With this printer, you can perform tasks such as print, copy, scan and fax. The print speed for monochrome is up to 20 ppm and for color is up to 11 ppm. The printer lets you manage printing tasks and scan on the go, with the HP All-in-One Printer Remote mobile app. It supports borderless printing up to 8.5 x 11 inches.

Features and Specifications

  • Connect the printer to either a wired or wireless network or using a USB cable.
  • The compatible mobile printing solutions are ePrint, Air Print and Mopria Print.
  • The Operating Systems such as Windows, Mac and Linux are compatible with the printer.
  • It has an input tray with a capacity up to 250 sheets and an output tray with a capacity up to 60 sheets. The printer has an Automatic Document Feeder with a capacity up to 35 sheets.
  • It supports duplex printing. The printer has a monthly duty cycle up to 20000 pages. The resolution of scan is up to 1200 dpi and that of copy is up to 600 dpi.
  • Save power consumption with this ENERGY STAR certified printer.
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Driver Download

Once you download the driver for your HP Officejet 6975 printer, the next step is to download the printer driver. Go through the steps provided below to know how to download and install the driver on your PC.

STEP 1:Prior to starting the download process, make sure that you check its compatibility. Note that if the installed software or driver is incompatible with the OS of your computer, it may fail to serve the purpose.

STEP 2: To install the driver using the CD that came with your printer, ensure that you place it in the disc drive and do not proceed until it runs.

STEP 3:Make sure that you follow the prompts on the screen to accomplish the installation process.

STEP 4:Once the installation process completes, use your printer to perform any compatible print job.

STEP 5:Note that the download and installation process may take few minutes and until prompted, do not turn off, shut down or terminate the process.

First time printer setup

After purchasing your printer, you need to begin the setup procedure. Make sure that you assemble all the hardware components. Follow the instructions provided below to setup your Officejet printer.

  • Remove the printer from its package and then discard all the plastic tapes in and around the printer.
  • Make sure that you discard the tape and packing materials below the ink cartridge access door as well.
  • You may notice a power cord and a USB cable in the box. Remove the cord and then connect one end of it to the rear side of the printer and the other end of the cord to the power supply.
  • Power on the printer, then take out the new ink cartridge from the box and then discard the plastic wrap from it.
  • Make sure that you handle the ink cartridge with proper care. Install the new cartridge in its corresponding slot.
  • Now, insert paper into the input tray after checking the paper type and size and then print an alignment page.

Replacement ink cartridges

Replacing a cartridge is a simple task. Go through the steps give below to know how to replace the empty cartridges with a new one.

STEP 1: Power on the printer if it is not on. Carefully take out the old cartridge from its slot.

STEP 2: Now, replace the old cartridge with a new one. Discard all the tapes from the new cartridge.

STEP 3: Make sure that you avoid touching the electrical contacts or ink nozzles to prevent the issues like clogs, bad electrical connections and ink failure.

STEP 4: Now, hold the new cartridge by its sides with the nozzles facing up and toward the printer.

STEP 5: Carefully push the ink cartridge into its respective slot until it places firmly.

STEP 6: After replacing or installing all the required cartridges, push the cartridge access door in order to close it.

STEP 7: Open the scanner lid and then place the alignment page in such a way that the print side is kept down on the right- front corner of the scanner glass.

STEP 8: Now, shut the scanner lid and then select the Start Copy Black icon or the Start Copy Color icon on the front panel of the printer.


When the printer faces any issue, check if it is related to software, hardware or network connection. Reboot the printer and the system to fix hardware issues. To fix the issues related to software, it is better to frequently update the driver and software. Go through the instructions in the manual to prevent network issues. The solutions for two issues are given below.

Color or Black ink is not printing

When the color or black ink is not printing, there is a good possibility that the cartridge may be empty or low on ink. Go through the prompts provided below.

  • The initial step is to check if the cartridge is genuine. Note that the cartridge that is bought from some other manufacturer or dealer may cause the issue.
  • Make sure that you check the level of ink in the cartridge to replace it before the entire ink depletes.
  • It is advisable to maintain the printer in such a way that there is no accumulation of dirt or dust on it.
  • Now, print the Print Quality Diagnostic report to check the text and color blocks on the test page. This may let you know if there are any defective ink cartridges in the printer.
  • If the above solutions do not fix the issue, it is advisable to replace the ink cartridge to avoid the issue.
  • For any further queries, do not hesitate to reach our expert team on the Toll-free number.

Printhead Problem

When your Officejet printer faces issue related to the printhead, make sure that you fix it immediately to avoid printing delays. The basic steps given below may assist you to resolve the issue.

  • Remove, wipe, and then reinstall the printhead.
  • Power on the Officejet printer, then open the cartridge access door and then remove the cartridges from their slots.
  • Now, place the cartridges on a piece of paper with the ink opening pointing up.
  • Make sure that you avoid keeping the cartridge outside the printer more than 30 minutes. This may prevent damage to the printer and the cartridges.
  • Now, carefully remove the printhead and then proceed to the next step.
  • Make sure that you wipe the plastic ramps on both sides of the ink nozzle, electrical contacts and the edge between the nozzle.
  • It is advisable to use a clean, lint-free cloth or paper to remove dirt and dust. Now, dip the cloth in distilled water and then squeeze the excess amount of water.
  • Once it dries, install the printhead again and then lower the latch handle carefully. Try to print and if the issue does not resolve, reboot the entire print system.