123.hp.com/oj7616 Printer


  • The 123.hp.com oj7616 printer is a all-in-one printer. This implies that you will be able to print,scan,copy and fax.
  • You will be able to print from any remote location using the smart phone,tablet using the Hp ePrint App or AirPrint app.
  • Print professional-quality documents or photos. The printer is ideal for home as well as office purpose.
  • Utilize HP Instant Ink which saves up to 50% ink.The ink is delivered in doorstep before the ink runs out.
  • You will be able to print lab-quality printouts using Borderless printing option. Print without margins using the option.


  1. Save your time as well as cost using the Automatic Duplex Printing. Using the feature,it is not necessary to flip the pages.
  2. Print multiple pages document using the Automatic Document Feeder. The tray can handle up to 225 sheets of paper.
  3. Send your scanned document to the printer’s unique email address as an attachment with scan to email feature.
  4. For an official usage, fax is one of the best features of sending confidential documents. Use fax feature in the 123.hp.com oj7616 printer.
  5. Save power up to 50% with the Energy certified printer and Schedule on and Off feature.

First-time 123.HP.Com Oj7616 printer setup

The initial step for the printer setup is to examine the list of contents in the box as it may differ by country/region. The list of contents in the box is software installation CD,warranty card,ink cartridges,input tray ,duplexer and user manual.

  • Take out the printer from the box.Eradicate all the packing materials from the interior or exterior of the printer.
  • Discard the sticker on the printer’s control panel.Elevate the scanner lid.Take out the packing materials in the lid.
  • Seal the scanner lid.Elevate the output tray.Drag the input tray towards you to access it.
  • Drag the input tray forwards until it fixes into place.Shut the output tray.Once you have done with the step,move to the next step.
  • Plug in the power cable to the rear of the printer and the other end to the electrical outlet.
  • Once you have connected the power cable, switch on the 123.hp.com oj7616 printer. On the printer’s control panel,tap the preferred language.
  • After customizing the preferences,tap OK to confirm the choice.In case prompted,choose date and time.
  • Elevate the ink cartridge access door until it snaps into place.Halt until the carriage is inactive prior to proceeding.
  • Discard the packing materials from the carriage.Take out the cartridge from the packaging.Drag the orange tab out.
  • Grasp the ink cartridge by either side and then rotate the protective orange cap counter clockwise to fix it off.
  • While inserting the cartridge , make sure that the ink cartridge contacts facing downwards and move the cartridge inwards.
  • While placing the ink cartridge , examine whether the label color matches the color dot on the carriage.
  • Move the ink cartridges into their respective slots and carefully press the top of the cartridge until it fixes into place.
  • Once you are done with the installation process, seal the ink cartridge access door for secure installation.
  • Elevate the output tray and then drag the input tray towards you to access it.Move the paper width guides to their farthest position.
  • Insert plain paper into the input tray.Shove the stack into the tray until it fixes into place.
  • Move the paper width guide until it fixes against the edges of the paper.Shove the input tray forward until it fixes into place.
  • Close the output tray.You need to install the install driver and software for the printer to print from the 123.hp.com oj7616 printer.

Replacing Ink Cartridges

  • While replacing the ink cartridge,ensure that they are genuine and supports the printer model to avoid printing issues.
  • The cartridge replacement is done when the ink level is very low.In case the cartridge is defective,replace them.
  • To replace the ink cartridges,you need to unlock the ink cartridge access door.The carriage slides to the ink cartridge access door.
  • In case the scanner lid is accessed,the ink cartridge access door does not open.Halt for a minute until the 123.hp.com oj7616 printer is inactive.
  • Press the tab inwards on the front of the old ink cartridge to uninstall it.Drag the ink cartridge out to discard it from the slot.
  • Take out the new ink cartridge from the printer’s package.Drag the pull tab direct back to discard the protective tape from it.
  • Make sure do not tap the copper-colored contact or the ink nozzles.This can result in ink clogs or ink system failures.
  • Move the ink cartridge so that the ink cartridges contacts face downwards and press the cartridge downwards for installation.
  • While inserting ,make certain that the label color is similar to the color dot on the cartridge.
  • While discarding the plastic paper, the label on the top of the ink cartridge rips, so,make sure to properly vent the cartridge.
  • Move the ink cartridge into its slot and shove the top of the cartridge until it clicks into place.
  • Recap the above procedures for other ink cartridges too.Seal the ink cartridge access door after the installation process.
  • Once you start the printing,you need to examine the ink level of the cartridge.
  • Examine the ink level from the Windows and Mac operating systems using HP Solution Center and HP utility.
  • Make use of the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool to examine the ink level in the Windows operating system.
  • Install the HP Smart App on the mobile devices to verify the estimated ink level on-the-go.

Print head problem,ink System Failure

  • In case the printer experiences the Printhead problem,make use of the genuine ink cartridges.
  • In case the ink cartridges do not support the printer model,the issue occurs.So,use compatible cartridges .
  • Switch on the 123.hp.com oj7616 printer. Refrain from proceedings until the printer is inactive prior to proceeding.
  • With the printer powered up, unlink the power cable from the hindside of the printer and from the wall socket.
  • Halt for a minute. Link the power cable to the hindside of the printer and to the wall socket.
  • Switch on the printer,if it does not switch on automatically. Once the printer completes the warm-up period,the carriage slides.
  • In case the issue still exists, try to unlock the ink cartridge access door.Halt until the carriage is inactive.
  • Shove the tab on the top of the ink cartridge to uninstall it and then discard it from the carriage.
  • Examine whether the orange tab is present in the ink cartridge,you need to discard it.
  • Position the ink cartridges on a clean paper with the paper upside down with the ink tap opening pointing upwards.
  • Make sure that the ink cartridges is not placed in open air for more than 30 minutes to avoid damage to the 123.hp.com oj7616 printer.
  • Seal the ink cartridge access door.In case any error message screen on the printer’s control panel,update the firmware.
  • You can also try to clean the ink cartridge vents and contacts using a clean and moist cloth .
  • While cleaning the ink cartridge s contacts and vents,make certain that you do not steak any ink or debris in the cartridge.
  • Once you have completed the cleaning process,wait for the cartridge contacts to dry .
  • Now,install the ink cartridges into their respective slots until it fixes into place.
  • In case the printer’s control panel screens, substitute the ink cartridge,uninstall and then reinstall the cartridge.
  • If the firmware of the printer is not up-to-date , you need to download the upgraded printer firmware for the printer.

Fixing paper jams and Paper feed issues

  • Examine whether the paper jam issue is a real or false issue.In case the issue is false,reboot the printer to solve it.
  • To reconfigure the printer,switch on the 123.hp.com oj7616 printer. Halt for a second until the printer is inactive.
  • Detach the power cable from the hindside of the printer and from the wall socket with the printer switched on.
  • Refrain from the proceeding for a few seconds.Connect the power cable from the printer’s rear and to the wall socket.
  • Now,Switch on the printer.Wait for the printer to finish the warm-up period and the printer to be inactive.
  • If there is any jammed paper in the interior of the printer,make use of a flashlight to examine it.
  • Make sure that the jammed paper should be eliminated with the power cable detached to avoid electrical shocks.
  • In case the jammed paper exists in the input tray,open the input tray .Now,discard the paper from it.
  • In case the paper rips at the time of discarding it from the rollers, examine the rollers for torn pieces to prevent further issues
  • If you the jammed paper is accessible from the ink cartridge access area,remove it.Now,try to print.
  • Look whether the Automatic Document Feeder has any jammed paper in it.If so,remove the paper .
  • In certain circumstances,the jammed paper stops the carriage movement.Remove the paper from the carriage path.
  • If there is any dust or debris on the paper feed rollers,wipe the rollers inside the printer using a clean and damp cloth.
  • Permit all the rollers to dry approximately up to 10 minutes,this is done to prevent electric shocks.
  • While cleaning the rollers inside the ink cartridge access area,duplexing rollers and ADF,switch off the printer.
  • If you are not able to solve the jammed paper issue,call our technical team to solve it.