Use an Officejet Pro 8625 printer to print professional quality documents or photos in low cost similar to that of the laser printers. Print the documents or photos from the printer on-the-go. Use the Wireless Direct printing option to print the documents without connecting to a network.

  • Use different modes of connection such as Wired, wireless and Wireless direct.
  • This all-in-one printer performs the printing, scanning, copying and faxing tasks in a single device.
  • It contains two cartridge black an color. Use original HP cartridges for high yielding capacity.
123.HP.Com Ojpro8625

123.hp.com ojpro8625 Feature

  • The printer supports both Windows and Mac operating systems.
  • Scan to email, network folders, cloud, memory device and to the system.
  • All these features are available in this printer.
  • Use mobile printing solutions such as HP ePrint app and AirPrint to print from the mobile devices.

Unbox the printer

  • After purchasing an Officejet 8625 printer, setting up it is done. Look for all the items in the box. Based on the country/region, the contents in the box varies.
  • The initial step for the first time printer setup is to open the box. Discard all packing materials from the interior and exterior of the printer.
  • Take out the device from the box and keep it on an even surface. Ensure that all contents are in proper working condition.
  • Replace the existing faulty contents in the box with a new one within the warranty period. Check for any damage to the device.
  • The packaging is done to prevent the damage to the printer. Using the power cord, connect one end of the cable to the printer’s rear.
  • The other end of the cable should be connected to the wall socket. Switch on the printer. Then, insert plain papers into the input tray.
  • Adjusting the paper width guides is done for the proper alignment of the papers and to avoid the paper jam issue.
  • Install the ink cartridges into their respective slots. Once installed, the printer starts printing an alignment page.

Wireless Printer setup

When you connect the printer to a wireless network, it is not required to use any cables for the connection process. Use the steps below to start the connection process.


Step 1: Meet the requirements

  • Obtain the name of the network and password for the connection process. Keep a note that they are case-sensitive.
  • Do not connect the printer to a guest network. Connect the printer and the system to the same wireless network.
  • Place both devices close to a wireless router for attaining the maximum signal strength. Get the password from the bottom of the router.

Step 2: Connect the printer to a network

  • Use the Wireless Setup Wizard option to display the list of available networks from the surrounding area.
  • Select the Wireless Setup Wizard option under Network Settings.View the list of wireless networks summary screen.
  • Select your network name and type the password, if urged. Connection establishment is indicated using the stable network light.
  • In case the connection is not established, download the driver and install it based on on-screen prompts.


Step 1: Gather the requirements

  • Get the network name and password for the wireless network connection. Obtain the password from the bottom of the router.
  • Make sure that you connect the printer and the system to the same wireless network. Do not connect the printer to a guest network.
  • Place the printer and the system near the router. Make use of Wireless Setup Wizard to screen the available wireless networks in the area.

Step 2: Configure the printer to a network

  • Select your network name from the list. It is suggested to keep a unique network name to avoid the confusion with the surrounding network.
  • Type the password, when the installer urges. After a while, the printer establishes a network connection.
  • In case the printer is not connected to a network, download and install the driver in the system to complete the connection process.
  • After the installation, include the name of the printer manually using the Add option to display on the screen.

How to print photos Windows photo Viewer

You can do the printing process using different applications such as Windows Photo Viewer. Use this application to view photos and printer the document straight from the menu.

Step 1: Insert the paper into the input tray

  • Switch on the printer and ensure that it is in the ready state with the cartridges installed and paper loaded into the input tray.
  • Use photo paper to get quality printouts and make sure that the photo papers are compatible with the printer model.
  • Open the photo you intend to print using the Windows Photo Viewer application and then select the Print option.

Step 2: Set the Default settings

  • You can view a Settings window on the screen. Make changes to the Print Settings. The changes include the number of prints, resolution.
  • It is suggested to use the Borderless printing option to enhance the printing. This option cuts down the borders and then print photos.
  • After the document modification, select the printer’s name from the list of available printers and then click Print.

Scan to a system

When your printer is connected to multiple systems, then you need to send the scan document to a particular system .In such cases, scan to a computer option is a good choice.

Step 1: Scan Document or photo

  • Power on the Officejet 8625 printer. Ensure that the printer is connected to the system.
  • Place the document or photo on the scanner glass or into the Automatic Document Feeder based on the printer’s features.
  • When placing the document, keep the printer side down on the scanner glass or printed side upwards on ADF tray.

Step 2: Scan the required file

  • Choose the Scan option on the control panel of the printer.
  • Select the Computer option to scan to the connected system.
  • Select the system’s name where you intend to store the scanned document. Choose the Scan Shortcut option.
  • Ensure that the shortcut is similar to the image you are scanning. After scanning, the scanned document is saved in the destination folder.

Scan to a memory device

Scan the documents or photos stored in the memory card using the Scan to a memory device option. Follow the steps below to get the instructions regarding the Scan to a memory device option.

Step 1: Place the document or photo

  • Turn on the printer by pressing the power button. Place the required documents or photos on the scanner glass.
  • Ensure that you do not insert photos into the Automatic Document Feeder as it results in damage to the printer and the photo.

Step 2: Scan the required document

  • Insert the memory card into its slot. Select the Scan option from the control panel of the printer.
  • Select the Memory device option. Choose the type of file and resolution. Click Start Scan to begin the scanning process.

How to configure a fax

Faxing is the process of sending and receive the documents using a telephone cable. Make use of the steps below to configure the fax in the printer.

Step 1: Connect the printer for the fax setup

  • Get a telephone cable that is available in the printer’s shipment box. Using the cable start the connection process.
  • Plug in one end of the cable to the phone wall jack and to the 1-LINE jack on the hindside of the printer.

Step 2: Customize the printer for fax operations

  • Based on the phone cable, the fax setup process varies. Select the Plus sign and then follow the guides to configure the printer.
  • In case you do not have a phone cord, use a cable with two connectors that have two wire leads, not four.

Step 3: Customize the fax volume

  • Move to the control panel to open the main menu. Press the Down arrow to choose Fax->Settings->Advanced Settings ->OK.
  • Once the Settings screen is displayed, select the Ring Settings-> Fax Sound Volume-> Soft, Loud or Off->OK.

Step 4: Customize the Fax Header

  • Navigate to the Home screen to screen the main menu. Press the Down arrow to select the Fax -> Settings-> Fax Header->OK.
  • With the help of the keypad, type the company name an in the Enter field and Enter number and then press OK.

Step 5: Try to print a fax test page

  • Once the fax is configured, try to print a test report. From the report, you can verify whether the fax is configured properly or not.
  • In case the test report fails, it is necessary to configure the ax feature again in the printer.

Troubleshooting – Slow Printing for Windows

When the print speed is very slow, the slow printing issue occurs. Follow the solution given below to solve the issue.

Step 1: Examine the printer driver settings

  • In Windows system, choose Devices and Printers option in the list of available results. Select the printer’s name from the list.Choose the paper type in the Settings option and then click Print.

Step 2: Uninstall the printer driver

  • In Windows, look for Programs and Features option. Select the Uninstall option adjacent to the programs. Follow the on-screen prompts for the software removal.

Step 3 : Reinstall the printer driver

  • Once you have uninstalled the printer driver, install the driver from our website. After installing, try to print a sample document. In case the issue continues, move to the next step.

Step 4 : Update the printer driver

  • In case there is any release for the firmware update, you can update it.Then reboot the system which is last option to fix the slow printing option.