setup 6975


The HP OfficeJet Pro 6975 printer is capable of printing professional quality prints in quick time. This printer is compatible with Instant Ink Solutions. Using different modes of connection, this printer lets you connect to the network. It is embedded with an auto-duplexer that reduces our effort in flipping the pages when we try to print on both sides of the documents.


  • The HP OfficeJet Pro 6975 printer is suitable for low volume printing mainly in small workgroups or office as it is compatible with HP Instant Ink, and the running cost of the printer is very low.
  • Compared to lasers you can save a maximum of 50 % of cost spent on papers.
  • It can print, copy, scan, and fax. It can print at a resolution of up to 600 x 1200 dpi for both black and color.
  • It can print at a speed of up to 20 ppm for black. It can print at a speed of up to 11 ppm for color. ojpro 6975

Driver Download

You can download and install the driver for your HP OfficeJet Pro printer using the CD that came with your printer. You can also download the printer driver from our website by following the below steps.

STEP 1:You can download the latest and the updated version printer driver from our website. To download from our website, click the given link on the page.

STEP 2:You will be directed to the driver download page once you click the link. There you have to click the “download” button which is available on the page.

STEP 3: The driver download starts for your printer once you click the Download button. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the driver download.

STEP 4: During the downloading process, if any window opens you have to choose “Open”, “Save”, or “Run” button and if it prompts to select the format to save the file, then choose .exe for Windows and .dmg for Mac.

STEP 5:Double-click the driver file in the ” Downloads folder” to start driver installation. Then follow the on-screen instructions and complete the driver installation for your printer.

First time printer setup

Once the printer is delivered, the below set of instructions need to be performed. Using the step by step instructions, assemble all hardware and install the software.

  • After taking out the printer, remove the plastic tapes that are wound around to prevent the printer from physical damage.
  • Remove all the packing materials from both inside and outside of the printer and then keep them aside for recycling.
  • After connecting the power cord to the printer and the wall outlet, press the power button to turn on the printer.
  • Now, on your printer control panel, you can set your desired preferences and finally click “Yes” to confirm your choice.
  • Once the control panel preferences are set for the printer, you can load the input tray with sufficient amount of paper.
  • After loading the paper into the input tray, you need to install the ink cartridges for your printer.
  • Once the ink cartridge installation is completed, the printer prints an alignment page.
  • Finally, you have to download and install the printer driver and software to finish the printer setup and to perform all the tasks.

Replacement ink cartridges

If you need to replace the ink cartridges for your HP OfficeJet Pro 6975 printer, do as per the instructions below that are given in step by step format.

STEP 1: To replace the ink cartridges for your printer, you have to open the ink cartridge access door.

STEP 2: Press the ink cartridge that is low or empty to release it from the slot. Once the ink cartridge is released, you can easily remove it from its place.

STEP 3: After removing the ink cartridge place it aside for recycling.

STEP 4:Now, open the new ink cartridge package and slowly remove the cartridge from it.

STEP 5:Hold the sides of the ink cartridge and slowly insert it into the slot. Also, ensure the ink cartridge is inserted into the correct slot.

STEP 6:Gently press the ink cartridge to fix it properly in its place.

STEP 7: After replacing the ink cartridge, you can repeat the process if you need to replace another ink cartridge. If not, then you can close the ink cartridge access door.

STEP 8: After installing the ink cartridges, the printer automatically prints the alignment page to ensure the ink cartridges are properly aligned.


All the common printer related issues can be resolved using the HP OfficeJet 6975 printer manual and you can get the updated manual from our website. If your printer is not printing or if there is a print head problem with your printer, follow the instructions that are given below and resolve the issue.

Color or Black ink is not printing

  • If the color or black ink of the HP OfficeJet Pro 6975 printer is not printing, you can make use of the instructions that are given below to resolve the issue.
  • First, check if the installed ink cartridge is genuine. This error might result even if the ink cartridge used is not genuine.
  • Check if the ink level in the ink cartridge is low or empty, and replace it if required. If you have replaced the ink cartridge, and the issue is there, then proceed to the next step.
  • Check if there is any dirt or debris accumulated inside the printer and clean it properly.
  • Print the Print Quality Diagnostic report and check the text and color blocks on the test page to check if there are any defective ink cartridges present inside the printer.
  • If there, then replace them and check if the issue is resolved. If the issue is not resolved with the above steps then service the printer.

Printhead Problem

  • The control panel of the printer shows an alphanumeric code when your printer experiences the issue related to printhead issue.
  • Turn on the printer and then remove, wipe, and then reinstall the printhead. Take out all the installed cartridges, after opening the ink cartridge access door. Place the ink cartridges on the piece of paper with the ink opening pointing up.
  • Do not keep the ink cartridges out for more than 30 minutes. Doing this might damage the printer and the cartridges.
  • Try to clean the print head again. If the issue is not resolved, check if you have cleaned the electrical contacts, the edge between the nozzle, and the plastic ramps on both sides of the ink nozzle.
  • If not then clean these parts and then check if the issue is solved.
  • If the issue is still there, then reboot the entire print system. After rebooting check if the issue is resolved. If not then service the printer.