hp officejet 150



This 123.hp.com/oj150 printer which renders high performance and is also accessible with Bluetooth wireless printing. Various scanning options are available that made you easy to scan the documents or photos of your choice. It is compatible and one such an absolute travel companion. The dimension of the printer is 13.98*6.95*3.52 and the weight of the printer is about 6.4 pounds or approximately weight of an old laptop. The touch screen sizes about 2.36 inch and can fold back flush into the machine at the time of transport mode.


You have a series of icon for menu navigation which reduces your effort of getting to control panel every time. This 123.hp.com/oj150 printer has a Bluetooth connection indicators and print, copy, scan job monitors. Get the printouts at its best quality and the speed of this printer is one of the value added point to buy it. It is compatible with two cartridges that can be loaded easily whenever needed. It can print 5.86 pages of text per minuter and 2.3 presentation slideshow pages per minute. Get the quality of snapshot photos using the HP Officejet 150 printer.

Instant Bluetooth Printing Guide for HP Officejet 150 Printer

Check the instructions to pair the bluetooth enabled 123.hp.com/oj150 printer with your computer or mobile device.

  • Enable the Bluetooth radio on the 123 HP OJ 150 printer. Based on the printer model, you have to click the Bluetooth icon or direct to the Setup menu to access the Bluetooth Settings.
  • Access the Bluetooth settings on your computer or mobile device of affirm that the feature is enabled.
  • Hold on until your device is recognized in the list of discoverable devices and then click on the printer name to affirm that you would like to pair the devices.
  • Once the connection is established open the photo or document that you want to print and then click on the Print menu followed by choosing the HP Officejet 150 printer to print.
  • The automatic printer connection can be enabled by Bluetooth Smart or Bluetooth Low Energy when using the HP ePrint application on your Android device. The below instructions will let you setup the Bluetooth connection and accomplish the print job.
  • Get directed to the control panel of the 123.hp.com/oj150 printer and search for the Bluetooth Low Energy menu. Make sure that this option is enabled and then access the Wi- FI Direct menu on your control panel.
  • Now enable this icon and then choose the connection method as Automatic.
  • Locate Google PlayStore on your Android mobile and then click on HP ePrint to make it install on your mobile.
  • Once it is done, affirm that the Bluetooth Smart Printer suggestion feature is activated in the app settings.
  • The distance between your mobile and printer should not exceed 2 m of the signal is to be maintained properly. Make use of the HP ePrint app to choose the photo or document and click on the Preview option.
  • Click on Yes when the printer nearby screen prompts your printer name and then click on Print. You can pair the printers with the mobile using Bluetooth adapter provided your HP Officejet 150 printer supports it.

123.hp.com/oj150 Printer Driver and manual download

The 123 HP OJ 150 printer driver is a major component that is to be installed on the computer to which the printer is connected if you don’t want to compromise on the printer’s functions. Not all the printer driver suits all the printer. A specific driver is needed to initiate the printer function.

  • Check the successive instructions and know how to download driver for the HP Officejet 150 printer.
  • Generally, at the time of printer shipment, the manufacturer will provide you a software installation CD using which you can install it on the computer to which you want your printer to connected to.
  • All you have to do is to place the CD into the drive of the computer or laptop and hold on until it process. Once the process is completed you will receive a prompt to run and install it.
  • At that time, follow the instructions displayed on the screen and accomplish the installation successfully. Any interruption in the installation process would end in the improper driver installation.
  • Another way of getting the driver downloaded on your computer is by getting it from the website. You have a variety of drivers where you have to pay attention while choosing yours.
  • To get the best printer driver that suits your 123.hp.com/oj150 printer model and the operating system of the computer that your are using, you have to key in the model number of the printer in the provided field.
  • Hold on until you receive a proper search results. Once you found the printer driver for your printer, click on it and follow the prompts to complete the installation.
  • Manual is a kind of booklet in a hard copy format. The contents of this booklet have all necessary details about your printer.
  • It has the information regarding the contents of the shipment package( the printer accessories), setup, and troubleshooting guidelines. You can make use of it to use your printer efficiently.

Replacing 123.hp.com/oj150 Ink Cartridges

Generally, the installed ink cartridges are to be replaced when the print quality of the outputs are not obtained at an expected level. Many acts as causes for the ink cartridge issue. Whatever the cause is, you have to replace the ink cartridge if the printe quality is to be maintained. The instructions let you know the steps to replace the ink cartridge of the HP Officejet 150 printer

  • Obviously, you need a new ink cartridge to be replaced in the place of faulty cartridge. Before you place an order of the cartridge, check the compatibility.
  • You can even get the cartridge from the dealers but make sure that you are purchasing the authentic ink cartridges. To get it from HP Supply, get directed to it and choose the country region option, if needed.
  • If the cartridge is shipped, you have to replace the new one. To do this, use the power icon to switch on the 123.hp.com/oj150 printer and open the access door.
  • The carriage gets displayed and halts after a few seconds. Hold on until that and then lift the cartridge latch to take out the cartridge from the carriage.
  • Eliminate the new cartridge from its package and peel the pink tab to remove the protective tape. Once it is done, place the cartridge at a slight angle into the carriage slot.
  • Subsequently, click the cartridge access door and push the latch down. Affirm that it fits properly on the flat cartridge.
  • Lock the front access cover now and then let the cartridge initialization process to complete.
  • The same procedure is applicable for installing all the cartridges, be it a mono or color. But while replacing the cartridge make sure that the color code matches. Misplacing of cartridge results in HP Officejet 150 printer issue.
  • Now it is time to align the ink cartridge that is installed on your printer.
  • You have two ways to align the ink cartridges. One is by using the printer’s control panel and other is by using the toolbox.

123.hp.com/oj150 Printer Paper Feed Problems

  • Not all the paper feed issue alert messages are true. Some can be a pseudo message as well. Once you receive the message, reboot the 123 HP OJ 150 printer and check if the alert message went off.
  • If not, then it is the paper feed issue which is to be taken cared of. To clear the paper jam issue, place the printer in such a way that it faces you.
  • Do not intact any power cord at the back of the HP Officejet 150 printer. This is done just to ensure the easy moving of the feeder rollers.
  • Search for the rear access door and open it by unscrewing the door toward you. Scrutinize that the pressure rollers are clean and turn freely. Wipe the rollers using a soft towel, if required.
  • If you find the rollers to be not moving freely, replace the rear access door. From the rear access door opening, you have to remove the jammed paper.
  • If any of the jammed paper is not removed from the rear access opening, take it out from the front of the 123.hp.com/oj150 printer.
  • Eliminate the extra paper from the paper supply tray and discard the one that is crumpled or damaged. Once you are done with that, re- stack the paper into the paper supply tray.
  • Subsequently, reinstall the rear access door, re- establish the printer cord connection to the printer and power it on.

Resetting the HP Officejet 150 Printer

Factor resetting is the last option you can carry out to resolve any kind of printer issues before servicing the 123 HP OJ 150 printer. Resetting is a method using which you can get the printer settings to default. When the printer undergoes factory resetting, the settings and values on your printer are same as the one which you had when you buy the printer as a new one. The details like page count, language, tray size cannot be altered though you have reset your 123.hp.com/oj150 printer. The instructions provided below in this document lets you factory reset the printer simply.

  • First thins you have to do is to switch off the printer followed by disconnecting the power cable for 30 seconds.
  • Once the time is over, do the connection as how you did before. One you have reconnected the power cord, check if it firm. This is to be done in order to avoid power leakage at any cast.
  • Power on the printer now. Use the power icon to keep your HP Officejet 150 printer on. When you press the power icon hold the Resume icon for about 10 to 20 seconds.
  • By doing this, the attention light will start to blink. Now release the Resume icon. Now you can see the Attention light and Ready lights cycle while the printer regains factory details.
  • Now check if any alert message is found in the control panel or try to perform printer function. If the issue is not cleared, you have no way to resolve the printer issue other than servicing your 123.hp.com/oj150 printer.