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Samsung M2880FW Printer Setup

About Samsung M2880FW Printer Setup

This Samsung Xpress M2880FW printer is apt for the fast-paced mobile environments of modern businesses. The MFP can link seamlessly with mobile devices such that co-workers can easily connect to the office or across the globe. The Samsung M2880FW printer setup includes the ReCP technology that helps businesses produce enhanced printing, even on heavy media, as well as scanning, for superior-quality professional results. It also features the eco-friendly options, such as the One Touch Eco Button and the award-winning Samsung Easy Eco Samsung M2880FW Driver software. It also provides Samsung NFC Print for easier mobile printing.

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This includes gallery images, Microsoft Office documents, Adobe PDFs and more web pages, e-mail and Google Docs, along with Facebook content.The One Touch Eco Button lowers the toner and paper usage. Moreover, one can also choose the option to skip blank pages in the toner-saving mode. Note that these eco settings can be adjusted using Easy Samsung M2880FW Printer Setup Manager. On the other hand, Easy Eco Samsung M2880FW Driver software saves users up to 20 percent on Samsung M2880FW Toner. It also reduces energy consumption.

Samsung Xpress M2880FW Printer Setup Installation Support

The prompts to set up your Samsung Xpress SL-M2880FW Laser printer are given below.

Samsung Xpress M2880FW Printer Installation

  • The fundamental step is to install the Samsung M2880FW Driver and obtain a USB cable for the network connection.
  • Make sure that you choose the box beside I have reviewed and accept the installation agreements and then click the Next option.
  • Once you choose the USB connection, ensure that you click the Next option.
  • There is a good possibility that the installer may search for any USB connected to Samsung M2880FW Printer Setup.
  • Ensure that the USB cable is connected to the printer and also that the cable is shorter than 6 feet.
  • Switch on the printer, then select all the components that are to be installed and then click the Next option.
  • You may observe that a progress bar shows components being installed.
  • Ascertain that you click Next once the bar is full.
  • Print a test page to check the status of the installation and then select Finish.
  • If you have a Mac system, go to Downloads, then open the Mac Installer folder –> Mac Printer Folder and then run the Samsung M2880FW Driver Package Installer.

Samsung M2880FW Driver Installation Support

Are you looking for the steps to download the driver on your Windows PC? Follow the guidelines given below to download and install the driver.

  • Ensure that you contact your system administrator for assistance if you are unaware of the password.
  • Ascertain that you select Continue on the warning dialog and then click Continue in the Samsung M2880FW printer setup Driver window to start the installation program.
  • Now, close all the applications, then choose the location where you want to install the printer driver Samsung M2880FW Software and then click Continue.
  • Make sure that you select the installation type, then click Install and then type your password if prompted to start the installation for Samsung M2880FW Driver Installation.

Samsung Xpress M2880FW Printer Troubleshooting Support

Samsung M2880FW Paper Jam

  • When you notice a paper jam error on the panel, make sure that you turn off the printer.
  • Pull out the tray and if there is any paper misplaced from the position, carefully pull the paper tray to remove it.
  • Prior to replacing the paper tray, it is a good option to open the front cover and check for any other jam.
  • You may notice the jam if the paper tray is overloaded or the papers are misplaced. Check the tray, then power on the Samsung Xpress M2880FW printer setup and then print a test page.

Samsung M2880FW Printer Offline

  • The foremost step is to check if the printer is on and then if a DHCP server assigned an IP address, ensure that you change it to a static IP address.
  • Once you configure the TCP/IP port, ensure that the Samsung M2880FW Printer Setup and the TCP/IP port has the same IP address.
  • Go to Control Panel –> Devices and Printers to disable the SNMP feature.
  • Now, right-click the printer displaying Offline and then ensure that you select the Printer Properties option.
  • After selecting the Ports tab, make sure that printer port is checked and then click the Configure Port.
  • Now, uncheck the SNMP Status Enabled check box, then select OK and then print a page to ensure that the Samsung Xpress M2880FW printer troubleshooting is Online.

Samsung M2880FW LED Indicator Issue

  • On observation, if you notice that a LED is solid red, along with a blinking red status light, it indicates that a small amount of toner may remain in the Samsung M2880FW Toner cartridge.
  • There is a good chance for a minor error to occur in the above case. Thoroughly shake the toner cartridge to redistribute the toner.
  • If the issue still continues, ensure that you replace the Samsung M2880FW Toner cartridge. Make sure that you select Easy Samsung M2880FW Printer Setup Manager to determine the error.
  • Ensure that you check if the cartridge is genuine as the printer does not guarantee the quality of a third-party cartridge.