hp ink tank wireless 418

Best in Class HP Ink Tank 418 Printer Guide

The HP Ink Tank 418 Printer is a dynamic and versatile printer that is solely designed for printing bulk documents at an extremely low cost. It supports wireless, wired, and USB connections. Print, copy, and scan from a computer/laptop using Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, or HP Auto wireless connect. The Wireless Direct feature is inbuilt and does not require any special drivers to be installed. The HP Ink Tank Wireless 418 Printer also supports mobile printing through the HP Smart application. Print, scan, and share from anywhere in the world using your smartphone. You can quickly access and print photos using your mobile device from social media, the cloud, and from your camera-roll (Gallery). The ink tank system used in the HP Ink Tank 418 Setup is comparatively big than the other printer models. High-yield ink tanks are the perfect match for the users who find it difficult to purchase ink frequently. They are embedded outside of the printer at its left side. The device prints 8,000 pages of colored documents with the color ink bottles and 6,000 pages of black-and-white documents with the black ink bottles. The ink tanks are built transparent so that the users can easily check the ink level. Another advantage is the spill-free ink refill system that offers convenient, no-waste, and mess-free refill process. This new design prevents overflow and helps you to keep the work-area clean. Unlike other HP printer models, if any one color runs out, refilling the particular color is sufficient. The smartphone users can directly order the ink tanks through the mobile application. The HP Ink Tank 418 Printer is also capable of delivering documents with sharper lines and crisp texts and fade-resistant photos with the borderless technology.

HP Ink Tank 418 Printer

The printer is compatible with the following ink tanks: HP GT52 Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and HP GT51/GT51XL Black. The printheads are extremely low in cost and can be replaced easily. The HP Ink Tank 418 Setup’s control panel has basic function buttons (Cancel, Return, Copy) and LCD display on it. The flatbed scanner can handle up to letter/A4 papers. The input tray capacity for ordinary papers is 60 sheets, for cards it is 20 sheets, and for envelopes it is 5 sheets. The output tray is built with a capacity of 25 sheets per cycle. It also has a tray extender for the papers to rest on. Scanning is made easy just like snapping our fingers. Easily scan files using your camera, through scan/share to HP Ink Tank 418 Printer email option, or directly from the cloud.

Informative Solution for HP Ink Tank Wireless 418 Setup

  • The printer is delivered in an enclosure when purchased. Check if it has a licensed seal on it. If the seal is broken or if the package is damaged/opened, request the seller to replace the shipment with a new one.
  • Remove the HP Ink Tank 418 Printer from the Styrofoam box and carefully take it out. Place the HP Ink Tank Wireless 418 Printer on a flat and smooth surface. Remove all the tapes and other packing materials from the printer.
  • The package has a list of contents inscribed on it. Check whether both the contents match. Then verify the list with the unpacked contents and with the seller’s list.
  • Take the power cable out of the package. Insert the cable to the port at the rear side of the HP Ink Tank 418 Setup. Insert the plug-end to a wall-power outlet that provides a uniform Power supply.
  • Turn on the printer by pressing the Power button. It will take around fifteen seconds to turn on. If the HP Ink Tank Wireless 418 Setup printer prompts to sort the preferences, do it by accessing the Control panel.
  • Choose your preferences from the list of available options. After sorting, click the OK button. Open the Settings menu and navigate to the Control Panel settings.
  • Take a pile of photo sheets or A4 sheets. The input tray is defaultly built in a slanting position. Load the papers into the tray. Pull the HP Ink Tank 418 Printer output tray and extend the tray extender.
  • Open the ink tank cover and remove the plug (slot) from a colored tank. Remove the cover from the same colored ink bottle and pull the peel-off tab to remove it.
  • Replace the cover on the bottle and open the lid. Turn the bottle upside down and place the ink bottle over the tank. Push the bottle and let the ink drain into the ink tank.
  • Repeat the same steps for filling the remaining ink tanks. Fill the tanks to the designated levels. After filling, close the ink bottle and push the ink tank plug into its slot.
  • Turn on the Wi-Fi feature in the HP Ink Tank 418 Setup and turn on the router. Wait till the device automatically connects to the network. If the auto connection fails, manually click on the desired network.
  • Remove the printheads from the package. Turn on the HP Ink Tank Wireless 418 Printer and open the exterior door. Then open the printhead access door. Wait till the printhead carriage moves to the center position.
  • Push the blue-colored printhead latch to open the carriage. Slide the printhead at an upward angle and insert it into the empty slot. Check whether the it is locked in its position.
  • After inserting all the printheads, close the printhead access door and the exterior door. HP Ink Tank 418 Printer Install the printer driver software and print a test report to check the print alignment.