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How To Setup Fuji Xerox M225dw Printer?

Fuji Xerox M225dw Printer is one of the longest-running Printer in the world. It offers convenient access to all the installed apps.

Fuji Xerox M225dw Printer

Step by Step Guide for doing Fuji Xerox M225dw Setup

  • Take the new printer and its components out from the shipment box.
  • Remove all the tapes and packing materials from the inside and the outside of your printer.
  • Connect the power cable to your Fuji Xerox M225dw Printer and an electrical outlet.
  • Insert the toner cartridges into their corresponding slots.
  • Turn On your printer and load some plain paper inside the input tray.
  • Run the Fuji Xerox m225dw printer driver and software using the installation CD that came with your printer.
  • Click the Menu button on the printer’s control panel to set up the network connection.
  • Select the Network option by using the Up or Down arrow keys and press OK.
  • Use the Up or Down arrow keys to choose WLAN and click OK.
  • Select the Network Setup Wizard and press OK.
  • When the WLAN Enable? Message appears on the screen, choose the Yes option to enable the Fuji Xerox M225dw Setup wireless network.
  • Your printer searches for all the available networks.
  • Choose your network name (SSID), press OK, and then type the password.
  • Go with the on-screen prompts to complete the Fuji Xerox M225dw Printer setup process.