget to remove the orange tab as well. This is just to remove the protective tapes from the ink cartridge.
  • Handle the ink cartridge with care. Touching the place other than the plastic are would result in ink failure, clogs, and bad electrical contact.
  • Keep the newly bought ink cartridge at an angle into the vacant slot and push up on the ink cartridge until it rests into place.
  • The same procedure is common for installing all the necessary ink cartridges. Close the ink cartridge door and the exterior door of the printer.
  • Feed paper into the loading tray of the printer after checking the compatible paper type and size. After placing enough paper in the tray, pull the output tray out and raise the tray extender.
  • The last step in the printer setup is the printer driver and software installation. Search for the correct printer driver, follow the prompts, and get the installation completed on the computer.

Replacement ink cartridges

STEP 1: Check the solutions provided here to know how to replace the faulty or low ink level cartridges with a new one. We also offer how to place an order of the ink cartridges from HP Sure Supply.

STEP 2: To get this, get directed to the HP SureSupply and choose the location or country option. Trail the on- screen prompts to place an order for a new supplies or check the cartridge compatibility of the HP Officejet 6975 printer.

STEP 3: It is advisable to align all the ink cartridges after installing or replacing the faulty ink cartridges. The instructions to install or replace the ink cartridges are as follows.

STEP 4: Use the power icon to switch on the printer if it is already in the off state.

STEP 5: Place plain paper into the input tray of the printer and then open the cartridge access door. When you do this, the carriage moves to the center of the printer and do not proceed until the carriage calms down at a place.

STEP 6: Now slightly press the cartridge to take out the already existing cartridges from the slot.kindly do remember that you have to remove the orange tab as well to remove the plastic tapes.

STEP 7: Avoid touching the contacts or ink nozzles in order to prevent the issues like clogs, bad electrical connections, and ink failure.

STEP 8: Always hold the cartridges by its sides with the nozzles facing up and toward the printer and then install it in the slot. Before you fix the ink cartridge into a slot make sure that the color code matches each other. Push the ink cartridge in a slot so that it sets in a slot firmly.

STEP 9: Once you have replaced or installed all the required cartridges, push the cartridge access door in order to close it.

STEP 10: Wait atleast for 30 seconds for the alignment page to be printed automatically.

STEP 11: To align the ink cartridges, open the scanner lid and place the alignment page in a way that the print side is kept down on the right- front corner of the scanner glass. Check the engraved guide that is present next to the scanner glass for help loading the alignment page.

STEP 12: Once it is done shut the scanner lid and click on the Start Copy Black icon or the Start Copy Color icon on the front panel of the printer. Now the printer aligns the cartridges.


  1. Here is some basic common troubleshooting for you just to use them whenever the printer experiences the issue. Not all the time the printer functions properly however the performance is.
  2. The issue could be related to software, hardware, or connection issues. We help you out to resolve certain issues on your own.
  3. If your printer experience any sort of hardware issues, reboot the printer and the computer. Rebooting helps you bring the printer settings to default and you can once again customize it.
  4. To avoid the software issues, frequent updating of the driver, software, and firm would help you.
  5. To maintain good signal strength, you have to follow the dos and donts provided in the router manual.
Color or Black ink is not printing
  • When the color or black ink of the printer is not printing, you can make use of the below introductions to resolve the issue.
  • It is necessary to check if the installed ink cartridge is an authentic. If the cartridge that is bought from some other manufacturer or dealer is used the issue would occur.
  • Estimation of ink is one of the good ways of avoiding the black or color ink not printing issues. When the ink level of the installed ink cartridge is estimated, you can replace it before the entire ink cartridge gets over.
  • If any of the installed ink cartridge level is low or below normal, you have to replace the ink cartridge. Using such kind of ink cartridge would end in printer issue.
  • Maintain the printer in a way that there is no accumulation of dirt and dust occur. You can also clean it using the compatible automated tools available for your operating system.
  • Allow your printer to print the Print Quality Diagnostic report and check the text and color blocks on the test page to check if any defective ink cartridges are present.
  • It is good to change the fault ink cartridge in order to avoid the black or color ink not printing issues to a greater extent.
Printhead Problem
  • When your printer experience the issue related to printhead issue, the control panel of the printer shows an alphanumeric code. The code varies based on the issue occurs.
  • Remove, wipe, and then reinstall the printhead. To do this, your printer should be kept on. Open the cartridge access door and then take out all the installed cartridges. Place that on a piece of paper with the ink opening pointing up.
  • Avoid keeping the cartridge outside the printer longer than 30 minutes in order to avoid damage to the printer and the cartridges.
  • Elevate the latch handle on the print cartridge until it halts and then elevate it to remove the printhead.
  • Clean the printhead now. Make sure you have cleaned the plastic ramps on both sides of the ink nozzle, electrical contacts, and the edge between the nozzle.
  • Make use of a clean, lint- free cloth or paper to remove dirt and dusts present. Dip the cloth in distilled water and squeeze the excess amount of water present. Now us it to wipe the electrical contact area from the bottom to top.
  • Once it is done, install the printhead again and then lower the latch carefully. Now try to print. If the issue is not solved reboot the entire print system.