setup 1010

HP Deskjet 1010 Setup

This printer is a good choice if you are looking for a printer for home based purpose. It has one of the added advantages with its compact size. Though it does not have the scan feature, it is well known for its print quality. Print your documents and photos using this compact printer with high quality. dj1010


  • Print technology- Inkjet color
  • Supported ink palette colors- Cyan, magenta, yellow, and black
  • Connectivity technology- wired
  • Interface used- USB
  • Media supported- plain paper, photo paper, labels, envelopes, greeting cards.
  • Total media capacity- 60 sheets
  • Max Resolution for black and white- 600 x 600 dpi
  • Max Resolution for Color- 600 x 600 dpi
  • Max Printing Speed for black and white- 20 ppm
  • Max Printing Speed for Color- 16 ppm
  • Output tray capacity- 25 sheets
  • Monthly accepted duty cycle- 1000 pages
  • Max Speed 16 ppm, 20 ppm, 4 ppm, 7 ppm
  • Print speed- Up to 20 ppm for black draft – A4
    Up to 16 ppm for color draft – A4, Up to 7 ppm for black best – A4, Up to 4 ppm for color best – A4

Driver Installation

The driver installation is the necessary step that is to be performed after installing all your hardware. Getting the latest version of the driver downloaded on your computer helps you get the most out of your printer.


  • To install the driver, first power on the computer. check whether any USB cable is linked to the printer and the computer. If any cable is present, unplug it immediately.
  • You can also utilize an installation CD to install the driver for your printer. Place the CD into the CD drive of your computer and click the “Installation Wizard” process, when prompted.
  • When the installer instructs you to connect the USB cable, connect it to the printer and the computer.
  • Once you connect the USB cable, the printer will be recognized. Trail the instructions on the wizard to complete the driver installation process.


  • Check our website to download the suitable printer driver for Mac. Go to the link provided and choose the “Download” button to download it.
  • Now the driver starts downloading and you will receive the on- screen instructions to complete the installation process.
  • Once the window opens in a tab, click on the Open, Save, or Run option.
  • Choose the file format as .dmg to save the file for Mac. Double-tap the driver file in the Downloads folder or Browser downloads bar option.
  • Select the driver file to launch the driver installation and follow the instructions to complete download process.

How to refill the ink cartridges

Refilling the ink cartridge is an alternative of replacing the ink cartridge. Certain tips are provided in order to refill the ink in the cartridge without making printer issue. Follow the guidelines provided below.

  • Unlock the ink cartridge access door and remove the ink cartridge that is low.
  • Before you start to refill the ink, wear gloves in order to avoid ink smearing on your hands.
  • Take the ink bottle out and eliminate the cap from it. Subsequently, pull the seal tab off and substitute the ink bottle cap.
  • Now make use of a disposable syringe to refill the ink cartridges. To avoid leakage of ink, use a smaller needle.
  • Remove the empty ink cartridge and find the black spot on the cartridge.
  • Through that hole, refill the cartridge. Once the cartridge is filled, take out the syringe from the hole of the cartridge.
  • Be careful while removing the cartridge from the hole. Improper handling of the syringe would create air bubbles in the ink cartridge which would end with the ink cartridge issue.
  • Once the refilling is done, let the ink cartridge undisturbed for few hours.
  • Open the ink cartridge access door and place the refilled ink cartridge into its slot properly and then shut the ink cartridge access door.


A set of measures to be taken when the printer function is not appreciable is called troubleshooting. Not all the printer issues need service. We offer the easiest steps to resolve the printer issue by yourself.


The printer might stop performing the assigned job. By that time, it prompts an alert message on the control panel as printer wont print. The below instructions would help you resolve the printer issue.

  • When the printer fails to print, first check the printer’s network connection. If the printer fails to communicate with the computer, the print job will be unsuccessful.
  • If the ink cartridge installed is low, not fixed properly, or incompatible ink cartridge is used, the printer wont print. Check the cartridge and replace the faulty ink cartridge.
  • The printer stops printing, if the paper used mismatches the print job you assigned. It is good to use the paper after checking the compatibility.
  • When the paper used is jammed in the tray, removing the paper physically helps you resume the printer function.
  • Reboot the printer, system. Subsequently, re- establish the printer connection and check if the issue is solved.

Paper feed problem

The paper feed issue is also a paper jam issue. When the paper used gets stuck, the printer fails to accept the paper henceforth and results in the paper feed issue. Check the solution below to resolve the problem.

  • To resume the printer function, reset the printer. To reset the printer, remove the power cord connection and establish it again after a while.
  • The problem could occur if any loose paper, debris, or foreign objects left on the tray. Check for the jammed paper and remove them from the tray.
  • Clean the paper pick rollers as the presence of dust or paper residue on the rollers may cause the paper feed issues.
  • If the error is not resolved, adjust the paper settings in the print driver and make sure that the paper size and type in the paper tray matches the size and type settings in the print driver.