How to Copy on HP Deskjet 2549 Printer

How to Copy on HP Deskjet 2549 Printer?

Enjoy diverse functionalities with this easy to use how to Copy on HP Deskjet 2549 Printer guide. With an inbuilt copier and scanner, this model is more than just a printer. Save on paper and do your bit for the environment with the duplex printing feature of this HP Deskjet 2549 Setup. With an LED control panel and an Energy Star certificate, this printer is as good as printing gets.

How to Copy on HP Deskjet 2549 Printer

To print is to take a hard copy of the file which is stored on your computer. Duplex printing can be enabled to lessen the usage of paper. This also makes you have the print in an easily readable format. Printing documents or photos are made uncomplicated by our professionals for you.

Quik Steps to Perform HP Deskjet 2549 Copy Function

The copy is one of the fascinating features which lets you take a number of copies of the documents or photos which you want. Place the documents or photos whose copies are to be taken on the scanner glass and go with the option that relates to copying feature. You can take 9 copies of the document at the max using this how to Copy on HP Deskjet 2549 Printer model guide.

  • Take a look at the simple procedures to copy documents which you want. Place plain unused paper in the input tray, if it is not already done earlier.
  • Ensure that your HP Deskjet 2549 Setup is kept on before you start to copy. Open the scanner lid up.
  • The original document whose copy is to be taken should be placed on the scanner glass with positioned down and according to the engraved how to Copy on HP Deskjet 2549 Printer guides present around the glass.
  • Lower the scanner lid and tap Start Copy Black button or the Start Copy Color button on the printer’s control panel to commence the copy job.