setup 6962


This printer is one of the good choices if you want to get a printer that performs print, scan, copy, and fax. It sets well on your desk. Satisfy all the printer needs without emptying your pocket. Set up and troubleshooting steps are easy. Check our website to know more about the HP Officejet 6962 printer.

123 HP Officejet Pro 6960 Setup

Specifications and features

  • This printer is compatible with HP Instant Ink Program and the print resolution is about 600*1200 dpi.
  • The print speed attained by this printer is about 18 ppm for black and 10 ppm for color.
  • It has an automatic document feeder as well.
  • The mobile printing feature is compatible and the display size if about 2.65 inches.
  • The input tray capacity is 225 sheets and it can hold maximum of 35 sheets in ADF.

How to download printer driver and manual

The necessity of downloading and installing the driver and manual for your printer is available at us. Follow the easy instructions to complete the driver and manual installation on the computer.

  • Choose the best way to get the latest driver for your printer. You can get the driver either using the CD or from the website.
  • The driver installation CD is generally provided by the manufacturer when delivering the printer at your door step.
  • Take out the CD from the package and search if any scratches are available.
  • If the CD is damaged, the installation would be incomplete. Place the CD In the drive of the computer and allow it to run.
  • Do not interrupt the installation. Follow the prompts and complete the installation. Check the file format of the setup file that is installed.
  • The instructions for setting up file is same for both Windows and Mac. They only differ in the file format.
  • Once the installation gets completed, you can start using the printer.
  • If you get the driver from the website, click on the link and wait until the appropriate driver is shown.
  • Click on it and follow the prompts to complete the installation steps.
  • You can set the connection type either as USB, wired, or wireless based on the printer’s compatibility and need.
  • Once the installation is over, take test print to check the printer’s functionality.
  • The manual is a kind of booklet which has all the necessary details about your printer.
  • This usually comes with your printer package. You can download it from our website as well.
  • Using the manual you can easily setup the printer and know the do’s and donts with your printer.

How to install HP Officejet 6962 printer

No printer can work until it is customized properly. We provide the basic installation steps to help you assemble the printer on your own. Check the following details to know more.

  • Go through the successive instructions and know the steps to setup your printer on your own once it is delivered at your door step.
  • The first step you should do in the installation is to remove the printer and its accessories free from the packing materials and plastic tapes.
  • Once you receive the printer, utilize the documentation and check if all the provided accessories are present. Then pick the printer from the box and place it aside.
  • Free of all the tapes that are wound around the printer. Search for the tapes inside the printer and eliminate them as well.
  • Now take the power cord that comes along with the printer and link it between the printer’s rear end and to the power supply. Then, power on the printer.
  • Now install the ink cartridges one by one. Take it from the package and remove the packing material present around it. Once the printer finishes the startup process, the carriage settles in the center of the printer.
  • After the printer halts in a position, pick out one of the ink cartridges from the package and affirm that you are not keeping your fingers in the place other than the black plastic on the ink cartridge.
  • After you remove the plastic tapes, place the new ink cartridge at a slight upward angle into the empty slot and make sure that the ink cartridge sets well into place. Redo the same to install all the other cartridges.
  • Keep required amount of paper in the loading tray after verifying the printer’s compatible paper type and size. The printer’s supported paper types will be present in the printer manual.
  • After you have arranged all the hardware, look for the appropriate printer driver and software, trail the prompts to finish the installation.

Replacing ink cartridges

Ink cartridge replacement is a method where you install a new ink cartridge instead of an old empty cartridge. Ink cartridge replacement is also preferred if the install cartridge is fault or any issues are occurs.

  • generally the printers are designed in a way that it sends an alert message if 10 percentage of the ink remains.
  • It is good to replace the ink cartridge at this time in order to avoid serious ink cartridge related issues.
  • Replace a new ink cartridge by taking out the already installed one from the printer. First power on the printer.
  • Unlock the top cover of the HP Officejet 6962 printer and hold on till the carriage moves to the printer’s right side.
  • Remove the ink cartridge which you have bought as a replacement and eliminate the pink tab in order to remove the

protective tape from the ink cartridge.

  • Do not maintain contact with the ink nozzles or copper contacts so as to prevent the issues like ink failure, clogging,and bad electrical connections.
  • Hold the ink cartridge in a way that its copper strips are kept at the bottom with the printer facing.
  • Drag the ink cartridge at an upward angle until you find the ink cartridge fits into place.
  • close the top cover of the printer and align the new ink cartridges.
  •  After mounting enough A4 paper in the loading tray, get directed to the HP Solution Center, choose the Settings option and follow the prompts to complete the aligning of ink cartridges.

Scanning from printer’s control panel

As the HP Officejet 6962 printer is compatible with scan you can send or save the soft copy of the documents or photos easily using the instructions provided in this manual.

  • Go through the guidelines in this section and know how to scan JPEG and PDF file from the control panel of your HP officejet 6962 printer.
  • Saving several photos or multiple pages into one PDF file is possible with the aid of the HP Scan Software. Including multiple PNG, TIFF, or JPEG, into a single file is not possible. To overcome the difficulty, save photos in the PDF format to save them all in one file.
  • Save multiple photos into one file using the PDF document- related shortcuts is possible. Customize the resolution at 300 DPI or less.
  • Search for the HP option and then choose your printer name. Go to the HP printer assistant and click on the Scan a Document or Photo to use the HP Scan option.
  • In the HP Scan option, choose the Save as PDF or Document to File shortcut to scan the required file.
  • If you scanned multiple pages from the ADF tray, all the pages get saved into a file by itself.
  • If you scanned from the scanner glass, keep the next page or photo on the glass and choose the plus icon or in the HP Scan preview window to scan the next item. Follow the same in to add all pages or photos, and then tap on the Save option.
  • Affirm that the PDF is selected in the Save as type menu and modify the file name and folder you want to save the scan to. Subsequently, click on the Save option.


The set of instructions yo handled to bring back the printer to the original condition is troubleshooting. In this site we let you know the necessary things to be done if the printer’s control panel shows you the printer not printing message.


  • When the printer fails to function, the lost connection between the printer and the computer could also be one of the reasons. Trail the instructions provided here to maintain good signal strength and free your printer from the issues that occurred due to improper connection.
  • You have many compatible tools to find and fix the printer issue. Look for the one that suits your computer’s operating system version.
  • Allow your printer to reset and then initiate the connection again. There is a possibility for you to bring back the printer functionality.
  • Verify if the port you have selected to connect the printer is correct.
  • Affirm that the software part of the computer is up- to- date.
  • Initiating the network connection manually aids you re- establish the printer connection between the devices and provides you good results.
  • Use the HP Assistant software to add the printer to the available list of devices on your computer.