HP Deskjet 3733 Setup

Quick & Best Guide for HP Deskjet 3733 Setup

HP Deskjet 3733 Printer is a small, stylish printer that is capable of producing high-quality color and black & white prints. It’s a Wireless All-in-one printer that perfectly suits a home user. Being a multifunction printer, the user can not only print but also scan and copy using this HP Deskjet 3733 Setup.

It supports mobile printing from both Android and Apple and eligible for HP’s Instant Ink program. The beneficial factor with the Instant Ink program is, it helps to cut down the ink cartridge cost throughout the year. You can connect this HP Deskjet 3733 Printer Setup Wirelessly and also through a USB cable to your computer or laptop.

HP Deskjet 3733 Setup

Download the Latest HP Deskjet 3733 Printer Driver and Manual

Driver installation for the dj3733 printer can be done in two ways-One is to download the driver from this website. The other method is to use the software installation CD in the package. The steps regarding the methods are given below. Follow those HP Deskjet 3733 Setup instructions to complete the installation

HP Deskjet 3733 Wireless Printer Setup

HP DJ3733 Wireless Setup for Windows

  • Before initiating the wireless network configuration to your dj3733 printer, keep the wireless network name and password handy, a computer that is already connected to a wireless network and an active Internet connection.
  • Turn on the router and the computer and make sure that you are connecting your HP Deskjet 3733 Printer Setup to the same wireless network to which your computer is also connected to. Ensure that the ink cartridges are installed properly.
  • Load the printer’s input tray with sufficient paper. Place the printer, router, and the computer within the network frequency to avoid any bandwidth issues at the time of setting up the network.
  • Prior to printer software installation, detach the USB cables from the printer, if required. Run the HP Easy Start if you already have it on your Windows computer. Select My Printer is not Shown when you are prompted to choose your printer.
  • Click Continue, choose Wireless network and again click Continue; with the help of the on-screen HP Deskjet 3733 Setup instructions, set up the wireless network on your printer.

HP DJ3733 Wireless Setup for Mac

  • It is always important that you have the wireless network name and key in hand along with a computer connected to the wireless network of your choice and a broadband or DSL Internet access before the dj3733 network setup.
  • Connect the HP Deskjet 3733 printer to the network to which your computer is previously connected to. Check if the ink cartridges are installed correctly and load the printer’s main tray with enough paper.
  • Make sure that all the three devices are placed close to each other to avoid frequency range issues. Before you proceed with the network setup process, ensure that you remove the USB cable connected to the printer if any.
  • Retain the original printer settings by doing a complete printer reset. Ensure that the printer is not in the sleep mode if so, press the power button and wake up the printer.
  • The wireless light on the printer’s control should be bright and blinking as well. If not, press and hold the wireless icon and the cancel button together for 3 seconds and it should work.
  • Install the printer software either using HP Auto-wireless connect feature or HP Easy Start if it already exists on your computer. Click Setup my printer, click Accept and then click Continue. If the Ready to Connect option is displayed on the screen, choose your dj3733 printer and then click Continue.
  • If the network name is verified, then click Join. If not correct, select the appropriate network name from the drop-down list and then click Join. Now, follow the further instructions displayed on the screen to complete the wireless network setup on your Mac computer.

HP Deskjet 3733 USB Setup

HP 3733 USB Setup for Mac

Step 1: Keep your printer ready for USB setup by turning it on using the power button. Procure a USB cable of length not more than 3m. If you have already connected your dj3733 printer to the computer using a USB cable, remove it and do not connect until you are told to so.

Step 2: Install the HP Deskjet 3733 printer driver with HP Easy Start that should already have been installed on your computer when you connect your printer to it. When you are redirected to the downloads page, follow the HP Deskjet 3733 Setup instructions to complete the full-feature driver installation.

Step 3: If the HP Easy Start download fails, then you can install the printer driver either using the Apple Software Update or from our website. Click the driver download link on our website and access the .dmg file to proceed with the installation process.

Step 4: Choose the connection type as USB when prompted, follow the instructions and finish the latest printer driver installation. If you have installed the driver using HP Easy Start, return to the installer and try to perform a print, scan, copy or fax based on its functionality.

HP 3733 USB Setup for Windows

Step 1: To connect your HP Deskjet 3733 Printer Setup using a USB cable, keep your printer in a ready state by switching it on using the power button. The USB cable you obtain should not be more than 3m in length. Remove the USB cable between the printer and computer if any and wait to reconnect only if required.

Step 2: Access Devices and Printers from the computer’s control panel settings and click on Remove device to delete the existing printer if any. If you find multiple printer names, then remove all of them by doing a right-click on their name.

Step 3: Go ahead to install the latest driver for your HP Deskjet 3733 Printer. If you have already installed the HP Easy Start on your computer, then access it to install the printer driver. At this time, choose the connection type as USB if prompted and follow the instructions to complete the installation.

Step 4: If the HP Easy Start did not work, then click the link that has been provided on our website to download the latest HP Deskjet 3733 Setup driver. Choose the .exe file as you are a Windows user, click on Run or Save, go ahead with the prompts on the screen to complete USB printer setup.