Best Guide for HP Officejet Pro 8621 Setup

HP Officejet Pro 8621 Setup Guide
  • The print technology involved in this HP Officejet Pro 8621 Setup is Inkjet hence you have a possibility of getting good photos.
  • The monthly duty cycle of the printer is 250000 impressions and is suitable for the office based purpose.
  • It is capable of faxing and the supported fax type is plain paper.
  • The compatible connectivity offered by this printer is Wired so the steps to establish the connection is simple.
  • The AirPrint feature is supported by the HP Officejet Pro 8621 printer and this makes you print from your Apple devices.
  • Get the desired copies of both black and color at a speed for 32 ppm and with the maximum copy resolution for the printer is up to 1200* 600 dpi for mono and color.
  • Getting copies from this printer is easy and you can get the maximum number of copies that can be obtained by the printer is up to 99.
  • Being one of the best printers in providing the high quality documents and photos you can buy this without any second though.
  • In short it worths your money and it satisfies all your home and home- office base jobs.

Driver and Manual Download

  • If you don’t have a full- featured driver on your computer already, you can make use of the successive instructions to get them installed on the computer to which your HP Officejet Pro 8621 Setup is connected.
  • The built- in driver has a set of all necessary drivers needed to get all the printer functions done well. You can also use the installation CD to install it on your computer.
  • To complete the installation using the installation CD, place the CD on the drive of the Windows or mac computer based on which your printer is connected. Hold on until the CD runs and asks you to install.
  • When you receive a prompt to complete the installation, follow the on- screen instructions. Once it is done, you can start using the printer.
  • Installing the driver from the website is an another choice which you can go on before you start working on with the HP Officejet Pro 8621 printer.
  • The instructions to download and install will be prompted on the screen. Just follow that and get the installation done.
  • Customizing Windows to update automatically lets you know the occurrence of a periodical update. To enable this, search for the Change device installation option in the control panel of the printer and then click on Yes.
  • Do remember to click on the Save Changes option if you want to save the changes you have done.
  • Once it is done, you have to choose a mode to establish the printer connection to a network. The choice of network is mainly based on your convenience. But before you opt for the connection mode, check its compatibility.
  • Once the connection is established, install the printer driver using the Add a HP Officejet Pro 8621 Setup Wizard option. Go on with this option to install the built- in printer driver easily.

HP Officejet Pro 8621 Wireless Printer Setup

  • Before establishing the internet connection, you have to install the appropriate printer driver and software on your computer irrespective of the operating system version.
  • Do remember that you have to set the connection type as Wireless, when prompted. To prepare for the wireless connection, you should have the network name and password.
  • Generally, the ISP provides you the above mentioned details and they are found on the label of the wireless router. If you cannot find such details, contact your ISP provider.
  • It is mandatory to keep the HP Officejet Pro 8621 Setup, the computer, and the wireless router nearer to each other if you don’t want to experience any connection related issues.
  • Do not connect any USB cable from the printer. Now choose the Wireless Setup Wizard option to initiate and maintain the network connection easily.
  • Power on the printer and go to the control panel of the printer to check if the wireless icon in enabled. Click on the Settings option followed by the Wireless Setup Wizard option.
  • Once the connection is established successfully, go to the link which directs you to download and install the latest driver and software for your printer.
  • Choose Begin and followed by Download. Then tap on Open, Save, and Run to get the installation process completed.

Ink Cartridge Replacement

STEP 1: Always check the ink level of the cartridge that you have installed and replace it with a new one before the entire ink gets dried out.

STEP 2: The replacement of the ink cartridge before the completion of ink is preferred to maintain good print quality. Check the instructions below and do the replacement easily.

STEP 3: First figure out, which ink cartridge is causing the fault and replace it with a new cartridge. Before you proceed with the replacement steps buy a new ink cartridge.

STEP 4: You can get a new ink cartridge either from the manufacturers or authentic dealers. Check if the HP Officejet Pro 8621 Setup is compatible with the Instant Ink Solution. If yes, you can easily enroll your printer using an account and get the ink cartridge delivered at your door step in a monthly basis.

STEP 5: To replace the faulty ink cartridge with a new one, take out the already existing ink cartridge from the slot. While doing this, your printer must be in the on state.

STEP 6: If the printer cannot be switched on by itself, use the power icon to power it on and then access the top cover of the printer.

STEP 7: Halt until the carriage of the printer displaces to the right side and is calm and idle. Push down the old cartridge so that you can slide it from the carriage.

STEP 8: To substitute the tri- color ink cartridge, take out the ink cartridge from the left slot and to substitute the black ink cartridge, take out the ink cartridge from the right slot.

STEP 9: Unwrap the new ink cartridge which you have bough as a replacement and take out the pink tab in order to remove the protective tape from the ink cartridge.

STEP 10: Locate the ink cartridge in a way that the copper strips of the newly bought cartridge is present on the bottom and facing toward the printer.

STEP 11: Slightly push it in an upward angle to make it set in its slot firmly. Subsequently, close the top cover of the printer. Do the same to substitute all the defective ink cartridges.

STEP 12: After installing all the cartridges, let your printer align the new ink cartridge. The ink cartridge alignment is advised in order to maintain good quality. To begin this, place a required amount of A4 paper in the input tray.

STEP 13: Access the HP Solution Center and get directed to the Settings option. Choose HP Officejet Pro 8621 Setup Toolbox and then click on the Align the Print Cartridges option. Once it is done, click on Align and get the alignment page out of the printer successfully.


Troubleshooting is a set of instructions to be followed when your printer experience any sort of printer issues. These are provided to us in a target of reducing the amount your spend to service your printer. Generally, the printers are designed in a way that the control panel shows what the issue is undergone. First check that and search for the correct solutions to solve the issues. We are one of the solutions providers for all kind of hardware, software, and network related issues.

Printer Offline

  • The printer’s control panel shows the offline message at times and fails to communicate with the other devices that are linked to the same network.
  • To resume the printer functions and to maintain the good signal strength, the following procedures would help you out.
  • Many issue fixing tools are available in order to resolve a few types of printer issues. Search for the tools and get them downloaded on the computer in order to sort the issues.
  • If the printer you are handling is not set as a default printer the issue is likely to occur. So check and set your printer as a default printer and try printing a sample document.
  • If the connection is not established or maintained properly, the offline error message displays. Boot up the printer followed by evaluating the network connection by printing the network status report.
  • When the diver you are using is linked to an inappropriate port, the printer continued to be in offline and prevents your printer from communication with other devices.
  • When any other software is launched later to the one which you have installed, the HP Officejet Pro 8621 Setup offline issue occurs. Search for an update and install the latest version of the driver and software.