Print HP Officejet Pro X476DW

Print HP Officejet Pro x476dw

HP Officejet Pro X476Dw Printing Documents Functions

  1. Printing your desired document
  2. Portrait or Landscape orientation
  3. Paper Tray
  4. Duplex Printing

Print your desired documents or images from a Windows system and alter any related print job settings.

Printing your desired document

  • Prior to printing your documents, you can modify the documents to alter the text font and size, click layout option, and you can also modify other appearance settings.
  • Click File or the menu option, and then choose the Print option to open general print settings from the application in which you created the document.
  • Choose Printer Properties, Properties or Preferences to view more layout options, quality and advanced print settings.
  • The Printing Preferences or Document Properties window gets displayed.
  • Alter the following layout and paper settings for your print job. Menu names and the available settings vary by your printer.

Portrait or Landscape orientation

Click Portrait for vertical printing or Landscape for horizontal printing.

Navigate to the Orientation menu on the Layout, Finishing or Features option.

Paper tray or source

  • Choose the tray in which you want to position the paper, in case your ojprox476dw printer has more than one tray.
  • Move to Source or Paper source menu on the Paper or Quality or Feature option.

Paper type

Affix the paper type you are using, such as plain, brochure or other specialty types, so that the printer properly prints on the paper.

Click Type, paper type or Media menu on the Paper or Quality or Features option.

Paper Size

  • Select the paper size which you placed in the printer, such as  letter or legal paper.
  • Pick the Size or Paper Size menu in the Advance options or on the Features option.

Duplex printing

According to your printer model, you can automatically print your desired documents on both sides of the paper, or configure the print job to manually flip the pages.

  • Click on the Print on Both Sides option on the Layout, Finishing or Features option.
  • The Printing Shortcut option might include shortcuts to print on both sides of the document.
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