hp ink tank wireless 410

Top of the Line HP Ink Tank 410 Printer Guide

The HP Ink Tank 410 Printer gets 6000 or 8000 black pages at a very low cost per page. Thousands of pages are printed with a high capacity ink tank system. The ink levels can be refilled with spill free resealable bottles. The printed texts are printed in a darker, crisper way without borders. The photos are fade resistant and the documents last up to 22 times longer. The functions of the HP Ink Tank Wireless 410 printer are print, copy, scan it also has a wireless connectivity. It is specified to be used for home and office purposes. Mobile printing capability is available. Dye Based (color) and Pigment based (black) are the types of ink. Duty cycle up to 1000 pages. One paper tray and allows border less printing. Duplex printing by manual method and driver support is provided. A flatbed scanner is available. Contact Image Sensor (CIS) is the scanner technology used. The media sizes supported are A4, B5, A6, DL envelope. The HP Ink Tank 410 Setup is compatible to MAC devices and HP Printer Software and HP Photo Creations are the software included. A maximum of 9 pages can be copied and color copy capability is available. HP Real Life Technologies is also supported.

HP Ink Tank 410 Printer

The HP Ink Tank Wireless 410 Setup printer has printheads which that supplies ink to the printer. There are two printheads a blackprinthead and a tricolor printhead. The printhead latch secures the printheads in the carriage. Ensure that the latch is properly closed to avoid problems such as carriage jams. The ink tanks are external reservoirs present at the right side of the HP Ink Tank Wireless 410 printer. There are four ink tanks present where each tank responds to four individual colors black, cyan, magenta and yellow. The ink tanks are sealed by ink tank caps. The process of filling the ink supply tubes that run between the inktanks and the printheads with ink is called as priming. The printheads can be aligned to improve the print quality. The Control Panel Display in the printer displays the number of copies, printhead priming status, wireless status, signal strength and media errors. The Wireless button turns ON or OFF the HP Ink Tank 410 Printer capabilities and Wireless Light indicates whether the printer is connected to a wireless network. The color copy button is used to start a color job. Power button indicates whether the printer is turned ON or OFF. The printhead alert light indicates the printhead problems. Dimmed light indicates that the HP Ink Tank 410 Setup is in sleep mode. The HP eprint light is on means that the HP eprint feature is ready to use.

Get Quick HP Ink Tank Wireless 410 Setup Guidelines

  1. Soon after the printer is purchased the first step to begin with is setting up the HP Ink Tank Wireless 410 printer. The setup process involves unboxing the printer, ink cartridge installation, installation of driver, loading the paper into the input tray, etc.
  2. Tear the seal and open the box. You will find an installation CD which contains steps to install the printer software, it also has an user guide and legal guide.
  3. A setup guide which contains step by step points for setting up the printer is given. A USB cable for connecting the printer to your computer. A power cord is given ensure that you use the same power cord for all printer operations.
  4. Take the printer out of the box and remove all the tapes and cardboard from the HP Ink Tank 410 printer. Plug one end of the power cord into the printer and the other end to the wall socket.
  5. Press the power button to turn on the printer. The printer initializes the first time system setup process in the background. The printer prompts you to select preferences like, Country/Region, Language, Time, and Date. Touch each option and approve with your customized settings by selecting ‘OK’ in the HP Ink Tank 410 Printer.
  6. Fill the ink tanks with the bottles provided. There are four ink bottles with different colors is provided. Each ink bottle contains varying quantities of ink. Remove the seal present on the bottle. Turn the bottle upside down and place the ink bottles over the spout. Fill up the tanks for different colors.
  7. The black cartridge slot is colored black. Take the tricolor cartridge from the package. Touch only the plastic region on the ink cartridge.Lift the top cover. There are different colour slots available for the different printers. The HP Ink Tank 410 Setup driver can installed using the CD Drive or the latest updated version of the driver can be done from the website.
  8. Open the tricolor slot’s cover. Insert the cartridge. Similarly, take the black ink cartridge. Insert the cartridge into its designated slot. A message appears on the display stating that ‘Genuine cartridges installed’.
  9. Installation of printheads. Do not touch the printheads. Remove the tapes present using the pull tabs. Blue latch must be present in the upper position. The blue carriage latch should not be opened once the print heads are installed.
  10. The next process is loading the paper into the input trays. Slide out the paper tray and the width guides to the outermost position. Place the paper inside the tray of HP Ink Tank 410 Printer and push it in. Remove the protective plastic cover present over the HP Logo.