How Can I Setup My HP Deskjet 5570 Printer

How Can I Setup My HP Deskjet 5570 Printer?

  • Connect your Deskjet printer to a USB cable or a wireless network.
  • The printer can print, scan and copy documents or photos at an affordable price.
  • Print through mobile printing solutions such as ePrint, Air Print, and Mopria Print.
  • The printer is compatible with Linux, Mac, and Windows systems.
  • HP Deskjet 5570 printer has a monthly duty cycle of 1000 pages.
  • The print speed of black and white is up to 12 ppm and that of color is up to 8 ppm.
HP Deskjet 5570 Printer
  • Copy resolution of black and white is 300 dpi and of color is 600 dpi.
  • You can copy black and white pages at a speed of 21 ppm and color up to 19 ppm.
  • The scan resolution is up to 1200 ppi.
  • The printer has an input tray with a capacity of 125 sheets, a photo tray with 25 sheets capacity and an output tray with a capacity of 25 sheets.
  • The MFP follows Drop-on-demand thermal inkjet printing technology.
  • The HP Deskjet 5570 Setup supports media types such as paper, photo paper, envelopes, labels, and cards.
  • Without affecting your performance, save energy and natural resources with this ENERGY STAR certified printer.

Driver and manual download

  • To perform any basic task of your printer, drivers play a very important role in it.
  • Download the current version of the driver for your HP Deskjet 5570 printer to access its complete functionality.
  • Note that an outdated or corrupt driver can cause your PC to become unstable and crash.
  • It is a good option to update drivers if you are running a new version of an OS or if you experience printing problems.
  • Select the Start option, then choose Devices and Printers on your Windows system and then click Enter.
  • Make a note that the driver format for Mac is .dmg and for Windows, it is .exe.
  • To download the printer driver using a setup file, first, download the file and then use a compatible USB cable to connect to the printer.
  • Check if the PC is on and then install the driver. To activate the installation wizard, ensure that you run the setup file.
  • Once the driver for your printer gets detected, follow the guidelines on the screen to complete the download process.
  • Make a note that you can also use the automatic install printer method to setup your Deskjet printer.
  • This method usually works most of the time, but in a few situations, you have to use the manual install method to get the printer up and running.
  • Once you download the printer manually, go through the prompts on setting up the printer to any troubleshooting guidelines.
  • This is to help you analyze if you are able to manage the issues individually or not.

How to print

  • Select the Print option from the software program to print a document or photo on your Windows system and then choose your HP Deskjet 5570 Printer model from the list that appears.
  • To change any settings on your HP Deskjet 5570 Setup, ensure that you select the Properties or Preferences button.
  • Set the paper orientation, paper source, paper type, paper size and quality settings for your printer.
  • To return to the print dialog box, choose the OK option and then move on to the next step.
  • Choose the number of copies you want to print and then select the OK button to print your photo or document.

How to Scan

  • The fundamental step to scan your document or photo on Windows PC is to place it on the scanner glass or in the document feeder slot.
  • After choosing your printer model from the list that appears on the control panel, proceed to the next step.
  • To know if the printer supports HP Scan software, check if the full feature driver displays.
  • Now, choose another scanning option from the overview table and then change any of the shortcut default settings if necessary.
  • To preview the document or photo, make sure that you click Show scan preview or Show Viewer After Scan option.
  • Now, choose the folder you want to save the scan to and then click the Save option.

How to Copy

  • Mount the original document in the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) tray or on the scanner glass of your Deskjet 5570 printer.
  • It is advisable to use the control panel to choose the copy settings or begin the copy job or use ID Copy to copy multiple items to one page.
  • Change the settings, contrast, and the number of copies and then copy the document or photo.
  • Enter the number of copies you want.

Refill ink cartridges

  • HP cartridges contain a spongy material known as hydrophobic foam that contains the ink.
  • The sponge in the cartridge is made of synthetic, porous rubber that is imbued with water repelling agents. Generally, this helps to repel ink rather than absorb it. It also controls the flow of ink in the cartridge.
  • Ensure that you place the cartridge on a surface that can tolerate a spill or in some newspaper. Now, remove the HP Deskjet 5570 Printer label from the top of the ink cartridge.
  • Check if you are able to locate the filler opening. In a few cartridges, there may be numerous holes.
  • Ensure that you stick a needle down into each chamber if you do not know the correct refill hole.
  • To check out the correct filling hole, wipe the needle with a paper. Make a note that the correct filling holes are the ones that have a sponge inside.
  • In your black cartridge, fill the syringe with a maximum of 10 ml black ink.
  • Make sure that you carefully insert the needle into the cartridge such that it penetrates the internal sponge.
  • You may possibly notice a slight resistance due to the sponge inside the cartridge.
  • Carefully inject the ink into the cartridge and do not push the needle too far down.
  • Use a knife to widen the hole if it is too small for the syringe to fill ink into the cartridge.
  • It is advisable to not put too much ink. Make a note that the majority of the cartridges are physically restricted on the inside. Hence, 5ml of ink may be sufficient.
  • It is better to stop when you notice that the ink rises to the top of the filler opening.
  • Clean the excess ink with a clean cloth. After completing the process, leave the top label and the filling holes exposed.
  • Now, check if the cartridge pulls in air. This may let you know if it works. Replace the cartridge and then run a cleaning cycle.
  • Ensure that you leave the cartridge in the printer for 2 hours after refilling to allow the ink to saturate the entire sponge.
  • You may notice that the printer shows an error message indicating that HP Deskjet 5570 Setup cartridge is empty when you insert the refilled cartridge.
  • The printer recognizes the cartridge from the serial number and it may indicate that it’s empty.

Wi-Fi Setup

  • Do you want to connect your HP Deskjet printer to the wireless network? First, check if you have the network name and network password.
  • After checking that the light on the wireless router is on, ensure that the PC is connected to the same wireless network to which you want to connect your printer.
  • Power on your Deskjet 5570 printer and then place it close to the PC, within the range of the router during the setup procedure.
  • If there is any USB or Ethernet cable connected to the printer, disconnect it. Both Windows and Mac users can use the Wireless Setup Wizard tool to connect it to your wireless network.
  • Select the Wireless option, then go to Settings and then choose the Wireless Setup Wizard option.
  • Go through the HP Deskjet 5570 Printer guidelines that appear on the screen to select your network and then type the password to complete the connection.
  • Ensure that you download and install the full feature software for your Deskjet printer and when the prompt displays to choose the network, select Wireless as the connection type.
  • Power on the printer then opts for a suitable method to identify the model of your printer and then follow the guidelines on the screen to download the driver.
  • If you are a Mac user, click the Download option next to HP Easy Start or next to the full feature driver based on the option that appears.
  • Open the Downloads folder and then select the HP Easy Start file or the full feature driver to begin the installation.
  • Ensure that you select the printer name and then click the Use or Print Using menu when instructed to add the printer to the printer queue.

Troubleshooting common desc

  • Printers may wear out if they are used on a regular basis like all other machines and devices. Though printers drive us crazy with their issues, we still need them to do our basic tasks.
  • Once you know to resolve the printer issue, you can possibly use the same printer and start printing.
  • When the printer faces issue with the power indicator light, check if the printer is on.
  • Primarily check if it has some light or LED indicating it’s receiving power.
  • Ascertain that you check the data and power cable connections on your Deskjet printer.
  • If there is no sign of power status indicator light, it denotes that you have a printer issue that requires repair or replacement.
  • It is better to reset the printer if it goes offline unexpectedly and then check the connection status.
  • Unless there are papers in your printer, it may not print. Make sure that the tray is not empty.
  • When the HP Deskjet 5570 Setup faces any issue with the printhead, it is better to first clean it.
  • Ascertain that there is no jammed or partially fed paper in the paper tray to avoid paper jam issues.
  • Now, print a test page to check the status of your HP Deskjet 5570 Printer.