setup 5810


HP Deskjet DJ5810 printer is an all-in-one multifunction printer that combines the capability of printing, copying, scanning or faxing into a single machine.It provides exceptional quality at a very low cost.It also serves as a communal choice for the business-oriented purpose. It is an excellent choice for people who want quality prints while being at home.


  • The printer uses inkjet printing technology which is capable of printing details in a fine manner at a very low cost.
  • The printer has a built-in input tray with 60-sheet capacity and an output tray of 25-sheet capacity which avoids the necessity of refilling paper frequently.
  • It uses Black, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow colors for printing and they can be easily replaced when the ink falls short dj5820

HP DESKJET GT 5810 PRINTER Specifications

  • The duty cycle for this printer is up to 1000 pages.
  • It is capable of printing 20 pages per minute and 10 pages per minute in black and color respectively.
  • The printer is provided with HP Cyan Original Ink Bottle, HP Magenta Original Ink Bottle, HP Yellow Original Ink Bottle, HP Black Original Ink Bottle on shipment.

Driver Manual Download

  • The manual is a collection of information that will walk you through the details on how to set up a printer, and resolve the technical issues that you face during the installation process. A hard copy of this is provided with the shipped package for a brief explanation of the hardware components and its operations so that the troubleshooting can be done with ease. The package also comes with a CD in the event of losing the printed version of the same.
  • Driver software is essential, as it couples the printer and the computer.This software is provided by the manufacturer himself for free. If you have trouble understanding the printed version, then you can download the driver software for the diagrammatic representation of the same which can be downloaded for free using the link provided on our website.
  • Driver software is developed to meet the specifications of every printer.All you need to do is to open our website and click the link where it will take you to a window and you need to type your printer model.After downloading, it will take you to another window where you need to choose either Windows or Mac operating system.On clicking the download option,the file will be saved either in .exe format or .dmg format for Windows and Mac respectively.


The primary function of every all-in-one printer is to Print, Copy, and Scan.Before performing any activity, you should download and install the driver software by clicking on the link provided on our website.You will be directed to a window where you need to type the printer model and choose the operating system for downloading the driver software.Printing can be performed by selecting the particular document that needed to be printed and click on the print option on your computer.Also, assure that the printer is loaded with sufficient amount of paper to proceed with the printing process.You can also print photo paper by changing the Print settings, and choose the correct paper length according to your printer type.This can be achieved by Right-clicking the photo you want to print and selecting Open with option and then clicking Print option.
Scanning can be performed by positioning the document that needed to be scanned on the scanner glass, closing the lid and hitting the scan button. For copying, you just need to complete the scanning process and click the Copy button.


When the ink falls short, you need to refill the ink cartridges. The quality of ink used in Deskjet printer is far better compared to that of an inkjet printer.The Deskjet printer delivers a higher print quality, as the printer works by sprinkling ionized ink on a paper.
For refilling the ink cartridges, you need to purchase an ink refill kit from the company store.You can also get it online, but assure that the cartridges are genuine.Also, the cartridges designed specifically for your printer cannot be used in any other printer.So, you need to ensure that the correct cartridges are purchased online.Gather the materials that are needed such as a roll of paper towels, tapes and then, eliminate the empty cartridge from your printer.Place the empty cartridge on a paper towel and then, locate the fill hole that has a sponge on it out of the many fill holes.Pierce the fill hole with the help of a sharp device and follow the kit instructions to ensure that the correct color(black, cyan, yellow, magenta) is inserted into the respective holes by using a long needle that comes along with the ink kit


Troubleshooting is a structured approach to find and resolve issues that form the major source of failure of an electronic device.
The common issues that are associated with printers are low-quality prints, paper jams, printing speed is slow, ink falls short, printer not found, scanner not found etc., This is mainly due to improper maintenance of the printing device. The instructions that are needed to be followed for troubleshooting the printer is available in the user guide for reference.The common issues can be resolved by updating the printer driver software, replacing the paper in the input tray and refilling the ink cartridges when needed.


Some of the common printing issues are paper jams, poor print quality, network scanner connection error, printer not found during network driver setup etc., The paper jam issue can be resolved by removing the clogged paper and replacing it with a paper that specifically fits the printer length.Printer not found issue can be resolved by checking the network connectivity mode whether it is online or offline.Also, ensure that the printer is connected to the router to avoid networking related issues.The poor print quality issue can be fixed by using genuine HP printheads and ink.Also, make sure that the transportation ink valve is in the unlocked position to avoid poor print quality.