HP Deskjet 1515 Software Driver

Driver Download

The printer driver is an essential component of the DeskJet 1515 installation process. Before connecting your printer to your computer via a USB cable, install the printer driver. You can install the driver from our website or install it form the CD delivered with the printer.

HP Deskjet 1515 Software Driver

HP Deskjet 1515 Setup Windows

  1. You can download the full feature printer driver for DeskJet 1515 from our website. Before your download begins, you will be asked if you want to open, run or save your file. Choose Save.
  2. Once your download is complete, you can find the file in the Downloads bar of your browser or the Downloads folder of your computer. Run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions to finish installing the driver. You might be prompted to connect to the computer during the installation.

HP Deskjet 1515 Setup Mac

  1. You can download the full feature printer driver for Deskjet 1515 from our website. You will be required to select Open, Run or Save. Choose Save. When your download completes, you will spot the installer in the browser’s Download’s bar or your computer’s Download folder.
  2. Run the installer. If you are required to add the printer to the printer queue, select DeskJet 1515, choose the Use or Print Using menu, choose the DeskJet 1515 in the pop-up menu and then select Add. Go back to the HP installer to complete the installation. Attempt to print.

If you have further queries, contact our technical support team through the toll-free number.