How to Setup Envy 6255 Printer

How to Setup Envy 6255 Printer?

How to Setup Envy 6255 Printer

How to Setup and Install Envy 6255 Printer?

  1. Start from following the how to Setup Envy 6255 Printer guide.
  2. Enter your printer model and click Begin for your Envy 6255 Driver Download.
  3. Click Download, then Open, Save or Run on the window that displays, to download the driver.
  4. Double click on the driver file downloaded to your computer to start the installation process.
  5. Follow the on screen instructions and complete the connection setup and the driver installation.
  6. Now come back to the page to finish the registration and activation.

Quickly Download Envy 6255 Driver and Printer Manual

Avail the latest version of the printer driver and manual from Envy 6255 Setup us within seconds.

Click the link to download Envy 6255 Driver for Windows and Mac compatible printer.

Download Procedure for envy6255 Printer Driver and Software

  • Envy 6255 Driver and Software are important to initiate the printer functions.
  • Though you have assembled the printer hardware it is necessary to install the current version of the printer driver and software.
  • There are two methods of installing the software. When you purchase a printer you will receive a software installation CD with your printer.
  • You can use it to install the software on the computer to which you connect your printer.
  • To install the software which comes with your printer, take out the CD from the cover and place it on the disc drive.
  • Before you place a CD onto the drive check if the drive is clean and the CD has no scratches on it.
  • After placing the CD Onto the Envy 6255 Setup Driver properly, close the drive and allow it to run.
  • When it prompts you to save the file save it in the desired location.
  • Once the file gets saved, unzip the file, and run it to install on the computer.
  • Follow the how to Setup Envy 6255 Printer prompts to finish the installation process. When the installation is done you can start to print, copy, or scan based on the function you want your Envy 6255 Printer to perform.
  • If you use a Windows computer, the file which is saved will be in the .exe format or you can even follow the how to Setup Envy 6255 Printer guides below.
  • If you use a Mac computer, the file which is saved will be in the .dmg format.
  • If the installation is unsuccessful you cannot use your Envy 6255 printer. In such cases, re-installation of software is required.
  • If you do not have an installation CD you can avail the software from our website.
  • The major advantage of getting the software from us is that we only offer the currently updated software to get the best out of your printer.
  • The installation steps are as simple as such even a novice user can avail it install the Envy Photo 6255 Driver on own.
  • Enter the envy6255 printer model number for which you look the software for in the provided search field and download the correct software on your computer.
  • Download, run, and install it in the desired location. Do not disturb the computer when the download is on the process.

How to Setup Wi-Fi for Envy Photo 6255 Printer?

  • The how to Setup Envy 6255 Printer instructions provided in this section let you know how to link your to the wireless network.
  • After the internet connection is made you should download and install the software and Envy 6255 Driver for your printer.
  • Before you initiate the wireless connection procedure you should know the network name and password.
  • After powering on the router and the computer you are supposed to keep them nearer to each other.
  • This is done in order to avoid signal interruption and weak signals.
  • Go on with the Wireless Setup Wizard when you want to initiate the wireless connection.
  • For this navigate to the home screen on the envy6255 Printer control panel and click on the wireless icon.
  • Touch the Envy 6255 Setup icon and then click on the Wireless Settings display.
  • After you pick out the network name in the list of available networks click Ok.
  • When the list does not show your network name, click on the Enter New Network Name and then trail the on-screen instructions to key in the network name which you are using.
  • When you are prompted to key in the WEP or WPA key enter it in the provided field and then click on the Done option.
  • When the connection is successful the summary screen prompts.
  • Click on Ok and get back to the home screen.When a connection error is prompted affirm that you have entered the uppercase and lowercase for the network name and password properly.
  • Once it is done look for an appropriate Envy Photo 6255 Driver and software to be installed on the computer to which your printer is connected.

Envy 6255 WPS Setup

  • Press the Wireless Button on control panel.
  • Go to Settings and then select Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the envy6255 wireless connection.
  • Enter your details, such as network username and password during the setup process.
  • Insert your printer drivers CD-ROM, to install Envy 6255 printer driver software.
  • Follow the on-screen how to Setup Envy 6255 Printer instructions to complete the Envy 6255 setup for wireless Network.

Envy 6255 Wireless Protected Setup

  • Select Wireless Button -> control panel -> Settings.
  • Select Wireless Setup Wizard, and then select Next.
  • Select wireless connection, and select Next.
  • Select Settings -> network username -> password.
  • Insert printer drivers CD-ROM, and then Install driver software.
  • Choose a envy6255 wireless setup and name for your network, and then select Finish.
  • If you want to ensure no one has access to your network, enter and confirm a password, and then select OK.

How to Fix Scanning Errors in Envy Photo 6255 All In One Printer?

  • When the issue is encountered while scanning the document the control panel of the Envy 6255 Printer prompts.
  • It might show either No computer detected, No TWAIN complaint device installed, or An error occurred while communicating with the imaging device.
  • Analyze what makes the issue and troubleshoot it accordingly to resume the Envy 6255 printer function.
  • Booting up the printer is the primary measures to be taken when any alert message is displayed on the control panel.
  • Power off the printer and affirm that the printer’s power cord has a direct connection with the electrical outlet and not by means of a power strip.
  • After terminating all the running programs on the computer, shutdown it.
  • Power up the printer and the computer after a while. Make an attempt to scan and check whether the scan issue is resolved.
  • If you connect the Envy 6255 Setup to a Windows computer, download a diagnosing tool called Print and Scan Doctor.
  • Avail it Windows Store and follow the instructions to download and install it on your Windows computer.
  • Once the download gets accomplished, on the desktop of your computer double-slick the Print and Scan Doctor icon in order to open the tool.
  • Tap on the Start option on the Welcome screen and pick your envy6255 printer. Subsequently, click on Next.
  • You can see the Finding and Fixing Problem screen on your monitor.
  • Tap on he Fixing option. By doing this the Print and Scan Doctor shows the list of actionable results.
  • Evaluate the results and attempt to scan again or once again go through how to Setup Envy 6255 Printer procedure. If the problem is resolved start to scan the required documents of required formats.