Simple and Efficient HP Officejet 5745 Setup Printer Guidelines

The HP Officejet 5745 Setup printer is a moderately priced multi function printer that satisfies home, home office, and personal works. It is suitable for micro office work as well. It is small, easy to carry and can be fit easily. It has an automatic feeder that helps you print on both sides of the paper thereby reducing the cost spent on buying the paper. It is compatible with NFC, an Ethernet port, and is capable of sending and receiving fax by modifying certain settings. You can print and scan from memory cards and USB memory keys. Cloud Printing is also made possible using this printer.

HP Officejet 5745 Setup

Get access from iOS, Windows, Android, Kindle, Blackberry tablets and smartphones. Print using the apps or from cloud just by connecting the HP Officejet 5745 printer setup to your personal computer by means of a USB cable rather than any other mode of the network. As it is compatible with Wi-Fi Direct, you can connect it to your mobile and print directly from it.

HP Officejet 5745 Driver and manual download

  • Driver download is the major step which is to be done after installing all hardware. This generally comes under software installation.
  • Manual is a booklet where you can find a set of instructions that are required for your printer. This is inclusive of warranty, HP Officejet 5745 setup instructions, driver installation instructions, basic troubleshooting of all kind of printer issue, the components that usually comes with your printer package, and more.
  • You will generally get this manual at the time of printer shipment. You can get this from the website as well .
  • To download and install the driver, you can go on with installation CD method, or simply download it from online. Both are the simple and check out the below instructions to know this in detail.
  • If you want to install the driver using the installation CD that you have, just put it in the drive of the computer and hold on until the process begins.
  • Now it prompts you to run and install the setup file. Follow the instructions to install the driver successfully.
  • To get the driver from the website, you have to direct to the website using a link provided below. Go to the respective page and follow the prompts to get the installation done successfully.

How to Replace HP Officejet 5745 ink cartridges

  • Go on with the replacement of ink cartridge if the cartridges you have installed on your computer shows low or out of ink. At that time, place an order for a new genuine cartridge.
  • The original ink cartridges will be available at the HP Store. Now- a- days you can also find many dealers who are offering the original HP ink cartridges.
  • If your HP Officejet 5745 Setup printer is suitable for the HP Instant Ink program, you can buy the ink once in a month by calculating the usage. When the printer’s control panel shows a prompts to replace the ink cartridge follow How to Replace HP Officejet 5745 ink cartridges instructions provided.
  • Check if the HP Officejet 5745 Printer setup is on. If not, use the power icon to turn on the printer. Now place white paper into the input tray and then open the exterior door of the printer.
  • Once you open the ink cartridge access door, the carriage moves and halts after a few seconds. Until that do not proceed. Now slightly push the cartridges to take it out from the slot.
  • Now take a cartridge that you have bought newly and free it from the covering tapes. Make sure that you have not touched the copper electrical strip.
  • Avoid touching the ink nozzles or copper-colored contacts. Make sure that you have not disturbed the protective tapes on the contacts. Handling these parts of the ink cartridges would end in the issues like ink failure, clogs, and bad connection.
  • Now hold the cartridge with the nozzles toward the HP Officejet 5745 printer setup nozzle and then keep the ink cartridge into the slot and affirm that the cartridges are placed in their right slots.
  • Generally, the HP Officejet 5745 setup printers are designed in a way that the tri- color cartridges always have to be placed into the left slot and the black cartridges always have to be placed into the right slot of the printer while following How to Replace HP Officejet 5745 ink cartridges.
  • You have color coding on the cartridge and the slot where the cartridges are to be placed. While placing the cartridges make sure that the color coding matched. Misplacing the cartridge would end in some other print quality issues.
  • Push down the ink cartridge into its slot until it fits well and then close the ink cartridge access door. Close the exterior door as well. You can make use of the same procedure to install or replace all faulty or damaged ink cartridges.
  • Now trail the instructions on the monitor of your computer and hold on at least for 30 seconds. Now your HP Officejet 5745 setup printer starts printing an alignment page automatically. The printer prints this alignment page only when a new cartridge is installed in it.
  • Align the ink cartridges and start to print your desired documents or photos.

HP Officejet 5745 Troubleshooting

Printer is Offline

  • When the printer offline issue is displayed on the control panel of the printer, follow the below prompts and get back the printer connection.
  • Check the printer connection: This can be done by rebooting the printer. Hold on until the printer is completely ready. If you use a USB cable to establish the printer connection check if the cable you are using is connected to your computer via a working USB port.
  • If you are using a wired network, check if the cable connected to the HP Officejet 5745 setup printer is well connected to the Ethernet port and affirm that the port to which the printer is connected is working well to fix HP Officejet 5745 Troubleshooting.
  • If you use Wireless network to establish the printer connection affirm that your personal computer is also connected to the same network as your printer and the wireless icon is enabled.
  • Check the printing status using the successive steps. Power off the printer and then turn it back again. Go to your keyboard and click on the Windows logo key and i simultaneously. Click on the Device option. Choose Devices and Printers and right- click the icon which has a green mark and then tap on See what’s printing.

HP Officejet 5745 wont print in black

  • when your printer fails to print in black either your printer’s ink cartridge is not genuine or the HP Officejet 5745 printer setup is incorrect.
  • Sometimes the printer gets blocked if you are using the ink cartridges that are purchased from unauthentic manufacturers or dealers.
  • Sometime your HP Officejet 5745 Setup printer would receive an update which restricts you print using unauthentic cartridges. It is better to install the cartridges bought from the manufacturer if you don’t want to have a compromise in the print quality and to avoid HP Officejet 5745 Troubleshooting.
  • Automatic service of the printer lets you figure out the issue and gives an appropriate solution to restore the printer function. Issues like poor black text or image can be resolved by servicing the printer.
  • Check the settings you have customized on your printer. The settings in your printer should match the print job you have assigned.
  • Keep the unused paper in its original packaging inside a resealable plastic bag. This is just to prevent the unused paper from curls.
  • Check the ink level and know which is running below the normal ink level and replace the one whose ink is about to get over.
  • Let your printer print a Print Quality Diagnostic Report and evaluate it. To do this, you have to place enough number of paper in the loading tray and then get directed to the control panel
  • Tap on the HP Officejet 5745 Setup icon. Click Tools and then choose the Print Quality Report. Once it is done, check the test page for defects.