setup 2546


This easy to use simple printer hardly takes your time when it comes to setting it up. Wireless printing offered by this device is very aptly suited for a home environment. The best Deskjet in the market that takes care of all your printing needs including scanning and copying.


Aimed at home users, this device comes with humble specifications. Print speeds are a maximum 20 pages per minute for black and 16 pages per minute for color prints. Resolution is crisp for a Deskjet rated at 600×600 dpi for black and 4800×1200 for color. Power consumed by this device is greatly reduced as a result of the Energy Star certificate. Wireless connectivity allows printing from a mobile phone. 2546 is AirPrint compatible.

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  • HP offers the Deskjet 2546 the option of XL cartridges.
  • Networking modes include Wireless and USB.
  • Direct printing supported from memory cards and pict-bridge enabled devices.
  • Built-in wireless allows mobile connectivity including AirPrint.
  • Consumes lesser power with Energy Star certification.
  • Wi-Fi direct allows connectivity without the help of a router.


  • Low acquisition price
  • Modest controls and LCD
  • Good quality copies
  • Wi-Fi connectivity


  • Fiddly cartridge renewal
  • Images don’t fill 15×10 photos
  • NFC support unavailable
  • Color screen unavailable

Bottom Line

This HP Deskjet 2546 All-In-One Printer conveys easy wireless printing from any room in your home, plus scanning and copying, at a reasonable price. Set up quickly and reserve space with a compact design. Save more with elective high-capacity cartridges.

First-time printer setup

Setting up the printer for the first time can be complicated. But by following the steps mentioned below diligently, this can be turned into a pleasurable activity.

Unpacking the printer

Place the shipment on a flat and sturdy counter. Remove the packaging material and inspect the contents of the box and place them on the counter.

Verify contents of shipment

The accessories include new cartridges, USB connector, power cord, Driver installation CD, and user manual. Remove the tapes that are present on the printer which was placed to keep the parts from moving

Paper tray is loaded

The paper width and paper length guide present inside the input tray is extended to its maximum. The input tray is loaded.

Power cord connection

The printer and the power socket on the wall are connected together using the power cord.

Cartridge installation

In the new cartridge, remove the protective tape present underneath. Place the cartridge in its respective position in the carriage and lock it shut.

Driver software installation

From the CD provided with the package, the driver can be Install directly. Complete the installation by following the on-screen instructions.

Fixing up your printer on a network with Apple AirPort

Apple AirPort offers an opportunity for your HP printer to be shared on an existing network with the help of a USB cable. This requires AirPort Extreme Base Station.

I can print with Airport but cannot scan

  • Start with restarting the computer. If the problem is not fixed, the issue lies with the driver software.
  • Open the HP Uninstall folder and double-click the Uninstall icon. Follow the on-screen instructions to completely remove the driver software.
  • Download the latest driver software from the link provided by us. It should be installed by following the on-screen instructions. It is recommended to download the full feature driver software for best results.
  • After driver installation, try scanning using your Airport.

How to monitor ink or toner levels

Ink levels are mandatory to be monitored as it offers an estimate as to when new ink cartridges need to be purchased. This will also prevent your printer from stopping abruptly.

Monitor from printer software -Windows

There are dedicated software that are exclusive to Windows Operating System which allows you to monitor ink levels. One such application is the HP Printer Assistant. This application is found inside the HP Solution Center. Clicking on this will give you ink levels of individual colors. This software can be downloaded and installed for free.

Monitor from printer software -Mac

Keep your printer turned on and connected to the printer the device has to be print ready. Open the Menu bar and click the Apple icon and System Preferences. Choose Printers and Scanners and on the list, Options & Supplies. This takes you to a new window which displays ink levels.

Monitor from the printer’s Control Panel

The Control Panel of the printer functions as a window from where all operations can be performed. In addition to this, you can also monitor the status of your printer. Go to the Control Panel and look for Ink Drop icon or Cartridge icon. If not, scroll through the menu to choose the Ink Levels.

Monitor using the HP Print and Scan Doctor (Windows)

This exclusive software is Windows only and is most frequently used for determining an error in the printer.

This software is available for free. Download and install this software and open the Printer section of it.

Select the Supply Levels which will take you to another window where the ink levels are displayed.

Monitor by printing a printer report

The most basic method used to monitor ink levels in the report. However, this practice was shunned owing to the fact that it consumes paper.

Go to the Control Panel of the printer and scroll through the option until you find Ink Levels. Look inside to find Print Report. Click it.

Monitor from your Smartphone or Tablet

One of the most common applications that were supported by HP since time immemorial is the HP Smart app. Download and install the app on your mobile.

This simple interface allows you to check your printer ink levels by clicking on Estimated Ink button. The results are immediately displayed.

Ink cartridge replacement

Ink present in the cartridge is an exhaustible resource. With continuous usage, it is bound to run out. Replace it with a new cartridge to continue printing.

  • Ensure that your ink cartridge has run out of ink by monitoring the ink levels. This can be done from the Control Panel of the printer. The Ink Management System also allows the same.
  • When you are sure the cartridge is empty, purchase a genuine ink cartridge manufactured by HP. This will increase the longevity of your printer and increase the print quality.
  • Open the cartridge access door and remove the old cartridge. The new one is removed from its packing including the protective tape. Place it in its respective color slot and secure it.
  • Close the access door and wait for the ink levels to update.

Printing with wireless direct

Wireless Direct is an advanced feature offered by HP with which wireless connections can be made without the help of a wireless router. The connections are made directly with the printer.

How do I print from a mobile device using Wi-Fi direct

  • On your printer, turn on Wi-Fi Direct and switch on wireless option on your mobile phone. From your mobile, search and connect to DIRECT-xx-HP2546 (wireless network name)
  • Your printer’s wireless network name and password can be identified by clicking the Wi-Fi Direct icon on the Control Panel.
  • On your phone connect to this network and setting connection status o Automatic. Choose a document and click print. Choose your printer and wait for the prices to complete.

How do I print from a computer using Wi-Fi direct

  • Turn on Wi-Fi Direct on your printer. This can be done from your printer’s control panel. Click the Wi-Fi Direct icon to display its name and password.
  • In the Option Display, select Automatic to obtain a simple password or set it to Manual to specify your password.
  • On your computer, scan for existing network settings and find your printer’s network and connect to it by entering the password. Print a document for verification.

How to install the printer driver on a computer using the wireless direct

The connection between the printer and the computer is made via Wi-Fi Direct. Go to the driver download link and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

Installing with the printer CD (Windows)

  • A CD containing the driver software is provided with the shipment. Insert it in the CD player of your computer and wait for the Auto-play to take action.
  • If there is no response. Open My Computer and double-click the Setup file.
  • Copy the contents of the CD to your hard drive and try double-clicking the Setup file. During installation, create a new folder and install the driver.
  • Select your network mode between USB and Wireless. Print a document after completion for verification.

Installing the driver from our website

  • Successfully download the driver software by entering your printer model with care and choosing the operating system that is running on your computer.
  • Double-click the downloaded file. This will start the installation process. You can take the help of HP Download and Install Assistant.
  • Choose the directory to install the software and select the networking means. Your options are USB and Wireless.
  • Click next and wait for the process to complete.

USB Scanner connection error

When the printer is connected using the USB connection, care has to be taken to ensure that the connection is secure and the scanner is properly configured.


Restart all the devices

With the printer turned on, unplug the power cord. Reconnect the same after 60 seconds. The printer will turn on and most of its issues will be rectified.

Verify the USB connection

Check if the cable is intact without any damage. Care has to be taken to ensure that they are connected to their respective ports.

Run the Print and Scan Doctor

This is a Windows-only exclusive software. Download and install this software and allow it to scan. Follow its instructions to rectify the issues it has detected.

Uninstall the printer software

Go to Control Panel and select your printer’s driver software. Click the uninstall button and wait for the process to complete.

Check for already installed printer software

Open Devices and Printers in the Control Panel. There should be no devices shown. If there is, click it and select remove.

Reinstall the driver software

Download the latest driver software from the link provided by us. Enter your printer model and finish the download. Install the software by following the instructions mentioned on the screen. Try printing now.


Restart the computer and printer

Close all the running applications on your computer and restart the device. The printer is turned off and after a small interval turned on.

Check your USB connection

Check for damages. Remove the cable and connect it to another working port of the computer. Care is taken to ensure that the port is in working condition.

Remove and re-add the printer to the Mac

Search and open Print & Fax. Open the Printers window. If your printer is listed, click the Minus icon. It will be removed. Go to the list and select your printer and press the Add icon. This will add it back.

Uninstalled and reinstall the latest drivers

Go to Applications and select your driver software. Inside this folder, select the HP folder and move it to Trash. Go to the Library and locate the HP folder and move it to Trash. Reinstall the latest driver software.

Other scanning solution

Scan with HP Easy Scan app. Follow the instructions provided on-screen to remove the issues plaguing the computer.