Print HP Officejet 7612

HP Officejet 7612 print Setup

Print or scan documents and photos

Print documents or photos saved on your mobile device or from your cloud or social media accounts. Scan documents or photos from your 123.HP.Com oj7612 printer or your mobile device.

Print a document or photo

Print documents or photos protected on your Android or Apple iOS device. You can also facsimile from Google Drive, Dropbox, Facebook, and Instagram.

  • Click on the AiO Remote app, select Print Documents or Print Photos.
  • Find the file on your mobile device, social media, or cloud account.
  • If not yet added on your cloud or social media account, track the on-screen reminders.
  • Choose the document or photo you want to print.
  • A preview of the document or photo exhibits.
  • On the preview screen, make any alterations with the app editing tools, such as crop or rotate, if required.
  • Select Print.

Printing using AirPrint on your setup 7612 printer

This document can be used for all AirPrint compatible printers. This is a mobile printing feature that has been included with Apple iOS version 4.2 and further versions.

Make sure the printer meets the following conditions

  1. An Apple iOS device that is running on iOS version 4.2 and further.
  2. A printer that is compatible with AirPrint.
  3. A printer connected to the network.
  4. Proceed to print and if a No AirPrint Printer Found error message is displayed, proceed to the next step.

Configure the wireless connection:

Connect the Apple device and the printer to the Wireless network.

  1. Unplug USB or Ethernet cables from the printer.
  2. Connect your setup 7612 printer to the network.

Printers having an LCD display control panel : Click on Setup-Network-Wireless menu and then click on Wireless Setup Wizard. Use the instructions shown on screen to connect to your network.

Printers that do not have an LCD display : Switch on the Wireless feature under the Wireless menu. If the wireless light is solid and blue, the printer has been connected. If the light blinks, reduce the distance between the printer and the router.

Try printing. If the printer does not connect, continue further.

Wireless direct or Wi-Fi Direct connection:

Connect your setup 7612 printer and the Apple device using Wi-Fi direct or wireless direct.

    1. Check if a solid and blue light is glowing on the printer next to the Wireless Direct or Wi-Fi direct icon.
    2. Navigate using the control panel and click on Wireless Direct or Wi-Fi Direct.
    3. On the Apple device, click on Settings and then on Wi-Fi.
    4. Under the options for Choose a Network, click on your printer model.
    5. The name of the printer starts with DIRECT and the password is 12345678 by default.

Printing from the Apple Device:

Print from any application on your Apple device that is compatible with AirPrint.

  1. Ensure that the printer has been switched on and sleep mode is disabled on your setup 7612 printer.
  2. Open the desired document or email or webpage and click on the Action icon.
  3. The options under Menu will be displayed.
  4. Click on the option Print.
  5. Under the menu options for Print, click on Select Printer, choose your printer model.
  6. To make other changes under the Print Settings, click on Options. Certain options like the size of the paper cannot be changed.
  7. If your printer is printing with only black ink, certain options may not display.
  8. Choose the desired number of copies and then proceed to Print.