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How To Connect Ricoh Printer to Wireless Network?

Connect Ricoh Printer to Wireless Network


  • Make use of the procedure given below to Connect Ricoh Printer to Wireless Network.
  • Check if a wireless card is inserted into your Ricoh printer.
  • Verify whether your computer is connected to the wireless network properly.
  • Connect the power cable between the Ricoh printer and the electrical outlet.
  • Choose the language of your choice and set the Country/Region and tap Continue.
  • Untick the functions that you want to set up later and press Continue.
  • Fill in the Fax and Email details in the next step and then insert the installation CD into the CD drive.
  • Next, you have to connect a USB cable between the printer and router temporarily.
  • Once the Ricoh Wireless Printer Setup configuration is complete, you can detach the USB cable from the printer and computer.
  • Follow the guidelines that are displayed on your screen to complete the setup.


  • To set up Ricoh printer wirelessly, you need to install its driver on your computer.
  • First, power on the printer. Make sure the computer is connected to the network.
  • Insert the CD driver that was provided with the printer into the CD-Rom drive on the computer.
  • Using a USB cable, connect your Ricoh printer to the computer.
  • Go to the Installation menu and click the Wi-Fi Configure and Installation option.
  • Accept the terms and conditions of the License agreement and click Next to continue.
  • Now, select the Wi-Fi router connected to the computer, and click the Next button.
  • Provide the Wi-Fi password to connect the printer with the Wi-Fi network. Click Next.
  • Select your Ricoh printer on the Select Printer screen and click Next.
  • Once the setup is complete, the Ready to Print message appears on the screen. Now, click Finish.
  • Your printer is Connect Ricoh Printer to Wireless Network.
  • You can now print files from the computer over the wireless network.

How To Connect A Ricoh Printer To A Wireless Network?

Here is the list of guidelines to connect your Ricoh printer to a wireless network.

  • Insert the Ricoh CD-ROM into the CD tray of your computer and push it in.
  • Download the Ricoh driver from the manufacturer’s site and proceed with the next step if your computer doesn’t have a CD tray.
  • Open the installer file and choose Wi-Fi to configure option from the list.
  • Connect the Ricoh printer to your computer with the provided Ricoh USB cable.
  • Accept the Ricoh license agreement, choose the Wi-Fi name, and enter the network password.
  • Select Ricoh printer from the list, and after clicking Next, wait until the installation is complete.
  • Now, your computer and Ricoh printer are connected. The files can be printed over this wireless network.

How To Add Ricoh Sp c250dn Printer Wirelessly?

To connect Ricoh SP C250DN printer wirelessly, follow the steps given below.

  • Enable the Connect Ricoh Printer to Wireless Network feature on your printer. First, press the Menu button on the touch panel, and tap Host Interface –> Network Settings–> Wi-Fi Configuration -> Wi-Fi -> Active.
  • Click the OK button after each selection.
  • As soon as the alert LED light starts to flash, reboot your printer.
  • Power off your Ricoh Wireless Printer Setup switch. After a few minutes, turn it ON.
  • Repeat the same process for configuring the IP Address Settings. The only change is, you have to select the IPv4 Configure option in the Network Settings menu.
  • Now your Ricoh SP C250DN printer is added to the Wireless network.

How to Connect Ricoh c4501 Printer to Wireless Network?

  • Power On your wireless LAN access point or router.
  • Go to your system, launch a web browser, and open the PIN Code Configuration web page of your wireless router.
  • Ensure that the Ethernet cord is not attached to your Ricoh c4501 printer.
  • Long press the Power button on the Ricoh c4501 printer to switch it on.
  • Do not proceed until the Power Indicator light blinks at least three times.
  • Now, long press and hold the Job Reset key.
  • When you hold the key for more than five seconds, the Power Indicator light will flicker.
  • Type the PIN code of your Ricoh c4501 printer on the web page of your wireless access point. You can get the PIN from the Network Settings list.
  • Tap the Start button. You should see the Alert Indicator light blinking.
  • Start the WPS (PIN System) mode from the website of your access point.
  • You can confirm whether the Connect Ricoh Printer to Wireless Network has been set using the Wi-Fi status report.

Ricoh SP C250DN Color Wireless Laser Printers

Ricoh SP C250DN is an affordable printer that can be used by a regular consumer, and they are easy to set up. The Ricoh device performs seamlessly and delivers fast print speeds. It is practical for both home users and small business owners. Ricoh SP C250 DN provides cutting-edge features like Auto duplexing and wireless connectivity, which are part of the standard package. It delivers print support for smart devices and tablet computers. With a TEC rating of 1.6kWH, it brings the energy costs down. The print application for smartphones developed by Ricoh, called Smart Print & Scan app1, allows you to take control of the Ricoh Wireless Printer Setup from your smartphone.


The design of the printhead available in this printer is based on GELJET. It has a specialty that each printhead has 1.27-inch long nozzle rows that contain 384 nozzles. It has the capability to distribute more ink on the paper when compared to the normal printheads. It uses smudge-proof ink and gives high-quality output.

Ricoh Sp c250sf Color Laser Multifunction Wireless Printer

The Ricoh SP C250SF Color Laser Multifunction wireless printer is well-known for its printing speed. This printer can print up to 21 paper per minute. At the same time, it also performs the scan, copy, and fax operations at high quality. The maximum print resolution of Ricoh SP C250SF Color Laser Multifunction wireless printer is 2400*600 dpi, and the paper capacity is up to 751 pages. This Connect Ricoh Printer to Wireless Network will help you create a high-quality document with crisp lines and color at 600*600 dpi. Since the Ricoh SP C250SF printer supports wireless printing feature, it is ideal for smaller workspaces.


  • Ricoh SP C250dn is a Wireless Color Laser Printer which is affordable and efficient.
  • It is designed for low budget small offices and workgroups.
  • The printer gives high productivity, supports standard wired/wireless and mobile printing. You can use the Print & Scan app for printing from your smartphones.
  • The Ricoh SP c250dn wireless color laser printer produces high-quality outputs with outstanding image quality.
  • PLC and PostScript 3 print drivers are supported by this device.
  • The printer has enhanced features and full-color copy capability with simple operation.
  • It has a full-color scan to email, folder, and USB features.
  • Standard Wi-Fi and Ethernet Connect Ricoh Printer to Wireless Network are supported by this printer.
  • The printer has the 250-sheet standard paper capacity with an optional 500-sheet paper tray.

Setting up Ricoh Printer on Mac Wireless Network

Follow the guidelines mentioned below to set up the Ricoh printer on a Mac device through a wireless network. Before setting up the Ricoh Wireless Printer Setup to connect to a Wi-Fi network, ensure that the Ricoh driver is installed on your Mac. If it is not, install the Ricoh driver by downloading it from the manufacturer’s site or using a Ricoh CD-ROM. Then, follow these guidelines.

  • Power on the Ricoh printer and wait until it initializes.
  • Press the ‘Power’ button and hold it for more than a second.
  • Observe if the power LED flashes twice and then turns blue; this indicates that the WI-FI SSID is set.
  • Touch the Power button three times in succession to get the system settings printed.
  • Check if Enable or Disable is printed beside Soft AP. If it is disabled, repeat the steps mentioned above. If it reads Enable, proceed to the next step.
  • Click the Wireless icon on your personal computer’s taskbar. Locate the Soft AP SSID, select it, and type in the password printed on the system settings page.
  • Perform the wireless print operation on your Ricoh device.
  • To turn off the Ricoh Wireless Connect Ricoh Printer to Wireless Network, touch the Power button and hold it for more than a second again.

Wireless Adapter for Ricoh Printer

A wireless adapter allows your Ricoh printer to communicate with your device over a network. The adapter can also be utilized for converting a wired network connection into wireless.

Wireless Lan Card For Ricoh Copier Printer

The wireless LAN card strategy is used to provide uninterrupted, high-speed Internet to the Ricoh printer. It was mainly manufactured for the Desktop and Floor-Standing printers. The manufacturer made use of the physical layer and the data link layer that conforms to the Wireless LAN Standards. You have to insert the Wireless LAN card in the Ricoh printer and connect the computer to it. Inserting this card will help you connect them via a wireless network.

Wireless Printer Card For Ricoh Aficio c3002

Before you begin the print operation on the Ricoh Aficio C3002 printer, you need to insert the wireless printer card to the printer. Make sure to insert the wireless card that is compatible with your Ricoh Wireless Printer Setup model. The card is used to Connect Ricoh Printer to Wireless Network.

Wireless Ricoh Printer Reads Offline

  1. Generally, when the printer and computer are not able to communicate, the printer offline error message displays on the Mac or Windows personal computer.
  2. There are various solutions available for rectifying the offline error. One of which is disabling the SNMP status.
  3. Open the Ricoh Print&Share app on your personal computer.
  4. Select the Change button is available on the upper left corner of the screen.
  5. Now the Profile pop-up window will open on your computer.
  6. Choose an appropriate profile and then click on the Edit button.
  7. From the Channels list, select the channel. Choose the Trigger Points option that is present below the list of Channels.
  8. Select the Printer error levels box in the Channel requirements window.
  9. Modify the Offline error level to None or Warning.
  10. Choose the OK button twice and then save the Connect Ricoh Printer to Wireless Network settings by clicking on the Close button.
  11. Exit all the dialog boxes and then check whether the offline error is fixed.