How to Setup Envy 7855 Printer

How to Setup Envy 7855 Printer?

The Envy 7855  printer that has a wide range of connectivity features for a photo-centric all-in-one printer. If you want a how to Setup Envy 7855 Printer guide for home use or you like to get a printer that saves your money, then the printer is a good choice. Get good quality photos at low price. Instant ink program is also available and you can subscribe to it if you want to save money spent on ink for Envy 7855 Setup.

How to Setup Envy 7855 Printer

Download the Free Envy 7855 Printer Driver and Manual

Performing Printer Functions for Envy 7855 Printer

How to Enable Envy 7855 Print Option?

Printing is the basic function of the printer. It is very simple to take printouts of the documents using the how to Setup Envy 7855 Printer instructions provided on our website.

  • First, make sure that have mounted enough paper into the paper tray. Go to the required software and click on Print.
  • Ratify that you have chosen your printer and then choose the icon which accesses the Properties dialog box.
  • Click on either Properties, Printer Properties, Printer Setup, or Preferences option.
  • Select an appropriate option. Go to the layout tab and choose Portrait or Landscape orientation.
  • Go to the paper or Quality option, choose the appropriate paper type from the Media drop-down menu in the Tray Selection area.
  • Set the Envy 7855 Setup quality in the Quality Settings section. Click on the Advanced in order to select the appropriate size from the paper size drop-down list.
  • Tap on the ok option to terminate the Properties dialog box and then choose Print. Subsequently, click Ok to initiate printing.

How to Fax in Envy 7855 Printer?

Using the fax enabled device, you can send and receive fax using the landline connection. You need an another fax enabled device for the successful faxing for envy7855 printer.

  • Remove all the originals from the document feeder tray and then elevate the lid of the scanner.
  • Keep the original in a way that the print side faces down on the right-front corner of the glass.
  • Mount the original to the inscribed how to Setup Envy 7855 Printer guides nearer to the edges of the glass.
  • Subsequently, shut the lid of the scanner glass. Go to the control panel and choose Fax.
  • Tap on Send Now and then use the numeric keypad to enter the fax number in the Enter fax number field or send a fax to the number saved in your directory.
  • Choose either the Black or Color option and the fax successfully. At an another terminal you will receive the fax.

How to Print from Envy 7855 Printer?

  • Printing photos by following how to Setup Envy 7855 Printer procedure is almost similar as how print the documents. Customize the printer to get photos of your desired choice. Check the instructions to get good quality photos.
  • Mount enough amount of paper in the loading tray of the envy 7855 Setup.
  • Select a photo which you’d like to take a printout and tap on the continue option.
  • Set the number of photos you want to print and then tap the Edit option to alter brightness. You can also Crop or rotate the photo.
  • Choose the settings option to avail features like Red Eye Removal or Photo Fix.
  • Add changes to the appearance of the photos by using the Advanced settings option.
  • Tap on Continue and preview at the photo you choose and then tap on the Print option to start printing.

How do you do USB Setup for Envy 7855 Printer?

The envy7855 printer can also be connected to the computer using the USB mode of connection. To get the printer’s functions at its maximum, you have to install the full-featured driver.

Quickly Setting Up Envy 7855 USB Setup for Windows

  • Make sure that the printer is kept on. Connect the printer to the available port of the computer using a USB cable of length
  • Establish the connection only when you receive a prompt. Make sure that no other devices are already present in the list of available devices.
  • Remove all multiple icons of the existing devices from the list. Go to our website and search for the driver that suits your printer.
  • To find the driver, enter your printer number in the provided field. Hold on until a search result is displayed.
  • Follow the prompts and complete the installation. When the installer prompts for the connection type, choose USB.

Quickly Setting Up Envy 7855 USB Setup for Mac

  • Power on the printer and using a cable less than 3 m length connect the printer to the computer’s available port.
  • Liable to the printer model and the version of OS on your Mac, the Easy Start guided installation app or download a full feature driver.
  • Complete the installation by following the on-screen instructions. When instructed set the envy 7855 Setup connection type as USB and then proceed.
  • Go to the Install screen and ratify that the Scan or Easy Scan option is selected.
  • Include the printer to the network using the how to Setup Envy 7855 Printer guidelines and print a test page.

How to Refill Envy Photo 7855 Ink Cartridge?

  • Ink refill is an option used instead of substituting the ink cartridges. Refilling the ink cartridge has its own benefits and difficulties. Check the instructions below to know more.
  • Refilling kit is also available. Just buy it from an office supply store or online retailers.
  • Remove the empty cartridge from your printer and shut the printer lid when you are working with your printer.
  • Wear gloves and then proceed with the refilling procedure. Keep the empty cartridge away from you.
  • Keep the fill holes on the top of the cartridge. You can see more than one hole in certain Envy 7855 Setup ink cartridges.
  • Verify and fill the ink to the holes. Generally, the hole which connects to the ink reservoir will have a sponge in it.
  • Use a sharp pencil to pierce the refill holes and remove the label off using the knife or screwdriver.
  • Use the instructions provided in the kit to place each color or use a toothpick into the holes and know the colors as you have markings on the Envy 7855 Printer cartridge.
  • Make sure that no air is present inside the cartridge. Gently refill the ink and affirm that it does not over-fill.
  • Terminate the refilling procedure when you found the ink to be oozing out from the hole.
  • Release the air, remove a little ink out of the ink cartridge before you remove the needle completely.
  • Use a paper towel to daub the cartridge contacts and then wrap the hole using a small piece of clear scotch paper.
  • Verify if no ink leaks out of the top of the holes. Repeat the same how to Setup Envy 7855 Printer procedure to refill all your ink cartridges.