It is an 123.hp.com dj2136 e-All-in-one printer that contains more than the basic features of a printer such as print, scan and copy. With a glossy design, it attracts home users to fulfill their printing essentials. One of the best and fastest photo printers at its best price with a steady printing speed. It comes with an Automatic Document Feeder that helps in conserving your time and energy while printing. It supports mobile printing applications such as ePrint and AirPrint, web-connected features and networking options that consist of Wireless and Wireless Direct.

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Printer features

  1. HP ePrint & ePrint App and AirPrint.
  2. Mopria certified printer.
  3. Wireless, USB and Wi-Fi Direct connectivity.
  4. A multi-function printer with print, copy and scan function.

Unboxing the 123.HP.Com Dj2136 printer

Step 1 : This step involves unsealing the printer and its packing items from the box.

  • Take out the printer from its box and place it on a flat surface.
  • Clear away all tape and packing entities that cover the printer.
  • Cart off the sticker from the control panel of the printer.
  • Lift up the lid of the scanner.
  • Clear out the entire tape and packing materials against the scanner glass.
  • Bring down the scanner lid.
  • Access the door of the ink cartridge by positioning two of your fingers beneath the small handles of the cartridge door and then lift it up.
  • Doff all tape and packing items surrounding the printer.
  • Shut down the access door of the ink cartridge.
  • Clasp the handle on the base of the paper tray and then stretch to open the tray.
  • Raise and drag the output tray, then peel out all tape and packing materials from the photo tray.
  • Move the photo tray forward with the paper tray extended towards you.
  • Move the paper width guides to its extreme end and clear away all tape and packing materials on the inner side of the paper tray.
  • Supersede the output tray above the paper tray, then move the paper tray forward until it is firmly fixed into its place.
  • Recycle the packing materials from the 123.hp.com dj2136 printer.

Step 2 : Verify the contents of the box and arrange your printer.

  • Ensure that all hardware and packing materials are removed from the printer box before the recycling process is initiated.
  • Check the list of items consigned in the box, as the contents may vary by country/region.
  • Keep all the required items nearby while connecting the printer. Connect the printer to a power outlet, turn it on and then choose the language that you wish to use on the printer’s control panel.
  • Link one end of the power cord behind the printer, then connect the other end into an electrical outlet and turn on the printer.
  • Select your respective language on the printer’s control panel, then tap OK to approve the selected option.
  • Tap on your corresponding country/region, then tap Ok.

Step 3 : Setting up the ink cartridges.

With the ink cartridges provided along with the printer, initiate installation of the printer to produce print outs.

  • Have two of your fingers beneath both the sides of the access door of the ink cartridge to open it.
  • Lifting the door upward displays the Door Open screen on the control panel of the 123.hp.com dj2136 printer.
  • Shut the ink cartridge access door when the printer displays The ink cartridge access door is open message on its control panel.
  • Unwrap one of the ink cartridges from its packet. Make sure that you hold only the black plastic on the ink cartridge.
  • Do away with the protective tape.
  • Slip the new ink cartridge into the empty slot in the carriage situated on the right side of the printer.
  • Later move the ink cartridge slowly into its place until it is locked firmly. Fit the tri-color cartridge inside the left slot and the black color cartridge inside the right slot.
  • The same steps should be followed to install the other ink cartridge as well.
  • Bring down the access door of the ink cartridge and ensure it is closed completely.
  • Immediately, the Door Open message will be cleared and the menu on the printer’s control panel returns to the Home screen. Tap OK for the printer to complete the alignment cycle.

Step 4 : Printing an alignment page.

Fill the printer’s paper tray with unused white U.S.Letter or A4- size paper for the printer to produce an alignment page after the ink cartridges are installed on your printer.

  • Place the required paper into the input tray by grabbing its handle from beneath and open it by extending the tray towards you.
  • When you open the tray, the control panel of the printer automatically displays the Close Tray message. Once you load the required paper, close the tray to proceed further.
  • Before the photo tray is moved to the end, ensure that the paper tray is pulled out and visible.
  • Expand the paper width guides to their utmost end.
  • Insert new white paper of U.S. Letter or A4-size into the printer’s paper tray.
  • Make the paper stack settle by moving it to the end of the paper tray, so that it does not move further.
  • Adjust the paper width guides in such a way that pressure is not applied on the edges of the paper and creates bends or curls on it.
  • Hold on until the printer prints an alignment page automatically.
  • If it does not print, then make use of the steps below to obtain the alignment page:
  • Tap Setup by swiping to the left side of the printer’s control panel.
  • Tap Tools, and then choose Align Printer.
  • Raise the lid of the scanner, then position the obtained alignment page with the print side facing down over the scanner glass within the defined guides.
  • Tap OK after closing the scanner lid. Now the 123.hp.com dj2136 printer scans the alignment page ensuring that the alignment process is accomplished.
  • Tap Finish, and do not reuse the alignment page.

Step 5 : Download and launch the 123.hp.com dj2136 printer software.

Obtain the latest printer software from our website and install it on your computer.

  • Go to our website and look for your printer model and hit the Enter key, or provide the details of your printer as instructed on the web page.
  • Download the full feature printer software that provides access to the complete printer functionality or download the Basic Drivers if you cannot find the full-feature download for your respective printer model.
  • When you click the download button, the setup file will be available either in your browser’s Downloads bar or on your computer’s Downloads folder.
  • Double-click the .exe (Windows) or .dmg (Mac) based on your computer operating system and click Run or Save to initiate the printer software installation.
  • Observe the prompted instructions on your computer monitor to complete the printer software installation.
  • Ensure that the computer and printer are not linked to each other for as long as the printer software installation is in progress.

For further queries on unpacking your HP Deskjet 2136 printer, get in touch with our technical support team on the Toll-free number.