HP Envy 4522 Setup Solutions

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hp envy 4522 setup

How to Install HP Envy 4522 Printer

Step 1:Unbox the printer. Discard the tape and packing material found on the outside of the printer. Next, slide the printer out of the box for HP Envy 4522 Setup. Set the box aside for recycling.

Step 2:Place the printer on a flat surface and remove the Styrofoam end caps one at a time. Remove the protective plastic tape from around the printer.

Step 3:Open the scanner lid and remove the protective material from the scanner bed. Be careful not to trap your finger or hand when opening or closing the scanner unit; otherwise, you may get injured.

Step 4:Open the cartridge unit and remove the packing material from inside the printer. Place the printer on a stable surface and then connect the power cable to the rear of the printer.

Step 5:Plug the other end of the power cord to the wall outlet and turn on the printer. Keep the printer away from direct sunlight or cooling and heating equipment.

Step 6:If all lights flash, turn off the printer and check that no protective material has been left inside the printer. Open the cartridge access door and make sure that you do not touch the white cable inside the HP Envy 4522 printer.

Step 7:Remove all ink cartridges from their packages. For the initial setup, make sure you use the ink cartridges that came with this printer. These cartridges cannot be saved for later use.

Step 8:Remove the pull tape from the cartridges. Insert the ink cartridge and press it down firmly. Repeat this step to insert all ink cartridges. Make sure all the cartridges are aligned.

Step 9:Close the cartridge unit slowly. Press the button on the printer to start charging the ink. It is not necessary to wait for the ink to finish charging.

Step 10:If the ink icon light stays on and ink charging does not start, press the power button. Then remove and reinsert the ink cartridges. Load paper in the input tray and try to print a test page to complete HP Envy 4522 Setup process.


HP Envy 4522 – Windows Setup

  • Turn on your printer and open a browser. Go to the driver download page and click the Software and Drivers tab.
  • Type your printer model in the text field, then click Find my product. Click your printer from the list of results.
  • Make sure you have identified the correct operating system. Click Edit, select your operating system from the drop-down menu and then click Update.
  • Under Driver Product Installation Software, click the Download button next to Full Feature Software and Driver for HP Envy 4522 Setup.
  • If the HP software and driver downloads window displays, select Use HP Download and Install Assistant.
  • The click Next. Follow the on-screen instructions to save and install the driver to your computer.
  • When you are prompted to choose a connection type, select the USB option and then follow the on-screen instructions to connect your printer.
  • Try to print a test page to check the connectivity.

HP Envy 4522 - Mac Setup

  • Press the power button to turn on your printer and make sure it is in the ready state.
  • Bridge one end of the USB cable to the USB port on the rear of the printer and the other end to the Mac computer.
  • Select System Preferences in the Apple menu. Under the hardware section, select Printers and Scanners.
  • If your printer is not listed in the list of printers and scanners, then add your printer to the list.
  • Click the plus sign and select Add Printer or Scanner. Select the name of your printer.
  • Click the Use box and then select the name of your printer in the pop-up menu.
  • Select Add to add your printer to the list. If it is prompted to install the driver, click Download and Install to complete the HP Envy 4522 setup.
  • When you are prompted to choose a connection type, select the USB option.
  • Follow the instructions displayed on the screen and complete the installation.

Replacing Ink Cartridges

Step 1: IC chips are lately used in ink cartridges. They accurately monitor the amount of ink used by the printer.

Step 2: Ink reserves can be measured and fully utilized, even if a cartridge is removed and later reinserted.

Step 3: The ink cartridges can be replaced using your printer’s control panel.

Step 4: The cartridges should be handled carefully, there may be some ink surrounding the ink supply port.

Printer Manual Guide

The manual contains all the necessary information for you to follow when you want to execute a print job. It contains directions on how to setup your printer, how to change the connectivity, etc. It even has information on problem-solving procedures, like how to clear a paper jam, how to fix connectivity issues or how to solve an ink cartridge problem, etc. Following the step by step information provided in the manual will help you understand the solution easily. The user manual will have answers to all your HP Envy 4522 setup related queries. In order to set up your printer, you need to know the features of the printer. Installing the printer could be an exhausting job, but the scenario will be different with a user guide in hand. You don’t have to wait in a queue at the service center or stay on long holds when you are on call with a service support technician, fix the printer issues yourself by following the problem-solving procedure in the user guide. The instruction guide will educate you the printer mechanism. You can download the free user manual from our website. The hard copy of the manual will be bundled along with the printer package.

Fixing Print Quality Problems

The printable side of the paper should face up in the sheet feeder. On the printer’s control panel, click Align Printhead. An alignment page will be printed.

Check if the print quality is good, if not follow the next steps. Check the ink icon. If the ink icon light is flashing, then check the estimated ink level. Replace the ink cartridge that is low on ink level.

Make sure that the Paper Type selected in the printer software is appropriate for the type of paper loaded in the printer. Make sure the printer is placed on a flat, stable surface.

The paper used should not be old, damaged or dirt. Make sure that you are using an acceptable paper type. You can check the specifications for more information for HP Envy 4522 Setup process.

Remove each sheet from the output tray as it is printed and do not touch the printed side until the ink dries. Clean the rollers with a damp cleaning pad. Check the cartridge unit.

Remove the printhead from the cartridge assembly and clean it with a wet paper towel. Make sure the dried ink is removed from the printhead nozzles. Clean the inside of the HP Envy 4522 printer with a damp cloth and then try to print a test page.