It is a standalone copier and fax machine suitable for light- duty office purpose. It has only one paper tray and so it’s quite difficult to switch among the plain paper and the photo paper every time. Suitable to print books or magazines as the ADF handles legal- size pages.

hp officejet 4656 setup

Printer features

  1. Print, Copy, Scan, Copy
  2. ePrint
  3. Mobile Printing
  4. Mopria Certified.

Primary 123.HP.Com Oj4656 Printer Setup

We made your primary setup procedure simpler with our easy instructions in this manual.

Step 1 : Remove the packing materials from the printer.

This initial setup is to take the printer out of the box. Remove all the packing tapes from the printer.

  • Remove all the stickers from the printer control panel.
  • Unlock the scanner lid in order to take away the tapes present inside.
  • Eliminate the tapes from the 123.HP.Com oj4656 printer.
  • Affirm that no plastic tapes exists inside the printer before moving to the next steps.
  • None of the plastic covers should present inside the photo tray.
  • Eliminate the packing materials and move to next steps.

Step 2 : Verify the materials which you get with the printer

You must remove all the packing materials and tapes from all over the printer and sent it to recycle or discarded. The items that you receive along with the printer differ for country/ region.

Step 3 : Establish the power cord connection, configure references

The instructions given below let you to link your printer to the power supply.

  • Link one end of the power cord to the printer and the other end to the power supply.
  • The printer should be powered on now.
  • After the printer is powered up, access the control panel to select the preferred language.

Step 4 :  Fixing the ink cartridges into the printer

It is recommended to use the genuine ink cartridges to get the good print quality. The appropriate instructions is given below.

  • Unlock the ink cartridge access door carefully. You can view an alert message stating that The ink cartridge access door is open. Close the door to continue on the control panel of the printer when the door gets opened.
  • Make your new shipped ink cartridge to be free from all the packing materials. Do not touch the place rather than the black plastic on the ink cartridge.
  • Remove the ink cartridge from the protective tape.
  • Be careful while installing the ink cartridge. Fix the tri- color ink cartridge to the left whereas the black ink cartridge to the right.
  • Install the ink cartridge, subsequently close the door. By doing so, the Door open message gets vanished and the printer control panel return to the Home screen.
  • Tap on Ok option and wait until the 123.HP.Com Oj4656 printer completes the calibration cycle.

Step 5 : The paper tray should be filled with unused paper.

Remember to fill the paper tray with the clean unused paper before installing the ink cartridge into the printer.

  • Grip the handle to drag out the tray.
  • You can get the Close Tray on the printer control panel with a message- ‘A paper tray is open. Make sure the paper you want to use is loaded, and then close the tray to continue.’
  • Wait until the printer prints an alignment automatically.
  • Go ahead with the prompts if the printer does not print the alignment page.
  • Access the scanner cover. Place the alignment with the print side kept down on the scanner glass.
  • Tap on Ok option after shutting down the scanner cover.
  • The printer scans the alignment page now.
  • Tap Finish and then dispose off the alignment page.

Step 6 : The computers should be installed with the printer software

After setting up all the hardware, allow your computer to install the printer software. You must not connect your printer to the computer unless you are instructed.