HP Deskjet 1515 Setup


The HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 1515 Color All-in-One printer is suitable for both your home and office purpose. It serves the general purpose of print, scan and copy. The stylish printer is available at reasonable rates. dj1515
  • The printer is compatible with all operating systems such as Windows and Mac.
  • It is very easy to use this printer and it is designed in such a way that it rarely requires any maintenance or service.
  • The print speed for monochrome is 7 ppm and for color is up to 4 ppm.
  • The duty cycle of the printer is reasonably high at 1000 pages.
  • HP Deskjet Ink Advantage features a 60-page sheet input tray that avoids the need to constantly fill the tray for every print.

How to Scan HP Deskjet 1515 Printer setup

Setting up your new Deskjet 1515 printer is quite easy with us. You simply need to unbox the printer, then form the power connections and then set the preferences. Go through the steps provided below.

Step 1: Checking the contents and unpacking the printer

  • The foremost step is to check the contents of the box as it may vary by country or region.
  • Take out the printer from the box and then discard all the tape and packing material from the outside of the printer.
  • Discard the packing materials from inside the printer and then close the cartridge access door.

Step 2: Connecting the power cord

  • Discard the plastic sticker from the control panel, then plug in one end of the cord to the rear end of the printer.
  • Connect the other end of the power cord to an electrical outlet and then turn on the printer.

Step 3: Placing paper in the tray and installing ink cartridges

  • Insert a stack of plain paper into the input tray with the short edge forward and the print side up.
  • Open the cartridge access door, then take out the new cartridge from its package and then install it in its respective slot.

Refill Ink cartridges

Though refilling the cartridges may not print documents or photos with good quality as with original HP cartridges, refilling may help you save money. The tips to refill the cartridges are provided below.

  • Wait for the printer to turn inactive, then press down on the cartridge to release it and then push the cartridge out of its slot.
  • Collect a 1 ml disposable syringe. Locate the hole to fill the ink in the cartridge.
  • Now, inject the ink into the cartridge ensuring that the needle size is very small.
  • Note that if you draw ink into the syringe too fast, it may lead to air-gaps that may block your ink cartridge.
  • Make sure that there are no air-bubbles before injecting ink into the hole.
  • Ensure that you keep a piece of paper or cloth to wipe any stains that may spill during the refilling process.
  • It is advisable to not overfill the cartridge beyond its capacity. Now, allow the cartridge to set for a few hours.
  • Carefully hold the cartridge by its sides with the nozzles toward the printer and then place the cartridge in its respective slot.
  • Close the Cartridge access door and then print the alignment page.

Driver Download

Prior to establishing the connection to the printer, install the printer driver. You can use the CD that came with the printer to download and install the driver. If you have lost the CD, do not worry. Go through the prompts given below.


  1. Check if the printer and system are on. Prior to downloading the printer driver, you may receive a prompt to open, run or save your file. Make sure that you click the Save option.
  2. Once the download process is complete, you may find the file in the Downloads bar of your browser or the Downloads folder on your computer.
  3. Make sure that you run the installer and then follow the on-screen instructions to finish installing the driver.


  1. Download the full feature printer driver for your printer and then click the Save option.
  2. When the download completes, you may view the file in the browser’s Download’s bar or your computer’s Download folder.
  3. Now, run the installer. To add the printer to the print queue, choose the printer model and then click the Use or Print Using menu.
  4. After the installation completes, try to print.


Generally, printers may annoy us with their issues. It is a better option to resolve the issues immediately. Few printer issues and their troubleshooting steps are provided below.

Paper Mismatch Error

In certain situations, when printing envelopes or various paper sizes, you may receive a ‘Paper Mismatch Error’. To fix the issue, examine the paper size settings and then follow the prompts given below.

STEP 1: Select File, then check if your printer is in the drop-down list box and then select Properties, Printer Properties or Preferences.

STEP 2: Now, click –> Paper/Quality tab –> Advanced –> Paper Size. Make sure that you select the paper size that matches the size and type of paper placed in the input tray.

STEP 3: If you do not find any matching paper sizes, ensure that you choose the size from the list that is closest to the size of the paper.

STEP 4: Select the OK option and then try to print.

STEP 5: For any further queries or support, do not hesitate to reach our technical support team on the Toll-free number.

Scanner Not Working

Sometimes when trying to scan, you may notice an error message and the scan may fail. You can follow the basic steps given below to fix the issue.

STEP 1: To restore a lost scan connection, restart your computer and printer.

STEP 2: Now, try reconnecting the USB cable to a different port on the computer and then try to scan.

STEP 3: Use HP Print and Scan Doctor to diagnose and resolve scanning issues. Choose your printer model and then click Next.

STEP 4: It is advisable to view the list of actionable results. If the error continues, uninstall the printer software.

STEP 5: After uninstalling the printer software, make sure that there are no printing devices listed in Windows.

STEP 6: Now, reinstall the HP software, then check Windows Image Acquisition settings (WIA).

STEP 7: To reset the WIA dependencies to determine if the printer hardware resolves the scanning issue, use the Command Prompt.

Factory Reset

Note that when you restore the factory-set defaults it returns most of the settings to the factory defaults. However, it does not reset the page count, tray size or language. To restore the Deskjet printer to the factory-default settings, follow the prompts given below.

  • Prior to resetting the printer, it is advisable to go through the precautionary instructions on the manual.
  • This may help to not affect the printer’s performance.
  • If your Ink button flashes, make sure that you press the power button first, followed by the cancel button.
  • Now, hold them together for a few seconds and then release the cancel button followed by the power button.
  • Make sure that you press the cancel button till the paper jam stops flashing.