HP Officejet 8040 Printer features

HP Officejet 8040 is a device that is the result of collaborating with office organization experts, Neat. This all-in-one printer is one of a kind offering printing, copy, fax, and scan. The greatest advantage, however, is the detachable 1TB hard disk. Every important data that your printer comes across is stored in this. In addition to the external hard disk, Neat gives you a three-year subscription allowing you to upload documents to its online cloud storage. Wanting to continue with this subscription is purely up to you.

The wireless facility of this printer allows seamless integration with mobile phones and tablet supporting both Android and Apple devices. The automatic 25-page document feeder makes automatic-duplexing a reality. Few other formats handled by the printer are the 4 x 6-inch and 5 x 7-inch photos with the specially equipped photo paper tray. Print speeds are set at 14ppm mono and 9ppm color.

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With the addition of HP’s Instant Ink, your printer never runs out of ink. Every time the Officejet 8040 runs low on ink, you can find yourself with a new cartridge delivered on your doorstep in addition to the capability of saving up to 50% of the ink expenses.

Wireless printer setup

Wireless is a mode of connectivity that can be set up by following the below mentioned instructions. When the printer is set up for wireless connectivity, mobile phone and tablets can be connected with enabling you to send print jobs to it.

Connect your printer to your wireless network. This can be done by clicking the wireless option on your printer’s control panel. Your printer will proceed to scan and provide you with a list of available wireless networks in the vicinity. Choose the one that belongs to you and connect with it by entering the password. Make sure your computer is connected to the same network as well. In case your network is not found, manually enter its name and search for it. Choose your network from the new list and connect with it.

Download the driver software from the link specified on this website. It will take you to a window where you should enter your printer model number. Exercise caution as downloading the wrong driver is futile. Drivers are software that is designed to suit the needs of the specific printer and the concept of one driver for all does not exist. Choose the operating system that is running on your computer and click the download button.

Post-download, double-click on the setup file and begin the installation. Choose the directory where the software has to be installed. Remove the wires connected to the USB if any and follow the instructions mentioned on-screen. During the installation, specify the means of network connection as wireless and complete the installation. Understand that in order to change the network connection again, you will be required to reinstall the driver software.

Now that your printer has been configured to print wirelessly, mobile and tablets can connect to your printer and send print jobs.

How to download printer driver

STEP 1: The printer driver is the most important software that functions as the connecting link between the printer and the computer. A copy of the driver software will be presented to you in a CD along with the box package that was shipped to you.

STEP 2: In cases where the CD has been misplaced, the same software can be downloaded online. This can be done by clicking the link specified in this website. Clicking on the link will take you to a window where you will be asked to enter the model number of your printer.

STEP 3: Understand that driver being the most important software for the printer, it is custom designed to tailor fit the specification of a single printer. No two printers have the same driver software and downloading the wrong software is futile as your printer will not be able to connect with anything but its own driver.

STEP 4: Hence, exercise caution whilst entering your printer model as one wrong letter and you’ll be ending up with a driver that is only good for the bin. Post-selecting your driver model, you will be asked to choose an Operating System. The two major operating systems are the Windows and the Mac. The driver software that is specifically designed for every printer model comes in two variant, one for each operating system. The Windows version of the driver is designed in .exe format and the Mac version is in .dmg format.

STEP 5: Your Operating System can only understand its respective file format and download the wrong OS variant is close to useless as the file is good only to be trashed. In addition to this, there is third-party driver software that provides the same functions as the driver developed by the manufacturer, however, their authenticity is not guaranteed.

Replacing ink cartridges

1. Ink cartridges are undoubtedly the most crucial component of a printer that is responsible for printing function. For the sake of efficiency and performance, it is recommended to always prefer genuine ink cartridges over third-party cartridges. The disadvantage with that is the fact that the ink used is not of a justifiable quality. This sub-standard ink used will damage the cartridge and the printer in the process. In addition to this, there are high chanced for blotched and ink smeared print outputs to be obtained.

2. Ink is an expensive affair and when the time to replace your ink cartridge presents itself, make sure you are not throwing away unused ink. This can be done by making sure that the cartridge is empty by monitoring the amount of ink left in it. This can be done with the help of multiple software. One such an option is the HP Smart App. This allows you to directly observe the level of ink that is remaining in the ink cartridge. The same can be done by checking the control panel of the printer. Go to the menu and scroll until you find ink management and click it. HP Print and Scan Doctor can also perform the same function.

3. After confirming the fact that your cartridge is running dry, proceed to change the cartridge. When the ink level starts to run low, the printer will display a hazard sign. It is still possible to print after this though. HP’s instant subscription can get you through the hassle of having to purchase cartridges. When your ink levels are low, the printer will automatically place an order for you. By the time you run out of ink, a new one will already be waiting for you

4. The Officejet 8040 employs a black and tri-color cartridge. In order to replace them, the new cartridge is removed from its package and the underlying sticker is removed. This sticker covers the printhead and contact points and they are to be kept covered so that they do not come into contact with anything else.

5. The cartridge access door is opened and the cartridge is placed in its cartridge slot and locked in place with the latch. This is done to keep it from moving during the printing process. Do not touch the printhead and the contact points. The updated ink levels will be displayed in a short while.


Network Connection Issue

  • Network connection issue is primarily caused by wireless connections. When your printer is connected to USB, make sure the connection is secure. Also, make sure that the wire is not damaged. As far as wireless connections are considered, the main fault lies with the router. Verify if the printer and the computer are connected to the same wireless network connection. There is chance that the printer is connected to a different network.
  • Make sure that the router and printer are placed close to each other. This is to make sure that there is sufficient signal in the printer and the computer. Check the wireless signal strength in your computer for clarification. Similarly, the wireless signal indicator icon present in the printer should glow steadily. There should be no blinking flickering of the light which is an indicator of weak signal.
  • Restart the printer by turning it on and unplugging the power cord. Reconnect them after waiting for a period of 60 seconds. The printer will turn on by itself. If the issue is still not fixed, update your driver software and firmware. There could be bugs and glitched present which will be rectified with the update.

Print quality issue

  • The quality of the document printed can be increased by using genuine HP ink cartridges. Due to the high cost of genuine HP ink cartridges, people started preferring third-party components. They are not recommended as they reduce the quality of the documents and damage the printer.
  • By using substandard paper, the printed documents appear cheap. Make sure to always prefer genuine papers as the quality of paper directly impacts the print in an Ink-based printer. Upon using third-party paper, the ink is not properly absorbed by the fibers of the paper and at times get dispersed, appearing smudged as a result. Print a diagnostic report to check the cleanliness of your printhead.
  • Print settings are to be varied to increase the print quality. Choose the draft mode for best results and set all other performance parameters to the maximum.
  • When your printer is running low on ink, make sure to replace the empty ink cartridge. As the ink levels fall, the amount of ink left in the cartridge falls and the contrast of the print falls. Monitor ink levels and make sure they stay at healthy levels. Instant ink subscription will make sure you have a new ink cartridge delivered to you every time you run low on ink.