HP Deskjet 3511

Specifications and Features:

Compatible with Operating Systems like Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, OS X v10.8 Mountain Lion, OS X v10.9 Mavericks, OS X v10.10 Yosemite. Has a monthly duty cycle up to 1000 pages. Uses Thermal Inkjet technology. Consists of a black ink cartridge and a tri-color cartridge.

123 hp setup 3511
  • Simple, double-cartridge preservation.
  • Print, Copy, Scan features.
  • Draft quality is superb.
  • Slim and sleek design.


  • Facile installation.
  • High-yield cartridge.
  • Energy consumption is low.
  • Compact in Size.


  • Sheet feeding is clamorous.
  • Color prints are sluggish.
  • Lack of wireless connection.
  • No display.

Bottom Line

A multi-functional printer that provides you enormous prints at a low cost per page. It is perfectly designed for both home and home office purpose.

123 HP Deskjet 3511 Scan

How to scan

Have a glance at the instructions that should be used to scan the documents or photos which are requisite. Scan from your computer to a printer which runs under Windows and Mac operating system.


This document explains to you in detail about how to scan, using the steps mentioned below.

  • Scan using HP Scan software
  • Scan using HP Scan and Capture (Windows 8 and10)
  • Scan using Windows Scan (Windows 8 and 10)

Method1: Scan using the HP Software

123 HP Setup 3511 Scan software is an inbuilt feature with the printers that were released in 2011 or later. You can commence with the scan jobs from the computer, modify the scan quality configuration, and save the scans in any required format and more. Perform according to the instructions in order to scan the documents.

HP Scan printers which were released in 2015 and later

  • The items which are going to be scanned should be selected and to be taken either in the document feeder slot or in the ADF based on the printer type and the feature.
  • Browse for the model name of your printer below the search list.
    • If you can see your 123.HP.Com dj3511 printer name, then tap on it from the search results.
    • If you cannot see the name of your HP printer, then make certain that your computer is installed with the latest updated printer driver.
  • Tap on Scan a Photo or Document.
  • Select any one of the shortcuts that suit the file type and the resulting action you require.
  • Select one among the obtainable default settings on the right side of the window pane, if needed.
  • The scans can be previewed before printing and extra settings can be changed using Show scan preview or Show Viewer After Scan option.
  • Supplementary settings like quality, color, and default scan destination folder can be modified by tapping on Advanced Settings or More option.
  • Tap on the Scan option.
  • After clicking on Scan, the selected items can be scanned and previewed.
  • Modify any required settings if prompted (comma) by tapping on the thumbnail image of the scanned materials.
  • Tap on Save view the Save as windows.
  • Navigate to the folder where you need to save the scan, modify the File format as per your requirement.
  • Prior to saving the document, make sure of the file type and tap on Save.
  • The scans can be viewed by accessing the folder where you have saved it.

Method 2: Scanning using the HP Scan and Capture (Windows 8 and10)

Attempt to scan the documents or photos which were captured with the help of the HP Scan and Capture application. Make certain that your computer running with Windows 8 or 10 Operating System is installed with the full featured driver.

Method 3: Scanning using Windows Scan (Windows 8 and 10)

The Windows scan application allows you to scan the required documents or photos. Make sure that you have installed either the basic or full featured driver on the computer running on Windows 8 or 10 (comma) to use this app.

  • You need to load the essential documents which are to be scanned either on the scanner glass or on the ADF.
  • Browse in Windows, look for Scan, and tap on the Scan app from the filtered results.
  • You are requested to install Windows Scan from the Windows Store if the Scan app is not identified in the search results.
  • If you have Source in the existing options, pick the photos or documents that are to be loaded.
  • You can adjust the Color mode, Resolution and the location of saving the documents by choosing the Show more option.
  • Tap on Scan.


Your Mac needs to be installed with the app which is required to scan the documents and photos. Few printers are capable of scanning one or more documents, depending on the model of the printer and the operating system version of the Mac computer.

Method 1: HP Easy Scan app that functions with Mac OS and OS X 10.9 and later

This app permits you to scan and edit documents. HP Easy Scan is a cost-free scanning application for Mac users which is obtainable from the App Store. Download and install it by making use of the instructions in our manual. Scanning and editing documents is made tranquil using this app. HP Easy Scan, a free scanning app is meant for Mac users. This app is obtainable in the App Store. Go ahead with the instructions provided to scan the document successfully.

HP Easy Scan app

  1. Access the App Store, tap on Download next to the HP Easy Scan app and run the downloaded file to install it on your Mac computers.
  2. If you cannot access the app on your own, then search the Mac for Scan and go with the HP Easy Scan from the available results.
  3. The scanner glass needs to be filled with the documents or photos to be scanned such that the printed side faces downwards. Shut the scanner lid after placing the document.
  4. Access HP Easy Scan and browse for the name of your HP printer from the Scanner drop-down list.
  5. You are required to select the type of scan from the Presets menu.
  6. Tap on Edit Settings, if you need to modify any basic settings to the preset which is selected.
  7. Choose Scan and then Scan Next Item to include additional pages or tap on Done.
  8. You can view the thumbnail version of the scanned items in the left panel and the scanned items can be viewed in the right panel.
  9. Go with the Edit option in order to change the colors, crop or resize the image.
  10. Tap on Send which is screened in your window’s bottom and select the Folder where the scans are to be stored on your Mac computer. Store the scan on your Mac by choosing the Send option
  11. Browse the folder by selecting the Where option and then, tap on Save. Choose the desired folder by selecting the Where option.
  12. To have a preview of your scanned document, access the folder where you have saved the file and then do a double- tap on the file.
  13. Numerous documents can be stored as a single PDF file. You have the provision to modify the color, size, quality and the alignments of scans.

Method 2: HP Scan software using OS X 10.11 or earlier

Inspect the printer’s control panel display to know the features that are inbuilt on your printer. Ratify that your Mac computer is installed with the HP Scan software.

HP Scan software

Step1: Confirm that your Mac is installed using the HP Scan Software

  • Open Finder and tap on Go to select the Applications.
  • Do a double- tap on the HP folder, browse for HP Scan from the search list results and then make use of the prompted instructions.

HP Scan will be displayed in Applications

Step 2: Take a scan of the required documents or photos

Go with the directions given below to take a scan of the required documents or photos.

  • Place the documents or photos on the scanner glass with the printed side facing downwards.
  • Tap on the Scan option by starting the HP Scan window.
  • Identify the name of your HP printer from the Scanner menu, select the desired scan job type from the Presets menu.
  • Click the down arrow in the upper-right corner of the window pane to examine or modify the color, quality settings and orientation of scans.
  • Click the arrow button to display the scan settings
  • To have a glance at the Scanned items, you need to select Continue.
  • Proceed with Scan Next Item or Add to include more items or choose Done.
  • Tap on the thumbnail version to have a glance at the scanned documents.
  • The settings can be modified as per your requirement by tapping on the Edit option.
  • The desired location can be selected by using the Where option. Once you are done with finding the desired location to save your files, tap on Save.
  • You can see the scans by tapping on the folder where your scans have been saved.