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How to Complete Ricoh SP 210 Setup?

Keep the Ricoh SP 210 Setup package on a flat surface. Take the accessories and the printer from the plastic bag.

Ricoh SP 210 Setup


Setup Instructions for Ricoh SP 210 Printer

  • Open the printer’s right cover and lay it down.Take the waste toner bottle accompanied by the printer.
  • Place it in the designated slot. Slide the toner bottle towards the right and ensure that it locks in its position.
  • Take the black-colored photo conductor unit and remove the cap attached to the photo conductor assembly.
  • Take the new photo conductor unit (black) from the Ricoh SP 210 Setup package and insert it immediately into its slot. Redo the same for the color unit.
  • Open the top left cover.Take the toner cartridges out of the package and insert them into the designated slots.
  • Pull the paper tray and place it on a flat surface.Load the tray with a stack of blank paper.
  • Attach the power cord to the printer’s power port and connect the other end to a wall socket.Turn on the Ricoh SP 210 Printer by locating and pressing the Power button.
  • Place the printer’s installation CD on your computer’s CD drive.Install the printer drivers using the disc.
  • Connect the printer’s Ethernet cord to the Ethernet slots on your Ricoh SP 210 Setup and router.
  • Print a test report to check if the connection is successful.