Get the Complete HP Ink Tank 319 Printer Setup Guide

The HP Ink Tank 319 Printer is suitable for home and office use. The printer is easy to operate and the printing quality is also high. It is very convenient to use by just referring the manual and product information guide provided. However, this printer does not support wireless connectivity. It is a user-friendly device and the cartridge quality is also good. The efficiency of the printer is good and it works in a reliable and efficient way. It supports an output capacity of 25 sheets. All the printing features are available in a very affordable cost. The HP Ink Tank 319 Setup is best suited for printing.

HP Ink Tank 319 Printer

HP Ink Tank Wireless 319 Setup and Unboxing Guide

The initial step after the printer is purchased is setting up the printer. The HP Ink Tank Wireless 319 Setup process involves unboxing the HP Ink Tank 319 Printer, loading the paper into the trays, ink cartridge installation, installing the driver, etc. Break the seal and open the box. An CD which contains steps to install the software, it also contains an user guide and a legal guide. An USB Cable for connecting your printer to the computer device. Take the printer out of the box. Remove all the visible tapes present around the printer and set them aside for recycling. Plug the rear end of the power cord to the printer and the other end to the wall socket. Switch ON the power button to turn ON the printer. The setup process gets initialized. Enter the country name, language, time and date. Touch each option and customize the settings and click OK. The next step is installing the ink cartridges. Fill the ink tanks with the four ink bottles of different colors. Remove the seal on the ink bottle. Place the ink bottles upside down over the spout. The black cartridge slot is black, the other colors are magenta, yellow and cyan. Touch only the plastic region on the ink cartridge. Open the tri-color slot and insert the cartridge. ‘Genuine cartridges installed’ message appears. Pull out the orange plugs and install the paper heads. Pull the tray and load the paper onto the tray.

HP Ink Tank 319 Driver Download Steps

Simple Steps to Download Driver for 123 HP Ink Tank 319

  • The driver device provides a software interface for the hardware devices and enables operating system and other programs for accessing the hardware functions.
  • A driver is necessary for translating data between a software and a hardware device and the applications or operating system within it.
  • There are two methods for HP Ink Tank 319 Setup driver installation. One method is using the CD provided during shipment and the other is from the website.
  • Ensure that your PC or laptop has a CD drive and place the installation CD into the drive. Wait until a set of files gets displayed.
  • The Autoplay feature can be enabled to display the set of files automatically. The HP Ink Tank Wireless 319 Setup file extension is .exe for windows and .dmg for MAC devices.
  • Click the file and the HP Ink Tank 319 Driver Download starts. Do not turn OFF the system while the downloading is in process. Wait until the installation completes.
  • Double click on the file to add the printer to the list. If the printer’s name is not displayed type the name of your printer and add it to the queue.
  • If the CD is misplaced or for latest updates on the driver it can be installed from the website. Choose the mode of connection based on the printer.
  • Click the link on the website. After the HP Ink Tank 319 Printer Driver Download completes, locate your file in the downloads folder. Choose the setup and install it based on the on-screen instructions.
  • Examine whether the printer’s name is available in the list. If not type the name of your printer. Try print any test report.

    HP Ink Tank 319 Troubleshooting

    The problems of any product can be solved by HP Ink Tank 319 Setup Troubleshooting. There are several troubleshooting problems for a printer. These problems can be identified by the error messages that get displayed on the control panel of your HP Ink Tank 319 Printer. If the printer stops unexpectedly check the power supply. Ensure that the power cord is connected properly to the computer and socket. Check whether the cartridges are installed properly if any error messages are displayed regarding cartridges. Update the firmware if the printer does not print or no messages are displayed on the control panel. Clean the electrical contacts frequently as dirty electrical contacts result in faults to the printer device.

    How to Check if HP 319 Printer is Connected to Computer or Not?

    • The printer is connected to the computer device using a wired setup since this printer does not support wireless connectivity.
    • Hence the connection to computer and HP Ink Tank 319 Printer device is established by means of USB cable provided during purchasing.
    • The necessary software and driver devices need to be installed before the establishment of the connection between the computer and printer.
    • Check whether the driver and software are downloaded. Do not turn OFF the system while the download is in process. Ensure that their HP Ink Tank 319 Setup is done.
    • The drivers and software can be installed directly from the website or through the installation CD.
    • Now connect one end of the USB cable to the printer and the other end to the computer system.
    • Try to print a document using the Print option. Check whether the name of your printer is available in the list of printers.
    • You can also check whether the printer is accessible by your computer by sending a text document using any text editor or Notepad.
    • Check whether the connections are plugged in properly between the computer and your printer. Make sure that the power supply is ON.
    • For more troubleshooting problems refer to the user guide or check in the official website

    How to Check if HP 319 Printer is Working or Not?

    • To check whether the printer is working or not can be verified by carrying out a test print.
    • Load enough paper into the tray. Place the paper in such a way that the short edges of the paper meet the ends of the Printer.
    • Carry on the print, scan, fax or any one of the printer function. If the required function is done it shows that your printer is working.
    • If the HP Ink Tank 319 Setup is unable to print check the HP Ink Tank 319 Troubleshooting error messages and solve them by following the instructions. Disconnect the USB cable and reconnect it.
    • Verify the printer is not in offline or paused mode. Ensure that the printer is set as the default printer.
    • Check whether there is enough ink in the slot. Because if the printer is left unused for a long time results in blockage of the ink.
    • Try replacing the cartridges if it is not compatible with your printer. The nozzles on the printheads gets blocked. Clean the printheads to solve this problem.
    • Restart the computer and clear the print queue. Ensure that the power is ON and the power cord is connected properly. Carry on any one of the printer operations to test whether its working or not.
    • There may be many reasons for non-functioning of the printer.
    • Visit the website for latest updates and versions and replace the HP Ink Tank 319 Printer if the problem persists.