HP Deskjet 2020 Setup


Using a Deskjet 2020 printer gives high-quality printouts and photos.You can print number of photos or documents up to 1500 pages with a single cartridge. It is designed to fit on a shelf or desks. Save the energy up to 50% without any compromise in the printer’s performance with the Energy Star certified printer. dj2020
  • Make use of a USB cable to connect the printer and the system. This is one of the efficient methods of connecting the devices.
  • Print borderless photos from the printer in a few seconds. Trimming of the edges of the photos is not required using this Borderless printing option.
  • This printer works perfectly well with the Windows and Mac operating systems. Print speed for black is 7 papers per minute and color is 4 papers per minute.
  • Handle 60 sheets of paper in the input tray and 25 sheets of paper in the output tray. Inserting papers frequently into the tray can be avoided.

First-time dj2020 Printer setup

  • Setting up the printer’s hardware for the first time is not an easy job. To do that, you require certain guidance. Follow the instructions below to start the setup process.
  • Open the box. Remove all contents in the box and keep them aside. Take out the printer from the box. Discard all the packing materials surrounding the device.
  • It is necessary to place the printer on an even surface for the proper functioning of it. Make use of a power cable for the connection process.
  • Connect one end of the cable to the rear of the printer and the other end of the cable to the wall socket. Press the power button to turn on the printer.
  • Install the ink cartridges available in the printer’s shipment into their respective slot. Make certain that you have installed them properly.
  • Insert plain papers into the input tray. Adjust the paper width guides against the edges of the paper. After installing the cartridges, the printer prints an alignment page.

Refill ink cartridges

When you purchase a new ink cartridge, it requires more amount. But, try to refill the ink cartridges which requires less amount than purchasing a new one.

STEP 1: Open the ink cartridge access door to take out the empty ink cartridge from its slot. Locate a black spot on the top of the cartridge. Peel off the label on the top of it.

STEP 2:Under the black spot, you a see a hole. You will be injecting the ink into the cartridge through this hole. Use a syringe to fill the ink into the hole.

STEP 3:While injecting, do it slowly. When you inject them fast, air bubbles get created in the interior of the cartridge.This blocks the ink movement.

STEP 4:Fill the cartridge to its maximum. Ensure that you do not overfill the cartridge as it may lead to leakage of ink. After filling, clean the excess ink from the cartridge.

STEP 5:Clean using a clean cloth. Paste a label on the top of the hole. Now, install the ink cartridges back to its slot and then start printing.

Driver download

A Driver is essential for a printer. Without the driver, communication between the printer and the system is not possible. So, install the driver using the steps below:

  • Use a software installation CD to install the driver. Place it on the computer’s disc drive. After inserting, a list of files gets displayed on the screen.
  • Select the setup file from the list. For a Windows system, the file format is .exe and Mac system, the format is .dmg. Select it based on the OS.
  • Double-click it to start the installation process. In case the installation process is not done properly, download and then install the driver.
  • To start the download process, call our technical team. They will provide instructions regarding the download and installation procedure.


Printers experience various issues at the time of printing. When you are need of printing an important document, an error message displays on the control panel. Without clearing the message, you cannot print further. Here are certain printer issues and their troubleshooting steps.

Blinking power light

STEP 1: Based on the printer status, the power light can be in on state, off state or blinking. In case the power cord is unplugged, the power light is in off state.

STEP 2: Connect the power cable back to the printer and then turn on the printer by pressing the power button. Examine whether the power cable is connected directly to the wall socket.

STEP 3: When the power light is blinking, then the printer is in error state. Try to upgrade the printer driver and software. Always clean the printer and its internal parts often.

STEP 4: Keep the printer on an even surface. In case the printer is in sleep mode, try to change it to active mode to start the printing process.

Paper jam

STEP 1: In case there is a false paper jam error message displays on the control panel of the printer, try to reboot the printer and the system to solve the issue.

STEP 2:Discard all jammed papers from the input tray. Make sure that you use both hands to take out them. In case the paper rips while removing, it results in further issue.

STEP 3:Do not overfill the input tray and place plain papers into the input tray by adjusting the paper width guides. Use compatible papers for printing.

STEP 4:If there is any dust or debris accumulated in the paper roller, use a clean and damp cloth to wipe them. This helps to avoid the paper jam issue.