Guide for HP Envy 4522 Printer Install


How to Install HP Envy 4522 Printer

  1. Unbox the printer. Discard the tape and packing material found on the outside of the printer. Next, slide the printer out of the box. Set the box aside for recycling.
  2. Place the printer on a flat surface and remove the Styrofoam end caps one at a time for HP Envy 4522 Printer Install. Remove the protective plastic tape from around the printer.
  3. Open the scanner lid and remove the protective material from the scanner bed. Be careful not to trap your finger or hand when opening or closing the scanner unit; otherwise, you may get injured.
  4. Open the cartridge unit and remove the packing material from inside the printer. Place the printer on a stable surface and then connect the power cable to the rear of the printer.
  5. Plug the other end of the power cord to the wall outlet and turn on the printer. Keep the printer away from direct sunlight or cooling and heating equipment.
  6. If all lights flash, turn off the printer and check that no protective material has been left inside the printer. Open the cartridge access door and make sure that you do not touch the white cable inside the HP Envy 4522 printer.
  7. Remove all ink cartridges from their packages. For the initial setup, make sure you use the ink cartridges that came with this printer. These cartridges cannot be saved for later use.
  8. Remove the pull tape from the cartridges. Insert the ink cartridge and press it down firmly. Repeat this step to insert all ink cartridges. Make sure all the cartridges are aligned.
  9. Close the cartridge unit slowly. Press the button on the printer to start charging the ink. It is not necessary to wait for the ink to finish charging.
  10. If the ink icon light stays on and ink charging does not start, press the power button to start HP Envy 4522 Printer Install process. Then remove and reinsert the ink cartridges. Load paper in the input tray and try to print a test page.