HP Officejet 2627 Printer

123.HP.Com Oj2627 is designed as much to print from your smartphone as it is a system or Mac device. Wireless connection opens up a much wider range of possibilities. Automatic Document Feeder can take up to 25 sheets, but unsurprisingly on a machine at this price. You can print your desired document remotely, using HP ePrint. Wireless Direct enables direct print from Android or iOS devices. Print quality is good with crisp black text and bright solid color graphics. Print speed is up to 12ppm for mono and 8ppm for color. This printer is aimed more for office use. Print your desired documents and photos via the cloud.

Printer Features

  1. Print, Copy, Scan and Fax
  2. Wireless Direct print and ePrint
  3. 68mm touchscreen control
  4. Twin paper tray

Scan to a computer

Scan a desired document or photo from the control panel to your system, ensure that the system is on, the full feature printer driver is installed, and the printer is connected to the system via USB cable or over your local wireless network.

Step 1: Place the photo or document

Scan your document or images from the scanner glass or from the Automatic Document Feeder tray.

  • Switch on your 123.HP.Com Oj2627 printer and place the image or document.
  • Using Scanner glass: Position the material with the print side down on the scanner glass, and then place it according to the guides around the glass. Shut the scanner lid.
  • Using ADF: Insert the file into the document feeder tray. The print side faces upward and the top edge goes into the tray first by adjusting the guides.

Step 2: Scan the file

You can Scan the essential document or images and send it to a folder on the system.

  • From the control panel of your 123.HP.Com Oj2627 printer, click the Scan option.
  • Click Computer to scan to the connected system.
  • Select your system name that you want to save the scanned document.
  • Click Scan Shortcut, and then click a shortcut that matches to the document or photo you are scanning.
  • This completes the scan job.

Scan to a memory device

Scan your document or photo and save it on a memory device.

Step 1: Insert the photo or document

Scan from the scanner glass or from the ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) tray.

  • Turn on your 123.HP.Com Oj2627 printer and place the required item.
  • Scanner glass: Position the document with the print side downward on the scanner glass, and then place it based on the guides around the scanner glass. Finally, shut the scanner lid.
  • ADF: Insert the file into the ADF tray with the print side facing upward and the top edge goes into the tray first.

Step 2: Scan the desired documents

Choose the memory device, and then scan from the control panel of your HP printer,

  • Place the memory device into the printer,
  • From the control panel of your 123.HP.Com Oj2627 printer, click the Scan icon.
  • Click Memory device.
  • Choose your File type and Resolution.
  • Click Start Scan to scan the document.
  • The scan job is now completed.

HP Officejet 2627 fax setup

This manual guides you on how to configure your HP Officejet 2627 printer to fax.

Step 1: Satisfy the requirements

Verify that all the requirements have been met before configuring your 123.HP.Com Oj2627 printer to fax

  • An active telephone landline.
  • Install the ink cartridges on the printer.
  • Insert new white paper in the input tray.
  • Acquire the telephone cord and adapter (if offered) that came in along with the printer box.

Step 2: Fax setup on your corresponding printer

Fix the telephone cord and alter the ring settings from the control panel of your printer.

  • Unplug any telephone devices from the phone jack where your particular printer is connected to.
  • Unplug the yellow plug from the port labeled 2- EXT on the printer’s rear side.
  • Take away the answering machine power cord from the phone jack, and link it to the port labeled 2- EXT on the printer’s rear side.
  • In case any other phone cord is used instead of the one which came along with the printer to connect the 123.HP.Com Oj2627 printer, the fax job might be unsuccessful.
  • Open the control panel of your printer, scroll the display to the left to select Setup.
  • Scroll the display up, choose Fax Setup ⟶ Setup Wizard and then follow the guidance to configure the printer for faxing.

Step 3: Configure the basic fax settings

You can also alter the default settings according to your requirements.

Include contacts to phonebook

Go along with the instructions below to include a new contact to the phone book.

  • Open the printer control panel and then choose Fax ⟶ Send Now.
  • Tap the Phone Book icon.
  • Go to the Phone Book Contact icon ⟶ plus sign to furnish a contact.
  • Choose Name, enter the name and then tap on Done option.
  • Choose Fax Number, and then enter the fax number of the contact, select Done.
  • Select Add.

Configure the dial type

Confirm that the dial type setting on your phone suits the type of dialing used in the phone settings. Your print cannot call another fax systems in case the dial type does not support.

  • Open your printer control panel, slide the screen to the left and click Setup.
  • Tap on the next screen, and choose Fax Setup ⟶ Preferences.
  • Slide on the display, select Dial Type.
  • Choose Tone or Pulse.

Setup the fax speed

The fax speed can be configured to slow, medium, or fast according to the requirement. The fax failure can be minimized if the speed is set to slow, but the fax job needs quite longer time to complete.

  • Scroll your display to the left on the control panel and then choose Setup.
  • Scroll up to the display, select Fax Setup ⟶ Preferences.
  • Slide to the display, and then tap on Speed.
  • Choose Slow, Medium, or Fast.

Configure the fax volume

Configure the fax ringer volume to soft or loud, or switch off the volume. The fax ringing volume can be fixed to soft or loud, or mute it.

  • Open the control panel, scroll the display on the left and click Setup.
  • Choose Fax Setup by sliding on the display, and then select Preferences.
  • Tap on Fax Volume and select Soft, off or loud.

Setup the fax header

The header is printed on the faxes you send.

  • Find for the Setup on the 123.HP.Com Oj2627 printer control panel.
  • Open fax Setup ⟶ Preferences ⟶ Fax Header.
  • Provide your name or company name in the Enter your name column using the touch keypad and then choose Done to save the changes.
  • Once the numerical keypad is displayed, use it to enter fax number in the Enter fax number column and click Done to save changes.

Step 4: Take a fax test

Fax test should be carried out to confirm that the fax set is done correctly.

  • Choose Setup ⟶ Fax Setup ⟶ Tools ⟶ Test
    The fax test report prints successfully.
  • Take a glimpse at the Fax Test Report.
  • In case the report displays the printer passed the test but your 123.HP.Com Oj2627 printer still has faxing issues, check the fax settings listed in the report to confirm that the settings are proper. Incorrect or blank settings can cause fax problems.
  • In case the report displays the printer failed the test, take a look at the report for more information about fixing the fax problems.


Replacing ink cartridge on your HP Officejet 2627 printer

Replace the ink cartridge when the ink level is low or empty, to prevent poor print quality and other print related issues.

Ink cartridge replacement

Make use of the procedure to replace the ink cartridge on the printer.

Step 1: Substitute the existing cartridge on the printer

Take away the old cartridge from the printer and substitute it with the new cartridge.

  • Power on your 123.HP.Com Oj2627 printer. If necessary, tap on the power button to switch on your printer.
  • Raise the lid of the printer.
  • The carriage needs to move to the right of the printer and the printer needs to be stable before you move to the next step.
  • Press on the ink cartridges to release it and then take it out if the cartridge access slot.
  • In case you are replacing the tri-color cartridge, take away the cartridge on the left slot.
  • In case you are replacing the black ink cartridge, take away the cartridge from the right side slot.
  • Take off all the packing material surrounding the new cartridge and pull on the pink colored tab. This removes the protective packing from your cartridge.
  • The ink cartridge needs to be held in such a way that the copper strips face the printer and are on the bottom side.
  • Hold the ink cartridge at a slightly elevated angle and move it into the cartridge access slot until you hear the cartridge fixes into the correct place.
  • The black ink cartridge should be installed on the right side slot.
  • The tri-color cartridge needs to be fixed on the left side slot.
  • Ensure that the top cover is closed before you start.

If you have further queries and issues, just ring us on our toll-free number to recover your issues and queries.

HP Officejet 2627 print job stuck in print queue

Your 123.HP.Com Oj2627 printer cannot print from a system because a print job is stuck in the windows print queue. This print job may not be removed and prevents further print jobs from printing. Select Cancel on the job in the queue does nothing.

Step 1: Cancel job files and reboot it

When you sent a print job to your printer a file gets created in Windows. At some point, these files might be corrupted and cause issues. To reset your printing environment, cancel the print job files manually and reboot both the system and the printer.

  • Switch off the 123.HP.Com Oj2627 printer and then disconnect the printer power cord from the power outlet.
  • Store your work. After using these procedures, the current print jobs are lost and it must print again.
  • You can open Windows Services by one of the following methods
  • Look for services, and select Services in the list of results.
  • Press Windows key on your keyboard, enter services.msc in the window that gets displayed, and then select Ok.
  • Go through the list of services and find the Print Spooler name.
  • Right-click Print Spooler and then click Stop.
  • Once the service has been stopped, close the service window and make use of the Windows Explorer to search for C:\Windows\System32\Spool\PRINTERS.
  • Remove all files inside the PRINTERS folder.
  • Power off your system.
  • Ensure that your printer has been disconnected for at least 60 seconds, and then connect the power cord into a power outlet.
  • Power on your printer and the system.
  • Attempt printing a document.
  • In case of the printer prints, you are done.
  • In case the print job becomes stuck, follow the next step.

Step 2: Enable HP Print and Scan Doctor

HP Print and Scan Doctor identifies and recover the printing and scanning issues. It quickly and automatically performs many troubleshooting tasks known to solve the problem.

  • In case the printer prints your document, you are done.
  • In case the print job stuck again, follow the next step.

Step 3: Printer driver reinstallation

In case the print job continues to get stuck while printing, reset the printing software files by deleting and reinstalling the printer driver.

  • In case the 123.HP.Com Oj2627 printer connects to the system via USB cable, unplug the USB cable from the printer.
  • Look for devices and Printers, and then select Devices and Printers in the results.
  • Right-click the printer icon, and then select Remove Device option.
  • Boot up your system.
  • Visit our website and go to Software and Drivers to find and download printer software that corresponds your printer model.
  • Install the software based on the instructions.
  • In case you are using a USB connection, only plug the cable when it is instructed to do so during the software installation.
  • Print your document.
  • In case your printer prints, you are done.

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