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Canon Wireless Printer Setup

Canon Wireless Printer Setup

How to Setup Canon Wireless Printer

Canon Wireless Printer – Getting started

  • Prepare Power, ink tanks and paper:
  • Note: The USB cable or the Ethernet should not be connected, while preparing the Canon Pixma Printer.
  • Make sure you have the accessories as shown in the figure, with the canon printer.
  • The setup CD can be used only for Windows OS. The CD can be placed in the disc tray on the back of the upper cassette.
  • Remove the orange tape and film from outside and turn on the printer.
  • Install the ink tanks
  • Load the paper into the paper tray. When the Canon Wireless Printer Setup starts operating, the output tray opens automatically. Make sure not to leave anything in front of the printer, to hinder this.

Canon Driver & Manual Download

Windows Driver

Mac Driver

Windows Manual

Mac Manual

Canon Printer Wireless Setup

You can connect the Canon Printer to your device either directly or via a wireless router. These connections cannot be used parallel on the Canon Printer.


  • If you have a wireless router, it is recommended to connect via the wireless router.
  • When a device is connected to the Canon Pixma Printer, connecting another device to it can be done using the same connection method used for the previous device.
  • A different connection method disconnects the connection to the device that is in use.

How to Connect with a Wireless Router

  • The methods to connect vary, depending on the type of wireless router used.
  • The network settings, such as the SSDI, the network security protocol etc can be changed from the Canon Pixma Printer.
  • To connect a device to the printer, using the wireless router, the device has to be first connected to the router. Once this connection is established and the device screen displays the Wi-Fi icon, then the printer connection can take place.

Canon Printer Wireless Setup - Direct Connection

  • If you connect using Direct Connection, Internet connection may not be available.
  • In this case, web services for the Canon Pixma Printer cannot be used.
  • If a device is already connected to a network, connecting your Canon Pixma Printer in Direct Connection mode is recommended.
  • Disable the connection of the canon printer to the network, and carry on with the setup.
  • A device connected to the Canon Pixma Printer, in the Direct Connection mod, gets disconnected from the Internet, when it establishes a connection to the Canon printer.
  • In this case, if the mobile data connection of the device is enabled, then the device connection changes from Wi-Fi to mobile data. Transmission fees from your mobile carrier, for connection to the Internet, may apply.
  • In Direct Connection mode, you can connect up to five devices to the Direct Connection mode ,at the same time.
  • X If a sixth device is connected, while five are already connected, an error for connection may appear.
  • X In case of an error, disconnect the device not using the Canon Pixma Printer. Configure the device setting again.
  • X Network settings such as the SSID, security protocol and so on, can be changed on the Canon Wireless Printer Setup.