Discrete Guidance for HP Envy 4523 Setup

hp envy 4523 setup

HP Envy 4523 Wireless Printer Setup for Windows

Nowadays, doing business on the go with the smartphone, tablet and other mobile device is the only way to save time. How do you obtain mobile printing? Without wireless connection it is impossible. Use the steps below to connect your HP Envy 4523 setup printer and computer wirelessly.

Prior to setting up your HP Envy 4523 printer on a wireless network connection, gather the network name (Service Set Identifier) and password (WEP key or WPA security passphrase).

Ascertain that you connect the printer and computer to the same wireless network connection.

Ensure that the computer and router are powered on and that the system is linked to the same wireless network to which you need to link the printer.

Power up the  printer and position it close to the computer and within range of the router during the HP Envy 4523 setup process.

Unplug any USB or Ethernet cables from the printer. Link the printer to your network with the Wireless Setup Wizard so that during the installation process, the HP installer can easily recognize the printer.

Power up the printer in case it is not already powered on. From the control panel of your printer, click on the Wireless icon.

The Wireless screen gets displayed. Choose the Settings icon.

Tap Wireless Setup Wizard and then use the guides on the control panel to link the printer to your wireless network.

Go to our website, tap on the Software Download option to get the updated driver and software for your HP Envy 4523 Setup.

Install it according to the instructions displayed on the screen. During the installation process, choose wireless as the connection type.

Try to print a sample document using your HP Envy 4523 printer to check its performance.

Replacing HP 4523 Ink Cartridges

Ink cartridge is an essential part of the HP Envy 4523 printer. How do you print a document without an ink cartridge? This is impossible. It is similar to a pen without a led. Maintain the cartridge properly. Ensure that you have an additional cartridge with you so that if you find any defect with the existing cartridge, you can replace it with a new one, without any delay.

HP Envy 4523 Printer Driver and Manual download

Once you receive a new printer from the shipment, you need to setup and install it. Setup process includes both hardware and software. These two are the most essential for the printer to function. As you know, without the driver and software the printer doesn’t function. You need to install the updated driver and software during the HP Envy 4523 setup process. How do you setup the printer without any guidance? We provide user manual to easily setup and install your new printer. Go through the procedures which are given below to install an appropriate driver and software for the printer.

HP Envy 4523 Driver Install

Step 1: Make use of the CD that comes along with your HP Envy 4523 printer during the shipment.

Step 2: Place into the computer disc drive, run and execute the file to install the driver.

Step 3: Prior to placing the CD into the drive, ensure that the CD if free from scratch and dust.

Step 4: Agree to the Terms and Condition and then click on the Continue option.

Step 5: In case the CD doesn’t work well, use an alternative method to install the driver and software.

Step 6: Go to our website, tap on the Software Download option to obtain the latest driver and software for your HP Envy 4523 setup.

Step 7: Install it based on the guides displayed on the screen. If you have any doubts regarding download and installation, refer our user manual.

Step 8: Get directed to our website, click on the Manual download option to get our user manual.

Step 9: The user manual has the procedures for all types of printer setup and solution for all types of printer issue.

How to Solve HP Envy 4523 Paper Jam Error

During the print job, the printer stops feedings pages and a paper jam error message gets displayed on the printer’s control panel. The paper jam error can be real or false. In some cases, the HP Envy 4523 printer might display a paper jam error even when there is no jammed paper inside the printer. Follow these steps to resolve the issue.

  • In certain cases, a paper jam error exists even though there is no jammed paper. Rebooting the printer might help you to clear a false paper jam issue.
  • Debris might stick on the paper feed rollers and cause paper jams and paper feed issue. Clean the rollers inside the printer and then attempt to print.
  • If you still find an issue, make use of an automated tool to clear page smears. Cleaning the page smears with an automated utility might help you to clear paper jams.
  • Power on your HP Envy 4523 setup printer. Open the ink cartridge access door and then manually move the carriage to remove any paper or obstruction found inside the printer.
  • Open the input tray door, remove any jammed paper and bits of torn paper from it.
  • Prior to loading paper inside the tray, ensure that the paper type and size are compatible with the printer.