samsung clp-680nd driver

Samsung CLP-680ND Printer Driver Setup

About Samsung CLP-680ND Printer Driver Setup

The Samsung CLP- 680 ND printer is above- par graphics quality. It has an Automatic duplexer and good paper capacity for a small office. It ha s a Port for USB thumb drive. The print quality out of the Samsung CLP-680ND Printer Driver Setup is good as a workhorse color printer for a small office. it prints effectively at 6.2 pages per minute and the typical rated speed is about 25 ppm for both color and monochrome. It is the best choice for printing documents.

Samsung CLP-680ND Printer Driver Setup

Samsung CLP-680ND Printer Setup Installation Support

Printer Setup installation for Windows

  • Search for a correct place to keep the printer. Choose a level, stable place with enough space for air circulation. Let extra space to open and covers and trays.
  • Keep the Samsung CLP-680ND Printer Setup in well ventilated area and away from direct sunlight or sources of cold, heat, and humidity.
  • Place the printer at an altitude under 1000 m for optimal printing.
  • Take the printer out from the package box and remove all plastic tapes and wrappers present.
  • Feed enough amount of compatible paper into the tray, and then power on the printer by linking the power cord between the printer and the power supply.
  • Find the suitable Samsung CLP-680ND Printer Driver Setup and follow the prompts to install it on your Windows computer.
  • If you have any queries, contact our customer support team.

Printer Setup Installation for Mac

  • The printer installation steps for both Windows and mac very only in the software installation process.
  • Check the successive instructions to setup the printer to your Mac computer.
  • Search for a suitable place to place your printer. Make sure that you have placed the printer at a suitable altitude which optimize your printing.
  • Unpack the printer and then remove all plastic tapes and packing materials from in and around the printer.
  • Load compatible paper into the input tray. Connect the power cord between the printer and the power supply. Subsequently, switch on the printer.
  • After you setup all hardware, search for the Samsung CLP-680ND Printer Driver Setup and install it on your Mac computer.
  • Follow the prompts and complete the installation for Samsung CLP-680ND Driver Download and Setup Support. For more details, contact our technical support team.

Samsung CLP-680ND Driver Installation Support

Mac Driver update

  • Using the Samsung Printer Software Installer, downloading and installing of printer drivers and software are easy.
  • Just key in your printer model number for which you are looking the driver for.
  • Choose the installation type and trail the appropriate steps. To establish the connection using the USB mode, access the Samsung Printer installer folder and double- tap on the Samsung Printer. Pkg file.
  • Once the Mac OS X installer opens, tap on Continue. Hold on until the Software License Agreement opens and then choose Continue.
  • Choose agree to continue installation and tap how to install the software for Samsung CLP-680ND Printer Driver Setup. Choose Continue and tap on the Install option to perform standard installation for Samsung CLP-680ND Driver Download and Setup Support .
  • Go on with the USB connected Printer option and click on Next. Power on the printer and affirm that the printer is linked to the computer by means of a USB cable. Once linked, choose Next.
  • Now the software looks for all the software required.
  • Choose all the software and drivers that are required to be installed and then choose Continue.
  • Tap on the password and click on the Ok option. Use the same password which you have used when logging onto the computer.
  • Once the software gets downloaded, follow the prompts to install it on your computer.

Windows Driver update

  • With the aid of the Samsung Printer Software installer, you can easily download and install the driver easily.
  • If you opt for the USB connection type, click on Next to continue when the Windows installer opens.
  • Choose USB connection and tap on Next. Choose all the software you want and then tap on Next.
  • Hold on until the file gets downloaded and installed. Tap on the Finish option to close the Samsung installer for Samsung CLP-680ND Printer Driver Setup.

Samsung CLP-680ND Printer Troubleshooting Support

Samsung CLP-680ND Paper Jam

  • If paper jammed exists in the paper feed area, check and trail the below steps to eliminate the jammed paper from the printer.
  • Open and shut the front cover to make the printer to eject the jammed paper automatically from the Samsung CLP-680ND Printer Driver Setup.
  • If the jammed paper does not come out automatically, pull out the tray and gently remove the jammed paper.
  • If the paper is not removed even you tried manually or if the still present in the feed area, scrutinize the fuser area around the toner cartridge.
  • Keep the tray back into the printer until it snaps into place. The printer starts printing automatically.

Samsung CLP-680ND Printer Offline

  • If the printer screens offline or status is not available then the printer and computer are not communicating with each other.
  • Switch on the printer and scrutinize whether the USB cable is fully connected to both the printer and computer.
  • If the printer still screens the Offline message, try to establish the connection using a different USB cable.
  • To scrutinize whether the printer is in the online mode, get directed to Devices and Printers in the Control Panel and choose the printer and right click with the mouse. Select the See what’s printing option.
  • Choose your printer name at the top left of the window and uncheck the Use Printer Offline option.
  • Reinstall the currently available printer driver and avail the recent driver for your Samsung CLP-680ND Printer Driver Setup & Support from us.

Samsung CLP-680ND LED Indicator Issue

  • The Samsung CLP-680ND Printer Driver Setup contains a set of LEDs to show certain functions of the printer. If any printer issue occurs, you will receive noticeable changes in the LEDs in addition to the error message on the screen.
  • If the ink level of the ink toner may be below the nominal level the LED glows red along with a blinking red status light.
  • Remove the toner and shake well to redistribute the toner. It is advisable to replace the toner cartridge.
  • look for other error code on Easy Printer Manager. Go to the Easy Printer Manager and under the Print information, beside status, the error message or status of the printer exists.