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The HP Officejet Pro 150 printer is known for its performance and quick response. It is compatible with Bluetooth wireless printing. You can have varieties of scan options from this printer. It is sleeky and has the touchscreen of 2.36 inch. You can even fold back flush into the printer. The control panel has status lights for print, copy, scan job monitors, and Bluetooth connection. 150

The dimension of the printer is about 13.98*6.95*3.52 inches. It weighs only about 6.4 pounds. The input paper capacity of the printer is 50 sheets and supported media size ranges between 8.5*11 inch to 3*5 index cards. The USB port of the printer is compatible with PicBridge and you can print snapshots directly from a digital camera. This is a great choice if you want to have your printer while traveling.

Bluetooth printing guides for oj 150 printer

Bluetooth or Bluetooth Smart comes as the built- in feature in most of the recent wireless- enabled printers. Customize your printer to print using Bluetooth printing.

  • Pair up your printer’s Bluetooth with your computer’s or mobile device’s Bluetooth.
  • First, enable the Bluetooth radio on the printer. Go to the Setup option and access Bluetooth settings.
  • Access the Bluetooth settings on the computer or mobile device and affirm that the feature is enabled.
  • Hold on until your printer name is displayed in the list of discoverable devices and then choose the printer to confirm that your want to pair the devices.
  • Access the document or photo and go to the Print menu. Subsequently, choose your printer name.
  • To connect, search for the Bluetooth Low Energy menu and choose the Connection Method to Automatic.
  • Affirm that the Bluetooth Smart Printer Suggestion feature is activated in the app settings.
  • Click on the Preview option and then choose Yes, when the Printer nearby screen shows your printer name.
  • Subsequently, click on Print.

Driver and Manual download

The latest printer driver is must to carry out the proper functioning of the printer. We offer the instructions on how you can download the driver and manual from our website.

  • When the printer is shipped to you, you will have an installation CD.
  • Just keep the CD into the drive of the computer or laptop and hold on until it runs.
  • Once the process is over, you will receive a prompt to run and install it. Trail the prompts carefully, if you don’t want to get any printer installation related issues.
  • You can also complete the installation process by getting the driver from our website.
  • Search for the appropriate printer driver and trail the prompts to accomplish the installation.
  • You can also avail the driver for your printer from our website. Go to the link which is provided, enter your printer model number in the required area, and the follow the prompts to accomplish the installation steps.
  • Manual is required to know how to setup and troubleshoot your printer. We are here to provide you the complete manual for your printer. For details, give a call to our tech- support team.

Replacing ink cartridge

  • When the issue is prompted, either you have to replace the ink cartridge or to check what are the other causes of the error message.
  • To replace the ink cartridge, get a new one wither from the manufacturer or from the HP Supply. Do not take out the fault ink cartridge from slot, unless you have a replacement.
  • To start the replacing procedure, power on the oj150 printer and unlock the access door.
  • Do not continue with the steps until that printer’s carriage halts at a place.
  • Elevate the cartridge latch to take out the cartridge from the carriage and install the new cartridge after eliminating the packing materials from it.
  • Once you set the ink cartridges, close the ink cartridge access door and let your printer print an alignment page.
  • For further details, click on call and get connected to our experts.

Paper feed problems

If any of the paper is jammed in the printer tray, the printer fails to feed the paper further and ended up with an error message on the control panel.

  • When the printer’s control panel shows an alert message, reboot the printer. If the alert message is false, the message clears away after rebooting the printer.
  • If not, clear the jammed paper from the printer. While checking for the jammed papers, detach the power cord at the back of the HP Officejet 150 printer.
  • Locate the rear access door and open it by unscrewing the door. Verify if the pressure rollers are clean and turn freely. Make use of a clean towel to clean the rollers.
  • If the rollers present are not moving freely, replace the rear access door. From the rear access door opening, remove the jammed paper.
  • If you cannot remove any of the jammed paper from the rear access door, take it from the front access door.
  • Remove any extra paper from the paper supply tray and discard the one that is damaged. Now reinstall the rear access door and power on the printer.

Printer Reset

Printer reset is the final choice you could try to resolve any printer issues. Resetting the printer restores the default value and every setting have to customized once again to use the printer.

  • To reset the printer, switch off the printer and remove the power cable from it. Do not connect the power cable atleast for 30 seconds.
  • Now power on the printer by pressing and holding the resume icon for 10-20 seconds. Now you can see that the Attention light is powered on.
  • Release the Resume icon. By that time, the Attention and Ready lights cycle while the printer processes to restore the factory defaults.