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About Us

We at printer-setup.co come to work every morning with a single goal. To serve you with everything we have. It is this passion that has brought us together and build a stellar team.

A lot of analysis and research has gone into building this service platform, so that you can make informed decisions about your printer issues. We work on the principle of transparency and there is absolutely nothing we hold back when it comes to your printer.

For the most part, we’ve avoided the use of technical jargon and babble on our website, aiming at being 100% user-friendly. But if the going gets tough, we’ve got a proficient guide sitting a click away!

Complete Printer Guidance

We are here to provide guide for your printer. We as a team, work for you to offer simple tips and guides for the HP printer. With a single click, we will reach you. We offer the latest solution at the right time for your printer issue.

Driver and software is the essential part of the printer. Without that, you cannot even perform the basic task in your printer. Keeping the importance of the driver and software in mind, our tech team offers you a secured remote access for driver installation. During remote access, if you have any query, you can rectify it easily through the call.

Once you buy a new printer, the new users of the HP printer will have some hesitation to start the setup process. You don’t have to worry about that. We will guide you through a step by step procedure to setup your new printer. If not, take a glance on our website and follow the tips displayed on the website and prep your printer to print.

It doesn’t matter if you use a new printer or an old printer. In some situations, all users have to come across the printer issues. Once the issue arises, first, you need to encounter the reason for the issue. If you couldn’t make it, call our experts and all your printer problems will be solved. Our team will guide you to fix and resolve the issue easily. We provide an instant solution for all your printer issues.


We are a third-party independent solution provider to users of major printer brands. The product names, images and trademarks mentioned in the website are solely for reference and information purpose. To know about the ownership and endorsement rights of third parties, users are advised to go through our statement of policies.