HP Deskjet 6520 Setup

HP Deskjet 6520 Setup

123.HP.Com dj6520 Printer setup

When you receive a new printer you need to follow a certain procedure to set up your new printer and get your 123.HP.Com dj6520 printer ready to print your document.

Procedure for unbox HP Deskjet 6520 setup

  1. Remove the printer from the box, and then take away all tape and packing materials from inside the printer.
  2. Position the duplexer in the correct place into the printer.
  3. Once the duplexer is installed, connect your power cord and set your preferences.
  4. Position the paper into the Tray 1. Confirm that the print side is facing downward and the short edge is forward.
  5. Do not place the paper above the yellow dotted lines on the sides of the paper tray.
  6. Position the paper into Tray 2.
  7. Place the ink cartridges into their respective slots in the correct position.
  8. After the ink cartridges are installed, the printer prints an alignment page.
  9. Place the alignment page with the print side down on the scanner glass.
  10. Ensure that you close the scanner lid, and then select Ok on the printer control panel.
  11. The printer positions the ink cartridges.
  12. Install the printer software.
  13. The printer hardware and printing software are installed.
  14. Do not try to connect the printer to your system until it is instructed to do so in the printing software.

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