dj gt5810


The DeskJet GT 5810 offers ultra-low cost-per-page prints. It comes with an easy-access, spill-free system that ensures that your work space does not turn messy. It is a reliable printer that delivers exceptional quality and can handle a high volume of print jobs. It comes with an transparent ink tank that lets you easily view ink levels. dj5820

HP Deskjet gt5810 Features and specification

  • HP DeskJet GT 5810 can print, copy and scan. It offers 1 Hi-speed USB 2.0 for connectivity. It weighs 4.67 kg.
  • It offers a maximum print speed of up to 8 ppm and 5 ppm for black and color by ISO standards and a maximum print speed of up to 20 ppm and 16 ppm for black and color in draft mode.
  • It has a maximum monthly duty cycle of up to 1000 pages and a recommended monthly page volume of 400 to 800.
  • It uses HP Thermal InkJet technology. It comes with a 60-sheet input tray and 25-sheet output tray. It offers manual duplex printing.
  • It supports A4, B5, A6 and DL envelope size media among others. Plain, photo and brochure papers are the compatible media types with this printer.

Driver and manual download

Driver and Manual Download

  • The User Guide or Manual serves as the first port of call for any customer queries. It is designed to be a clear and unambiguous guide to setting up, installing and troubleshooting your DeskJet GT 5810. It offers illustrated description of the various printer parts and their function. It comes with a structured index that lets the user quickly navigate and locate useful information. The user manual is usually delivered along with your printer package. You can download the user manual from us.
  • The HP DeskJet GT 5810 printer driver and software is available for download from us. The driver is a piece of software that acts as a translator between the hardware and the software. Installing the software helps you to get the best out of your GT 5810. You will have to make sure to download and install the printer driver and software for your operating system and your printer model.
  • If you have any further queries, contact our technical support team through the toll-free number.

How to print, scan, copy

  • To Print a document, open the document in an application. Choose File and select Print (this might vary according to application and OS) to open the general print settings. Alter any settings that you wish to change and choose Print.
  • To scan your document, place the photo or document print side down under the scanner glass and lower the scanner lid. Search windows for HP. Choose DeskJet 5810 in the results to open HP Printer Assistant. Choose Scan a Document or Photo to open HP Scan. For Windows users, Choose a shortcut that matches your needs and alter any settings if necessary, and then choose Scan. For Mac users, open HP Easy Scan, Choose DeskJet 5810 from the scanner drop down menu and choose a Scan job type from the Presets menu, and then choose Scan.
  • To copy a document, place the document in the scanner glass and lower the lid. Press Start Copy color or Start Copy black according to your needs. You can increase the number of copies by pushing the Scan button multiple times.

Refill ink cartridges

  • Lift up the ink tank lid. Take out the plug from the ink tank you are refilling. Take out the cap from the ink bottle, pull the seal tab off, fix the cap once again on the ink bottle and flip the lid. Grab the ink bottle by the tank spout, slowly press down, and then let ink transfer into the ink tank. Fill the tank to just beneath the maximum fill line on the tank.
  • After the ink tank is filled, take out the ink bottle straight up. Shut the ink bottle lid, set the bottle upright, and then push the ink tank plug into its slot on the ink tank. Ensure the ink tank plugs are pushed firmly into position. Repeat the previous steps to refill any low or empty ink tanks. Shut the ink tank lid. Store the ink bottles in a cool, dry place.

Troubleshooting description common issues list

  • Troubleshooting is the process of following a standard procedure to resolve errors and issues. It is a useful method to rectify issues which might have multiple causes. It ensures that a logical step-by-step process is undertaken to identify the causes, eliminate all options and arrive at a solution.
  • Some of the common issues that might occur while using the DeskJet GT 5810 include: Poor print quality, network scanner connection error, printer not found during network driver setup, printer is offline, USB scanner connection error (Windows) and color or black ink not printing.

Printing problems

If your printer is printing slow, try resetting the printer. Switch on the printer, if it not already powered up. Wait until the printer is quiet and inactive before your proceed. With the printer switched on, detach the power cord from the back of the printer. Detach the power cord from the electricity outlet. After one minute, fix the power cord back into the wall outlet. Fix the power cord to the back of the rear of the printer. Switch on the printer, if it does not automatically switch on. The printer goes through a warm-up period. After it warms up, it will turn quiet and inactive. Attempt printing again.