setup 4516



  • The setup 4516 printer uses inkjet technology and has the monthly duty cycle of 1000 pages.
  • It has Scan to email, HP ePrint, scan to folder, HP Auto Wireless Connect, Mopria certified, HP Total care, Mobile Printing.
  • The recommended monthly volume of the printer is 100- 400 pages.
  • It supports AirPrint thereby helps you to print from your Apple devices.
  • The maximum copying speed is up to 7.5 ppm for mono and up to 4 ppm for color.
  • The copy resolution obtained is up to 600 X 300 dpi for mono and up to 600 x 300 dpi for color.
  • Wi- Fi Direct accessible and is supported by both Mac and Windows operating system.
  • The media type class supported are photo paper, plain paper, and envelopes.
  • A4 or legal media size class is supported by the HP Envy 4516 printer. envy4516

HP Envy 4516 Features

  • The output tray can hold maximum of 25 sheets and Standard Media capacity is 80 sheets.
  • It can act as printer, copier, and scanner.
  • The dimension is 19.1X6.6X17.5 in (Width x Depth x Height). It weighs about 14.2 lbs.
  • Optical resolution obtained by scanning is about 1200 x 2400 dpi.
  • Ink palettes supported by the printer are magenta, yellow, cyan, pigment black and the nozzle configuration is 328 nozzles for black and 588 nozzles for cyan, yellow, and magenta.

Setting up your 123.HP.Com Setup 4516 Printer for the First Time

Step 1: This section has the steps to be performed to setup your printer and install the required software.

Step 2: Remove the plastic tapes and wrappers wound around the printer and its accessories.

Step 3: Check for the packing materials inside the printer by reaching inside it and then hold the handle to close the ink cartridge access door to open it.

Step 4: Close the ink cartridge access door and affirm that you have removed all hardware and materials from the box before recycling it.

Step 5: Link the power cord to power on the printer. Avoid connecting a USB cable at the time of driver and software installation.

Step 6: Link the power cord to the rear of the printer and to the electrical outlet.

Step 7: Now its time to install the ink cartridge. Hold the handle of the printer and lower the ink cartridge access door.

Step 8: Do not disturb the printer until it finishes the warm up period.

Step 9: Take a new ink cartridge from the shipment box, remove the plastic covering and place it properly into the allotted slot.

Step 10: After you have placed all your ink cartridges into their slots, close the ink cartridge access door.

Step 11: Rest enough number of paper into the input tray of the printer. Overloading the tray might result in the paper jam issue in later period.

Step 12: Tap the stack to make it flat, arrange the paper guides, and then push the tray in until a click sound is heard.

Step 13: Alignment of the ink cartridge is the next step to be done in the printer setup procedure.

Step 14: This is done to make your printer to provide the best print quality.

Step 15: When the paper is loaded in the tray, the printer starts printing an alignment page automatically.

Step 16: Open the scanner lid, keep the alignment page with the print side down on the scanner glass.

Step 17: Arrange it liable to the engraved guides around the glass, close the scanner lid, and click on either Start Copy Black or Start Copy Color.

Step 18: Once the alignment of the ink cartridges gets over, get the correct printer driver and software installed on your computer.

How to Download HP Envy 4516 Printer Driver and Manual

Step 1: Our website is a source where you can get the driver and the instructions on how to download and install on your computer.

Step 2: You can get the driver and software installed on your computer in two ways.

Step 3: One is using the installation CD and other is from our website.

Step 4: If you are using the CD which is shipped along with the printer, place it into the drive, and run it.

Step 5: When the screen prompts, install it in the desired location.

Step 6: Do not interrupt the installation process. Use the prompts and accomplish the installation.

Step 7: The file format of the downloaded file will be in the .exe format, if you use a Windows computer.

Step 8: The file format of the downloaded file will be in the .dmg format, if you use a Mac computer.

Step 9: If any pop- up appears stating that the file has crashed, use our guidelines to troubleshoot the issue.

Step 10: If you get the driver from our website, you will have a periodical notifications about the updates.

Step 11: Make use of it, know the updates, and get it installed on your computer.

Step 12: Navigate to our page, and key in the printer model number which you are in search of the driver and software.

Step 13: Liable to the printer model, the guided driver installation app HP Easy Start gets downloaded.

Step 14: If the HP Easy Start Download app installs on the computer, trail the instructions to access the downloaded file and start the setup procedure.

Step 15: If the download gets failed or the printer is not listed, use the troubleshooting steps and fix the issue.

Step 16: Check the Software and Driver Downloads option, index the printer model.

Step 17: Check whether the operating system is selected properly, because not all the driver suits all the operating system version.

Step 18: Under the Driver Product Installation Software, click on Download which is seen next to the full feature driver and then trail the instructions.

Step 19: Make use of either the Download only or HP Download and Instant Assistant Option to save and run the driver file from your computer.

Step 20: Choose the connection type, when your installer prompts and then click on continue.

Step 21: Once the installation is completed, you can start to print, scan, copy the required documents.

Replacing the Ink Cartridges

Have a glance at the instructions provided below to know when and how to replace the ink cartridges.

If the control panel of the printer shows a low ink alert message, or it does not print the document with expected quality, the issue lies with the ink cartridges that are installed on your printer.

Scan to computer, Email, or PDF using 123.HP.Com Setup 4516 printer

  • Check the instructions provided here to scan to computer, Email, and PDF.
  • The printer which are released after 2011 has a driver which has HP Scan as a built- in feature.
  • Place the document or photo on the scanner glass in the Automatic Document Feeder or in the document feeder, based on the printer feature.
  • Click on the HP Printer Assistant and then click on Scan a Document to access the HP Scan option.
  • Set any shortcut if needed, and then click on Scan.
  • The PDF format is preferred, if you don’t want to do any changes to the files.
  • Here are the tips to save multi- page documents or photos into a single file.
  • Access the HP Assistant-> Scan a Document or Photo option, and open HP Scan.
  • Choose the Save as PDF or Document to File and then click on Save. By doing this, all the documents save into a single file.
  • Make sure that PDF is chosen in the Save as type, and then click on the file name you want the scan to save to.
  • Finally, click on Save.
  • If you are using the printers with touchscreen, tap on the Scan menu, choose your computer name, and then click on Email as PDF or Email as JPEG.
  • In certain Web- enabled printers, you gave apps to Scan to Email.
  • Tap on your printer name, access the HP Printer Assistant, and then click on the Scan a Document or Photo to access HP Scan.
  • Go on with any one of the email shortcut, click on Scan and then Send.