Setup 6960 OJ Pro Printer

How to Setup 6960 OJ Pro Printer?

To Setup 6960 Officejet Pro Printer is a color inkjet multifunction printer that is designed for home and small offices. It is fairly priced with a standard specification that includes a three-year guarantee, good connectivity options and automatic duplex scanning, faxing, printing and copying. It has an economically affordable and has low running cost.

Setup 6960 Officejet Pro Printer

Unbox your setup 6960 printer from the box

Inside the printer package, you will find a set of ink cartridges, power cord, installation CD and user guide. If you lose or misplace the installation CD, you can download the printer driver from our website. Remove the Setup 6960 Officejet Pro Printer from the box and discard the Styrofoam end caps one at a time.

Wireless Printer Setup

To set up your Officejet pro 6960 printer on a wireless network, you need the wireless network name and network password. Make sure the printer and computer are turned on. The wireless access point should be turned on and working.


  • On your printer’s control panel, navigate to and select the Setup icon. A Confirm Settings screen will be displayed, click OK and your printer will be connected to the Wireless Network Setup 6960 OJ Pro Printer. Enter your network name manually if is not there on the list.
  • If it is available, then choose Network Setup and select the Wireless Settings option. Select Wireless Setup Wizard and your printer will search for routers within range. After all routers within range are found, choose your wireless network Setup 6960 Officejet Pro Printer and then select OK.
  • If prompted, enter the wireless network password and then click OK. The printer will now be connected to the wireless network. Connect your computer to the same wireless network. On your computer, search for Wi-Fi settings.
  • In the settings window, turn on Wi-Fi. Your device will search for the routers within range. Choose your wireless network from the list of available networks and then enter the Wi-Fi password. Try to print a sample document to check the connectivity.


  • Go to our website and select the Driver Download option. Enter your printer’s name or model number and then choose your computer’s operating system. Click Download and run the downloaded file. The file will be extracted and then it will be launched.
  • During the installation, Mac might ask you to confirm if you want to open the file or allow changes to your computer. Click Yes to continue the installation. The Easy Start utility files will be extracted and launched.
  • Click Agree to accept the terms and conditions. Follow the on-screen instructions and proceed to the next step. Choose the Wireless option as the connectivity type. It is recommended to download all the features of the software.
  • Restart your computer after the installation process. On your printer’s control panel, select the Wireless option. Choose the Wireless Setup Wizard and then select your network’s name from the list of available networks. Enter the WPA key and your Setup 6960 Officejet Pro Printer will be connected to the network.

How to print photos with Windows photo viewer

Windows Photo Viewer is an application that can display individual pictures and multiple images as a slideshow. You can use this application to print the images, send the pictures in an email and to convert the file formats.

  • First, power on your Setup 6960 Officejet Pro Printer and load photo paper into the input tray. From your computer, right-click the picture you want to print. Click Open With and then click Windows Photo Viewer. The picture will open in Windows Photo Viewer.
  • Click the Print option and then select your Setup 6960 OJ Pro Printer from the drop-down menu. Select the paper size you loaded into your printer or click More to find the appropriate paper size. For the Paper Type, select the Photo Papers option.
  • Click Options and the Print Settings window will open. Click Printer Properties and then select the Printing Shortcut tab. Click the Photo Printing-Border less shortcut from the drop-down list. Select the Paper/Quality tab.
  • Click the drop-down menu next to Paper Source and select the tray you want to print from. In the Print Pictures window, click Print and the picture will be printed according to your settings. If the picture does not print, then check the network connection.

How to scan to computer

Lift the document cover and place the document to be scanned on the scanner bed. Make sure you do not touch the scanner window with your finger. Remove any document that is left behind in the ADF unit.

  • Load the original print-side down on the right front corner of the scanner glass. Open the Smart app. Select Scan and then choose the Scanner option.
  • Click the Settings icon to modify the basic settings.
  • Click the Preview icon to preview and adjust the image if necessary. Tap the Scan icon. Select the File Type you want and then tap the Save icon to save the image on your computer.
  • On your computer, you can choose the folder in which you want to save the scan. Click OK and the image will be scanned and saved on your computer.

How to scan to a memory device

Open the Smart app. If you need to change to a different printer or add a new printer, click the Plus icon. Tap a scanning option you want to use. You can choose between Scan Using the Camera and Scan Using the Setup 6960 Officejet Pro Printer Scanner.

  • If you choose to Scan Using the Printer Scanner, click the Setup 6960 OJ Pro Printer Settings icon to select the input source and change the scan settings. Select Scan and then select Import Local.
  • Select the document or photo that you want to adjust and then click Open. Click Edit to adjust the contrast, brightness, saturation and angle of the document.
  • Select the file type you want and then click the Save icon to save to save the image on a memory device. Choose the location in which you want to save the file and then click Save.

Fax Setup

Faxing is a process in which a document is scanned and then a facsimile of that document is sent via a landline connection to another fax-capable device. The receiver (fax machine) then prints out the received document.

Step 1: Set up a connection between your printer and the phone

  • Make sure you have an active landline connection. Make sure that the telephone devices are disconnected from the phone jack where you are trying to connect your Setup 6960 Officejet Pro Printer. Unplug the yellow plug from the fax phone port on the rear of the printer.
  • Connect one end of the phone cord to the phone jack and connect the other end to the fax line-in port. If your answering machine is not directly connected to your printer, then the answering machine might record fax tones.

Step 2: Fax setup

  • Swipe towards left on the control panel of your printer, and then touch Setup. Select Fax Setup, and then choose Basic Setup. Scroll down the settings and select Rings to Answer.
  • Choose a number that is two rings more than your answering machine setting and click OK. Choose Setup 6960 OJ Pro Printer Answer Mode, and then make sure that Automatic is selected.

Step 3: Send a fax from the scanner glass

  • Lift the scanner lid and place the original document on the rear-corner of the glass. On your printer’s control panel, select Fax. Type the fax number in Enter Fax Number field.
  • Click Start Fax. A Fax from the flatbed scanner? message will be displayed. Touch Yes. If there are multiple pages, then select yes when it prompts to add another page.

Step 4: Send a fax from the automatic document feeder

  • Insert the pages that need to be scanned inside the ADF. Select Fax on the printer’s control panel. Type the fax number in the Enter Fax Number box and then select Start Fax. Now, the Setup 6960 Officejet Pro Printer will scan the document and then the fax will be sent.

Officejet Pro 6960 Troubleshooting

When your printer doesn’t work first go through your instruction manual or online user guide to resolve the issue. Reset the printer settings which is the basic step to resolve any printer issue.

Paper mismatch error

Loose paper in the input or output tray may cause a paper jam. Pull out the output tray and remove any loose paper that is present. Remove all the papers from the input tray and check for any jammed paper.

  • Make sure that your Setup 6960 OJ Pro Printer is placed on a flat surface and the input tray doesn’t bend. The paper used must meet the given specification, remove any paper that doesn’t meet the requirements. Make sure that the papers are not folded, wrinkled or damaged and replace them with fresh sheets.
  • Confirm that the tray is not overfilled, remove any extra sheet of paper. Make sure that the paper guides are adjusted correctly until they rest on the edge of the paper. Choose the Menu option on your Setup 6960 Officejet Pro Printer’s control panel and confirm if the paper type and size are configured correctly.
  • Check the rollers thoroughly for torn pieces of paper that might remain inside the output tray. Check for torn pieces of paper in the rear output bin, duplexer and fuser area. If the problem persists, then run the Clean Page Smears tool to clean the page smears.

Slow Printing

Whenever your printer is slow to respond, you will have to think about the problems that cause slow network printing and what can be done to fix this issue.

  • Open the device manager tab and select the network adapters list. Choose the adapter name and click Uninstall. After uninstalling the software, re-install the Network Adapter software.
  • Uninstall the printer driver from your computer. Once you are done, reboot the system and connect to the network. Go to our website and download the correct printer driver.
  • Try to print from a different software program and check if the document is printing at the correct speed. Go to Manage Supplies and click Print Supplies Status.
  • Check the report to verify the estimated level of the toner cartridge. Replace the cartridge if the level is lesser than that which is required for quality printing.
  • Go to Device Maintenance, then select the Calibration option and tap Cleaning Page. The Automatic Cleaning tool will clear out any smears and a cleaning message will be displayed.
  • Open the list of devices connected to your system. Locate your Setup 6960 OJ Pro Printer’s name in the displayed result. Remove your printer from the list, add it again and then save the changes.
  • Check if the Setup 6960 Officejet Pro Printer carriage can move freely across the width of the printer and it is not stuck in one end. Remove any loose paper that is present in the input and output tray.