Total HP Ink Tank 310 Printer Guide

The drivers are essential for HP Ink Tank 310 Printer to function. The driver files act as the source code for the device’s functionality. There are multiple types of driver software available for a 310 printer. They are Full feature HP 310 Printer Setup driver, Basic driver, Plug & Play driver, Host-based driver, Post Script driver, and USB driver.

HP Ink Tank 310 Printer
  • The basic driver comes pre-installed with the printer’s OS. The users can perform only the basic functions: Print, Copy, and Scan.
  • The Full Feature driver software also comes pre-installed with some printers. They add an upgrade to the printer’s functionality.
  • It allows the users to access all the functions: Print, Copy, Scan, Fax, Scan to email, mobile app connectivity, and much more.
  • In case of any updates to the pre-installed HP 310 Printer Setup driver, use the reference(update) link on our site to initiate the update process.
  • The 310 printer is accompanied by a driver installation disc that contains driver files for Windows, Mac, Linux Operating systems.
  • The installation disc also comprises the set up files for various HP applications and the link to download them.
  • Insert the installation CD into the drive and push it in. Establish the network connection between the 123 HP Ink Tank 310 Setup printer and the computer.
  • Open the CD drive, select the Operating system installed in your device, and select the version of the installed OS.
  • Right-click the desired driver file and select ‘Run’/‘Run as administrator’ option from the drop-down menu.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. The HP Ink Tank 310 Printer driver software can also be downloaded from this site.
  • Click the download link and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the download and installation process.

123 HP Ink Tank 310 Setup Printer Manual

The HP INK TANK 310 manual can be downloaded using the download link on our website. The instruction manual comprises instructions regarding the unboxing, setup process, establishing power and network connections, setting preferences loading paper into the tray, ink tank filling, printhead installation, and driver installation. Following content is a brief description about the set up and installation of the HP INK TANK 310 printer.

  • The printer is delivered in a sealed package when purchased. Check if it has a licensed seal on it.
  • If the seal is broken, damaged, or if the package is unboxed, request the seller to replace the package.
  • Cut the seal and unbox the package. Take the contents out of the package. Remove the 123 HP Ink Tank 310 Setup printer from the Styrofoam packing and keep it on a flat surface.
  • Remove all the tapes and other packing materials. After unboxing is done check the contents of the package.
  • The package has a list of contents inscribed on it. Check whether both the lists match. Then verify the list with the list on the seller’s website.
  • Check for any damages in the components. If any of the components is damaged, request the seller to replace them.
  • Connect the printer to a power supply and check if any voltage fluctuation occur in the connection.
  • After establishing the power connection, set your preferences like Country/Region, Language, Time, and Date.
  • Pull the input tray out and load it with papers or photo sheets that are compatible with the device.
  • Open the printhead access door. Unpack the printheads and insert them into the designated slot.
  • Establish the network connection and run a test print by printing the network information page.
  • Locate the appropriate driver files that are compatible with the printer. Refer to the Driver Download topic below to download and install appropriate driver files for the 123 HP Ink Tank 310 Setup printer.
  • Click the Manual Download link below to download the user manual.

123 HP Ink Tank 310 Refill Ink Tanks

Refilling must be done only when the 310 ink in one or more ink tanks is low or empty. Things to be considered before refilling an ink tank: keep the ink bottles beyond the reach of children, open the ink bottles only at the time of refilling the tanks, and store the ink bottles upright in a cool & dry place.

  • Open the ink tank lid and remove the knob from the HP 310 Printer Setup that needs to be refilled. Remove the cap from the ink bottle, pull the peel-off tab, replace the cap, and flip open the lid.
  • Hold the ink bottle on the tank spout and slowly squeeze it to let the ink drain into the ink tank. Fill the HP Ink Tank 310 Printer to the maximum fill line (marked line) on the tank.
  • After filling the ink tank, close the ink bottle lid, set the bottle upright and push the ink tank knob into the slot on the ink tank. Close the ink tank lid and start printing.

123 HP Ink Tank 310 Troubleshooting

We provide a wide range of service and support for troubleshooting various issues occurring in the HP Ink Tank 310 Printer. The list of issues are as follows: paper jams, paper-feed issues, printhead issues, printing issues, scan issues, copy issues, printer hardware issues, ink cartridge installation and refilling problem, USB connection error, printer malfunctions, printer offline error, printer not printing, carriage problem, black/color ink not printing, 310 printer facing problem with Windows/Mac/Android device, and problems with the alignment. We extend our service by providing the link to download the free instruction manual for the printers.

123 HP Ink Tank 310 Jams and Paper Feed Issues

  • Paper jam and paper-feed issues in the HP Ink Tank 310 Printer might be due to the following reasons – dislocation of papers, using non-compatible papers, and overloading of input tray.
  • To avoid the paper jam issue in general, use only appropriate papers that are compatible with the 123 HP Ink Tank 310 Setup printer. Refer to the manual to learn regarding the supported HP 310 Printer Setup paper types.
  • Paper feed issues might be due to the following reason: using ripped, dusty, curled, or wrinkled paper. The quality of the paper is also a major point to be considered.
  • Ensure that the paper you use to print is in a good condition, is properly stacked in the tray, and also check if the paper path & the tray are free from obstructions.

123 HP Ink Tank 310 Printhead issues

  • When the HP Ink Tank 310 Printer is stuck with printhead issue, replacing the printhead is the best way to resolve the issue.
  • Purchase a new printhead assembly from the manufacturer or from a trusted provider before initiating the replacement process.
  • Pull the input tray out and load the tray with few papers. Pull out the extension on the output tray.
  • Lift the ink tank cover. Hold the ink cartridge and remove it from the slot. Similarly, remove all the ink cartridges.
  • Lift the gray-colored latch on the printhead assembly and remove the old printhead from its slot.
  • Clean the electrical contacts inside the 310 printer using the wet wipes accompanied by the newly purchased printhead.
  • Remove the new printhead from the package. Hold it in such a way that the color-coded icons should face upwards.
  • Insert the printhead into the 123 HP Ink Tank 310 Setup printer. The green and purple blocks on the printhead and printer should align respectively.
  • Lower the gray latch and insert all the ink cartridges into their designated slot and print a test report.

123 HP Ink Tank 310 Printing Issues

The HP INK 310 not printing issue can be resolved by resetting the print environment. Resetting helps to restore the lost connection between the printer and the network and also resolve operational issues. Follow the instructions below to resolve the issue.

  • Turn off the HP Ink Tank 310 Printer and wait till the printer turns idle and remains silent. Remove the power cable and disconnect the printer from the power supply.
  • Then, turn off the computer or laptop that you are using to print from. If the network connection is wireless, disconnect the printer from the router.
  • Turn off the router, wait for few seconds, and reestablish the router’s power connection. Turn on the router and wait till you see the LED light turns active.
  • To turn on the WI-FI in the printer, tap the wireless button on the 123 HP 310 Printer Setup. The printer will automatically reconnect to the nearest available network.
  • Turn on the laptop. Enable the WI-FI feature and connect the laptop to the same network. Start printing and check if the issue has been resolved.

123 HP Ink Tank 310 Copy Issues

The HP Ink Tank 310 Printer may suddenly stop copying due to the following problems: modifications in copy settings, printer hardware problems, and ink oriented issues. The symptoms are: copies might be faded, wrong colors when compared to the original, and overlapping of text in the document. Follow the steps below to resolve the copy issue.

  • Open the Settings menu on the 310 printer. Navigate to the Control Panel settings. Scroll down and locate the Copy menu.

Touch the Copy menu and select Copy Document or Copy Photo option. Wait till the basic HP Ink Tank 310 Printer settings tab is displayed on the display.

  • Touch the Settings icon. The list of customization that are applicable to the Copy process will be displayed.
  • Paper Type: Select the type of paper – plain or photo paper that you want to opt for copying.
  • If the original document is faded or saturated, make the copy lighter or darker.
  • Optimize or Enhancements: Select the type of item you are copying to improve quality, such as sharpening text and image edges or improving faded colors in photos.
  • HP Copy Fix: Automatic copy quality and skew adjustment tool. Quality: Select a quality level for the copying document.
  • Save Current Settings or Set as New Defaults: Retains the selected HP 310 Printer Setup settings for future copy jobs.
  • After making the necessary changes, touch the OK option. Load the original document and perform the Copy operation. Check whether the issue has been resolved.

123 HP Ink Tank 310 Scan Issues

  • Collect the following materials:
    • A clean and lint-free cloth or any cloth that does not come apart or leave fibers.
    • Distilled, filtered, or bottled water.
  • Remove the original document from the Automatic Document Feeder and turn off the 123 HP Ink Tank 310 Printer. Disconnect the power cable from the printer and open the ADF cover.
  • Locate the paper-pick rollers and the separator pad inside the ADF. Dampen a cloth with distilled water and the roller and pad. Ensure clear all the dust and debris on them.
  • Leave the ADF cover open for a few minutes and allow the paper-pick rollers and separator pad to dry. Close the ADF cover and reload the document in the document feeder tray.
  • Slide the paper guides till they recline against the paper. Re-establish the power connection and turn on the 310 printer. Then try to scan the document.

123 HP Ink Tank 310 Control Panel Error Codes

  • When the HP 310 Printer Setup develops an error, a troubleshooting message along with the error code or support code is displayed on the printer’s display (Control Panel).
  • The error codes indicate the source of errors occurring in the printer. The LED lamps might flash alternatively representing that an error has occurred in the device.
  • Click the Manual Download link on this web page to download the instruction manual. Refer to the manual to learn regarding the error codes and what they indicate.
  • After learning about the cause of the error, navigate to the troubleshooting topic. Use the resolving method that matches your issue and complete the HP Ink Tank 310 Printer troubleshooting process.