setup 250


The HP Officejet 250 printer is the sibling of Officejet 200 Mobile Printer. Officejet 250 is faster than its predecessor and the print quality of this model has also proved to be high. Even at default settings, the scan and copy output came out looking good. This device’s cost per page is also less and the price of the printer is economically affordable. It is a budget-friendly AIO which is reliable and geared toward fine printing.

Specification and Features

  • It supports USB and Wireless interface.
  • It has an automatic paper sensor.
  • The monthly duty cycle is up to 500 pages.
  • The recommended monthly page volume is 100 to 300 sheets.
  • The compatible operating systems are Windows and Mac.
  • It has HP Auto-Off Technology (Energy savings feature).
  • It also has automatic paper width sensing.
  • The processor speed is 700 MHz.
  • The input paper tray capacity is 50 sheets.
  • The maximum print speed is 10 ppm (mono) and 7 ppm (color).
  • The maximum scanner optical resolution is 600 pixels per inch. 250 250 – Bluetooth Printing setup

Bluetooth low energy feature is an advanced Bluetooth function that is used by HP Officejet 250 Printer. Make sure your printer supports Bluetooth functionality. You can use the Bluetooth device management software to configure the printer connection.

Make sure you have selected the connection type as Bluetooth when you were trying to setup the driver software. On your printer’s control panel, select the Bluetooth option. Try to turn on the Bluetooth option. Your device will now search for the Bluetooth devices within range.
On your computer, open Settings and then turn on Bluetooth. Your printer will now be visible on the available Bluetooth devices. You can setup a Bluetooth passcode. Choose your printer from the list and then try to connect.

On your printer’s control panel, enter the Bluetooth passcode and connect the device to your computer. Open the document you want to print and select your printer from the list of printers. If required, adjust the print settings and then click Print. Printer Driver and manual download

The user guide consists of the important notes, setup and troubleshooting instructions for your printer. Download the instruction guide free of cost from our website. Go to our website and select your printer model. You will find an option to download the user manual.

Choose the user manual that suits your operating system and download the same. On your computer, click Start and open Settings. Double-click the Printers and Faxes option. Click the Add Printer option to start the Printer Wizard and then click Next.

Click Local Printer and make sure there is no checkmark next to Automatically Detect and Install, then click Next. If your printer is connected to the computer, click Use the Following Port and choose the port your printer is attached to.

Select your printer manufacturer and printer model in Add print Wizard dialog box. Make sure the full feature driver software is installed on your device. You can also choose the connectivity type while installing the driver software.

Give the printer a name and click Yes under “Do you want to use this printer as the default printer” and then click Next. Click “Do not share this printer” in Printer Sharing dialog box. To confirm that the printer is installed properly, you can print a test page.

HP Officejet 250 Printers – Replacing ink cartridges

Ensure that genuine HP ink cartridges are used as HP does not guarantee the printer’s performance for non-HP cartridges. Open the ink cartridge access door. The carriage will move to the center of the printer and it will become idle in a while. The flat white cable inside the printer should not be touched.

In order to prevent the print head nozzles from drying out, leave your empty cartridges in the printer until you are ready to replace them with the new ones. Open the new ink cartridge package only when you are ready to install it. These packages are vacuum packed to maintain reliability.

Press down on the cartridge you want to replace to release it. Remove the cartridge from the printer and set it aside for recycling. Remove the new cartridge from its package. Discard the clear tape and use the pull tab to remove the plastic tape from the cartridge.

Do not touch the copper-colored contacts or ink nozzles. The new cartridge should be installed in the appropriate slot. Tri-color cartridge on the left and black cartridge on the right. After installing the cartridges, close the cartridge access door and your printer will be all set for regular use.

Press the stop button. The print head will move to its initial position and the ink charging will begin. After the ink is charged, the printer will calibrate and it will print an alignment page. If there is print-quality issue, then manually clean the printhead and copper contacts on the cartridge. Wifi printer setup

To set up an HP printer on a Wi-Fi network, connect the printer to the network and then install the print driver and software from our website. You will have the option to choose the connection type during the driver installation.

  • Choose Wireless as the connection type, when prompted during the installation. Make note of the network name and password, before setting up the printer on your wireless network. You will be able to find the password on the documents provided by your ISP.
  • Turn on your printer and place it close to the computer so that they lie within the range of the router during the setup. Disconnect the externally connected cables from your printer. On your printer’s control panel (home screen), select the Wireless icon.
  • Click the Setup icon and then choose the Wireless Setup Wizard option. Your printer will be detected by the Wireless Setup Wizard, during the driver installation. Touch your network’s name in the list of available networks and then touch OK.
  • If prompted, enter the wireless network password and then click OK. If you are unable to establish connectivity, then check if you have entered the uppercase and lowercase letters for the network name and password correctly.
  • Once your printer is connected to the wireless network, open a document on your system. Click File and then choose the option Print. If required, modify the print settings and then click Print. You will be able to verify the connectivity by printing a test document.

How to fix paper tray issues In

The media specifications and printer specifications should be read and followed in order to prevent a paper jam or any other printer issue. You can refer the user manual which will consist of the necessary information.

  • After loading paper into the input tray, make sure that the paper tray is completely closed. Pull the input tray toward you to open it and then close it properly until it locks into place. Check if there is any error message displayed on the touch panel.
  • If your input tray is not closing, then check for obstructions. Turn off your printer and then open the input tray. Remove the paper from the input tray and set it aside. Check if there is any paper jammed inside the input tray.
  • Carefully remove the jammed sheet and then reload the input tray. Close the tray and then turn on your printer. Now, the printer will calibrate. Check if the error message has disappeared from the operation panel.
  • If the issue still persists, then turn off your printer. Disconnect the power cord from the printer and wall outlet. Wait for a minute and then reconnect the power cord. Turn on your printer and check if the error message has faded. If the problem persists, then service your printer.